Travel and Adventure Stress Free

Make Travel and Adventure Stress Free

As a wise person once said, “travel is the only thing you buy which makes you richer”. Whether it’s a swift city break or a lengthy adventure, technology has revolutionised it’s every aspect.  


Researching, Planning & Booking 

From meticulous planners to the more spontaneous, technology provides many ways to get the most from your trip. Travel blogs and guides are a great place to start when seeking inspiration. Many people have already experienced what you’re looking for, so why not utilise their knowledge? Try searching online e.g. ‘Italy travel blog’ or ‘South America trekking guide’. 


Finding the ideal mix of hotel and flights can be laborious. When travelling Indonesia, ‘’ was an easy method of finding where we next wanted to stay, with its simple interface and helpful rating system. If you’re a fan of luxury boutique hotels, then ‘’ is ideal for finding those unique international getaways. Flights can make or break a holiday, helps find the cheapest available, or if budget isn’t an issue, compares private jet charters for the perfect aviation combination. 


Dining & Activities 

Ever find yourself walking aimlessly looking for ‘the right’ restaurant? Unfortunately this often ends in disappointment, as appearances can be deceiving. Why not use websites like or Google to discover the best eateries in your area or read a restaurant’s reviews before sitting down? Trip advisor is also a great way to learn about the local activities, from museums to mountain biking.  


Navigation & Communication 

Finding your way can be difficult enough at home, let alone in foreign countries with unfamiliar roads and sometimes confusing signs. Luckily technology is there to help out… 


Available both online and as an app, ‘Google Maps’ allows you to mark points of interest before you travel, plan routes and navigate public transport. You can pre-download an area’s digital map before travelling, avoiding pricey ‘roaming’ fees for international data. If you’re planning to use your smartphone abroad, then make sure you check data charges with your network provider or only use Wi-Fi and turn mobile data off.   


Google translate (available via the free app or online), translates from or to over 100 languages; very handy when hand signals will not suffice.  


Useful Gadgets 


Ereaders are a great way to enjoy your favourite books without weighing down your suitcase. They have ink-like screens so the sun’s glare won’t interfere with your reading. A portable power bank is a light device filled with electricity, useful if you run out of juice in the middle of nowhere and want to snap that sunset. ‘Anker’ are a good quality manufacturer. Gadgets are ideal to make Travel and Adventure Stress Free.


Travelling will always be about switching off from everyday life and enjoying the moment, although technology can help discover those moments and ensure your trip is the best it can be!  


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