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Wall-Mounted Fall Detector


Peace of mind and independence, with 24/7 privacy-focused fall detection.


24/7 peace of mind, maintain their independence


With a 2-way call when they fall

Fall prevention - Falls in the elderly - man falling over


Unlike wearables, which only detect hard impacts.


No cameras means privacy is a guarantee, without any impact on fall detection.


No complicated instructions, device talks you through setup.


No tools required. Simply stick to the wall with the included adhesive strips.


Protect your loved ones and react to falls faster.

How the Fall Alarm for Elderly Works

Step 1

blue stickman falling icon- fall alarm for elderly

Fall Detected

This fall alarm for elderly scans the room 24/7 and will detect any fall immediately without cameras, wearables or pendants.

Step 2

blue stickman fall detector icon- fall alarm for elderly

Calls Family Contact

A 2-way voice call between the device and emergency contacts is automatically launched, so you'll know as soon as they've fallen.

Step 3

Blue stickman answering phone - fall detector

Help Sent Immediately

Whether it's an ambulance, carers or loved ones, help can be sent immediately. Reducing the risk of health complications from the fall.

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Fall Alarm For Elderly Comparison

Wrist-Worn Fall Detector

  • Only detects hard falls
  • Nothing to wear
  • Can talk through device
  • Needs charging/batteries


Wall-Mounted Fall Detector

  • Detects all types of fall
  • Nothing to wear
  • Can talk through device
  • Needs charging/batteries


Wearable Pendant Alarm

  • Doesn't detect falls
  • Nothing to wear
  • Can talk through device
  • Needs charging/batteries


Falls & Reaction Times Are a Big Risk

Elderly Man fallen over - falls in the elderly

Detecting and reacting to a fall quickly is very important

  • 1/3 of people over 65 and 1/2 over 80 will fall at least once every year.


  • Over 9000 people die every year in the UK as a result of falling, which is the leading cause of severe injury, surgery and accidental death in older people.


  • Many seniors are unable to get up after a fall, in a recent British Medical Journal study it was over 80%.


  • Most falls go undetected for hours, sometimes days. Detection and response times are key to minimise lasting disabilities and risk of death.

Sources: Gov.UK & British Medical Journal

Fall Notifying App & Emergency Calls

Instant alerts if they fall


  • The app for iPhone & Android will notify you by text message and phone call if they fall.


  • Set up to 4 emergency contacts which the device will phone one by one when a fall occurs.


  • Instant alerts if the device goes offline e.g. in a power cut, so you'll know they're at risk immediately. 


  • Share app access with family and caregivers, so you can all be kept in the loop.

Person checking fall alert on phone - fall alarm for elderly

Detects Different Types of Falls

fall alarm for elderly

Most elderly falls are gradual, not hard


  • Other fall detectors on the market use a sensor to detect a hard impact from falling.


  • When older people fall, they often steady themselves on something like a table or worktop on the way down, meaning there is no hard impact.


  • This means traditional fall detectors like the Vibby watch aren't automatically triggered for many elderly falls.


  • This fall alarm for elderly is triggered by seeing someone laying on the floor, so it will detect all the different types of fall, regardless of the impact.

Nothing to Wear or Remember

Pendant alarms are often left on the side


  • Many older people don't like to wear pendants, as it can feel like they are losing their independence.


  • Often older people take off their pendant when doing things like showering or cooking, rendering it useless in an emergency.


  • Remembering to wear a pendant is even more difficult when memory issues like dementia are involved.


  • This fall alarm sticks on the wall, so there's nothing to wear or remember and no pendants.

Elderly lady wearing fall detector - fall detector for elderly

Why buy from TechSilver?


 Outstanding Customer Reviews


 No Setup / Registration Fees


✅ No 'Contract' (Cancel Free Any Time)


✅ FREE Next Day Delivery (UK)


✅ Worldwide Shipping Available


✅ Pay No VAT (VAT Relief Available)

Plans & Pricing: Fall Detector for Elderly

Per unit from just...


What you get:

Wall-Mounted Fall Detector (owned, not leased)
Sticky Installation Strips
Specialist UK Tech Support from TechSilver's Expert Team
Full Setup Video & One Page Helpsheet

After buying your Wall-Mounted Fall Detector, choose one of the low-cost monthly plans below.


No WiFi? No problem!


All Plans Include...


 Unlimited Access to Fall Notifying App
for any number of family / caregivers


✅ Unlimited Notification & 2-Way Phone Calls
from fall alarm


✅ Unlimited Priority UK-Based Tech Support
(Phone, live chat and email)


✅ Unlimited Cloud Storage
for Fall Data, History and Machine Learning

Home Already Has WiFi


€6.95 / $9.95
er month (per home)


No WiFi in User's Home


€11.95 / $14.95
er month (per home)


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the subscription per household or per device?

It's per household, so it doesn't matter if you have one fall detector or one in every room in the house, you'll still pay the same monthly subscription!


Is the device easy to mount / unmount?

Very easy. The fall detector comes with DAMAGE-FREE peel and stick strips from 3M. When you eventually  remove them off you simple pull down or up and they will not damage the wall / paint.

Which countries will this fall detector for elderly work in?

If you already have WiFi in the user's house, this fall alarm will work in any country on earth! If you select the plan for homes which don't already have WiFi, then this fall detector will work anywhere in the UK or EU.

We ship worldwide at TechSilver, simply select your delivery country at the checkout to see shipping option.


The user has poor mobile signal in their home, will the fall alarm still work?

If the user has a WiFi connection in the house, then yes. If you're going for the plan for those without WiFi in the home already, there will need to be good 3G or 4G mobile signal in the house for the device to work. This is so that the fall detector can call you in the event of a fall.


What is the maximum distance the fall alarm can detect within?

This fall detector can scan a maximum distance of 5m (16.4ft) in front of the device and 2.5m (8.2ft) either side of the device.


Can there be pets in the room the fall detector is mounted in?

Large pets like cats and dogs can cause false fall alerts, so we'd recommend they are not allowed in the room/s where a fall detector is installed.


Can the fall detector be returned if the user doesn't get on with it?

Yes, you have 30 days from the day it's delivered to let us know you'd like to return it, then a further 14 days to send it back to us. Full returns info here.


Is this fall detector safe?

This fall detector uses radar, which is 1000x weaker than a mobile phone signal. It's harmless and does not present any harm to anyone near (or far) from it.


Subscription Cancellation: How does it work?

Any time you wish to cancel your plan, simply contact us. You can cancel at any time, giving 30 days notice before your next payment date.