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Satellite GPS Tracker Setup Guide

Key Info

Here are some key points to remember whist using your new Satellite GPS Tracker

  • It’s powered by 4 x AAA batteries which are already in the device.
  • You can use rechargeable AAA batteries if required, we recommend Energizer NiMH.
  • Using the tracker requires a subscription, to pay for the satellite connectivity.

Setup Instructions

Go to www.findmespot.com/activate, click ‘Begin Activation’ and fill out the information…

Note; the first time you go on the tracking website, you may need to ‘accept preferences’ on the popup window that comes up. You don’t need to change any of these settings before doing so.

– Create a username, password, secret answer etc.
Select ‘SPOT Trace’ from the drop-down
– Enter the ESN number & Auth code (on the back of the quick-start guide which is in the box)
– Select which tracking option you’d like. Basic plan, location updates up to every 5 mins. Extreme plan, location updates up to every 2.5 mins
Accept terms and conditions and accept auto-renew
– Select which features you’d like e.g. how often the tracker updates

Firmly press the black power button on the top of the device. Both lights will flash green to show it’s powered on.

Both lights will blink (both the green and red ones) until a GPS location is discovered. This should take 3 to 5 mins. Please go outside if it’s struggling to find a GPS location. The light will stop blinking after 20 mins to save battery and become less noticeable.

Once GPS has been found, the red light will stop and the green light will blink. You should now be able to click ‘My Locations’ and see your tracker’s location.

Tracker Settings

The device must have software updated manually after any feature has been added or updated. This can be done by clicking the   on the ‘My Devices’ page’ and plugging it in to your computer using the USB cable in the box

  • Dock Mode (Optional)
    – This can alert you when the tracker has moved 200m (600ft) in distance from it’s location
    – No tracking messages will be sent while it’s within the safe perimeter and in ‘Dock Mode’
    – The device will continue to obtain readings from the GPS at whatever rate tracking is set to (2.5 min, 5 min etc.).
    – When two readings are more than 200 meters apart, the device knows it’s on the move and tracking will resume. If the tracker is stationary and motion is low enough that vibration is not detected, tracking can also be suspended due to lack of movement.
    – The device may use up more power in this mode.


  • Movement Alerts  (Optional)
    – You can be alerted when the tracker has moved at all, this is detected through vibration sensors.
    – You can set how long the tracker has to be in one location before you’re alerted that it’s moved
    – This is not advised for tracking people, as it will just tell you when the device has been touched / picked up.
  • Status Message (Optional)
    – This can send a message once per day to let you know the tracker is in it’s usual place.
  • Power Off Message (Optional)
    – This will send you a message to let you know your device has been powered off
    – This could be useful if tracking someone with dementia or a stolen item
  • Low Battery Message (Optional)
    – This will send you a message when the tracker’s power level is low
  • Third Party GPS Forwarding (Optional)
    – Ignore. Not relevant 

That’s it! If you have any questions or issues, please click here to contact our team.