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TV Listening System with Headset

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TV Listening System with Headset Television Headphones
TV Listening System with Headset Television Headphones TV Listening System
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This Wireless TV Listening System offers remote comfortable enjoyment of high quality audio, without disturbing others in the room.

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Key Features

  • Wireless TV Listening System (UK)
  • Enjoy TV/Music Without Disturbing Others
  • Clean, Crisp & High Quality Sound
  • Adjust Volume, Tone & Balance Remotely
  • Superior to Amplicomms & Geemarc
  • Attach via Optical, Audio Out or Mic

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“Enjoy TV & Music Without Disturbing Others

This IR TV Listening (TV Listening System with Headset) Device allows you to enjoy watching TV or listening to music without changing the volume for other people in the room, Ideal for hearing loss.


  • Easy to set up, works with any TV, Satellite Box, Hi-Fi, Laptop etc.
  • Clear, crisp and clean sound, retaining high levels of audio quality whilst travelling through the air.
  • Volume, tone and left/right balance is fully adjustable from the headset, offering convenience and customisation.
  • Rechargeable power packs mean no messing around with disposable batteries.
  • Ergonomically designed, the receiver sits comfortably under your chin and out the way.
  • If you’re hearing aid has the ‘T’ function, you can set it to this for better audio and direct transmission to your loop facility.
  • The earpieces fit snugly like a stethoscope and pivot when your body turns, meaning they stay secure if moving about.
  • Comes in two parts, the headset receiver and transmitter, (which doubles up as a charger for the battery pack).
  • Perfect Television Headphones


  • Enjoy your favourite TV shows, movies and music without adjusting the volume for others in the room.
  • Ideal for hearing impairment, no need to disturb everyone in the house with high volumes.
  • Watch programmes late at night without waking others.
  • Better quality and build than Amplicomms, Geemarc & Introsonn
  • Television Headphones ideal for listening

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: The battery of the TV Listening System with Headset will last roughly 5 hours (depending on usage and volume)

Q: What is the range? (How far can I venture and still hear the TV?) 

A: For IR (Infra-Red) devices like this, you’ll need to be in the same room to pick up signal (as walls interfere).

Q: How does it connect up?

A: Depending on the audio output of your TV Listening System with Headset device, you can use one of the follwing methods…

1) Use the optical cable and plug directly from your TV or device in to the transmitter
2) Use the audio out port on your TV or device, (usually a red and white phono or 3.5mm headphone jack), to plug directly in to your transmitter.
3) Use the microphone function to transmit the sound of the room (e.g. speakers and people’s voices) directly to your headset.

What’s in the box?

  • Transmitter (The bit that plugs in to your TV or audio device)
  • Receiver (The headset which you listen through)
  • Rechargable battery pack
  • Power supply (UK AC mains plug)
  • Male to Male 3.5mm to 3.5mm Audio lead (Otherwise known as a ‘jack’ cable, often coloured green).
  • 3.5mm to 6.3mm Audio Adapter (If your audio device has a bigger ‘hole’ for audio out)
  • Adapter from male RCA (red and white photo cable) to female 3.5mm
  • Optical (toslink) Cable
  • Extra earpieces
  • Screwdriver

The Technical Bit (Specifications)

  • Battery is AP12A (Lithium Polymer)
  • Transmission method: infrared (stereo)
  • Carrier frequency: 2.3 MHz / 2.8 MHz
  • Audio frequency transmission range: 50 – 16000 Hz
  • Distortion factor: < 1 %
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: > 90 dB
  • Work range: 10° C – 40° C


  • Operating time per battery pack: approx. 7 h
  • Battery type: Li-Polymer approx. 240 mAh
  • Number of battery packs: 1
  • Charge time: approx. 5 h (2.5h for 90% charge)
  • Maximum volume: approx. 125 dB (A)
  • Weight: approx. 58 g


  • Power consumption: approx. 4.5 VA
  • Power supply: 12 Volt DC
  • Power supply mains unit: 100-240 Volts 50-60 Hz
  • Weight: approx. 43 g
  • Range: up to 12 m

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