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Motion Activated Sound Player – Memo Reminder

SKU: 5174
motion activated sound player
motion activated sound player motion activated sound player motion sensor speaker memo-minder-hallway-radius-840edit motion sensor speaker motion sensor speaker
SKU: 5174

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This wall-mountable motion activated sound player will play your recorded voice message when movement is detected. If by the front door, ideal for dementia wandering reminders, security alerts and more.

Key Features

  • Motion Activated Sound Player
  • Record Your Own Message (up to 20 secs)
  • Plays When Motion Detected (5m at 30°)
  • Loud & Clear Sound
  • Dementia Wandering Reminder
    e.g. “Go back to bed dad, it’s night time”
  • Security Reminder
    e.g. “Remember to lock the door Anne”
  • Available With AC Adaptor + Wall Timer
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 4 x Batteries Includes
  • Wall Mount + Screws Included
  • No Memory Card Required

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accepted payments

“Motion Activated Sound Player – Reminder When You Can’t Be There”

Motion Activated Sound Player

This motion sensor speaker will play a pre-rcorded voice message when movement is detected within it’s radius.

What purposes is this motion activated sound player useful for?

  • Reminding people with dementia to not leave the house when combined with a power plug timer
    e.g. record a familiar voice saying “Dad it’s night time right now, go back to bed and i’ll be around in the morning” which will be played when they approach the front door during the hours you set
  • Reminding an elderly / vulnerable person to use the chain when answering the door
  • Reminding someone to lock the door when they leave the house or to remember their keys
  • Warning someone with a sight impairment that someone has entered the house or that they are approaching something of danger (e.g. a staircase)

What’s the Radius / How Far Can it Detect?

This motion sensor speaker has an infra-red detection beam which reaches between 4m and 5m in front of it. This means when someone walks past it for example in hallway, the motion activated sound player is guaranteed to play the pre-recorded message you’ve set. It has a detection radius of 30° from the centre of the player.

How to Record Messages / Memos

By simply moving the switch on the side to ‘record’, this motion activated sound player will will light up and allow you to record a message up to 20 seconds in length. We recommend recording from a distance of 6″ or 15cm from the motion sensor speaker for the best quality audio.

Re-record Messages, No Need for Memory Cards

By recording a new message, the motion activated sound player will automatically record over the last, so no worries about getting it right first time! The great thing about this feature is you can adapt the motion sensor speaker as the needs of you or your loved one change.

Loud & Clear Sound

With an excellent forward-facing speaker, this motion activated sound player has the ability to play voice memos loudly and clearly. This is ideal for elderly users who may have a hearing impairment.

Wall Mountable

With a FREE wall mount and screws in the box, this motion activated sound player can be easily mounted on any wall in your house. So whether it’s by the front door, the landing or somewhere else at home, it can be positioned in the right place at the right height for maximum effectiveness.

Battery or Mains Powered

With 4 x FREE AA batteries included in the packaging, this motion sensor speaker is ready to go straight out the box. If you wanted to use it with a timer plug so it’s only activated at certain times of day, this motion activated sound player has a 6v DC input for mains powering. Mains power supply (NOT INCLUDED).

Make sure to select the option with a mains power supply + wall timer when adding to the basket

1 Year Warranty

Made to the highest quality by the UK’s largest security company, this motion activated sound player will be replaced by the manufacturer if there’s any faulty-caused problems.


32 x 70 x 60mm (5 x 2.75 x 2.25″)

Box Contents

  • 1 x Motion Activated Sound Player
  • 1 x Wall Mount w/ 2 x screws
  • 4 x AA Batteries
  • 1 x Instruction Manual in English
  • 1 x 6V DC Mains Power Supply, Cable Length: 110 cm (if selected when adding to basket)
  • 1 x Wall Power Timer (if selected when adding to basket)

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SKU: 5174