what illness do I have

What Illness do I have? – Introduction

The huge amount of knowledge which is freely shared online now means that booking an appointment with your GP is no longer the only option should you have any health concerns. If you’re looking to find out ‘what illness do I have?’, from symptom-checking smartphone apps to online conversations with real doctors, the world of tech provides great advice when it comes to your well being.

Free Symptom Checkers 

As Brits I’m sure we’re all very grateful to have the NHS, but they don’t just offer physical interactions. Similar to the 111 advice line, the ‘Heath A-Z’ section on the ‘NHS Choices’ website has advice on common issues like Sciatica or Menopause to rare genetic conditions, as well as an interactive human body where you can select the problematic area for guidance.

‘WebMD’ symptom checker in partnership with Boots not only offers advice on symptoms, but has a section with questions to ask your doctor on certain conditions. This can be helpful after a diagnosis to better understand the condition and its effects.

Online Doctors

Don’t fancy the wait for an appointment or struggle leaving the house? Looking to find out ‘what illness do I have?’ There’s been a huge increase in on-demand online doctor services. Simply log on, book your slot and pay a small fee to speak face-to-face (through your computer, tablet or smartphone) to a real UK-based GP. Push Doctor can get you seen in as little as 6 minutes, issue prescriptions and give sick notes via email. A 10 minute session will cost you £20.

what illness do I have


Free Online Doctors

If you’d rather not fork out for advice, First Opinion offer you a direct dialogue with a doctor via text messaging, helping you find out ‘what illness do I have?’ Giving a guaranteed response from a clinician within 9 minutes 24 hours a day, and up to 100 texts per month costing nothing. You can upgrade for $9 per month (it’s a US company) for faster response times and unlimited messages.

Health Forums

Online forums are great for advice from others that are or have been in your position. Having a heath condition can sometimes be a lonely or scary place to be, but gaining the comfort of others who’ve been there can make all the difference, even if it’s a loved one that’s unwell. Try searching online for a related forum e.g. ‘breast cancer forum’ like the ‘Breast Cancer Care’ Forum.

Symptom Checking Apps

Symptomate Symptom-checking app will ask a series of questions like ‘is the pain on both sides of your head?’ To create a free report which you may wish to take to a healthcare professional.

Our increasingly online world has made expert medical advice much more accessible and available, especially by bringing it to wherever you may beat the time. If you’re in a remote area or abroad, this can be life-changing to get the advice you need. However, always bear in mind that if something seems serious, you should always seek further medical attention, no matter what the circumstances are.

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