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Touch Screen Gloves (Unisex)

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touch screen gloves
touch screen gloves touch screen winter gloves touch screen gloves touch screen winter gloves
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Keep your hands warm whilst using your touch screen this winter. Breathable, stretchable and available in 3 colours.

Key Features

  • Keep Hands Warm
  • Use Touch Screen Easily
  • No Need To Remove Gloves
  • Conductive Smart Material Used
  • Won’t Scratch Your Screen
  • Choose Black, Pink or Grey
  • 14 Days to Change Your Mind

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“No More Removing Your Gloves To Use A Touch Screen”

Touch Screen Gloves For Easy Outdoor Typing: Introduction

These touch screen gloves are an essential clothing item for anyone with a smartphone or tablet, whether that be an iPhone, iPad or Android.

Why They’re Useful: Touch Screen Gloves

Touch screen mobile devices are great, they allow us to have the world at our fingertips wherever we are! Whether for finding out when the next bus home is, looking up reviews on that restaurant you’re thinking of eating in or keeping in contact with loved ones when out and about, the possibilities are endless!

Have you ever tried to use your smartphone or tablet whilst wearing gloves? If you have, you’ll know it’s pretty much impossible! There’s nothing more frustrating than repeatedly having to remove your gloves every time you want to use your smartphone. Some tactics like licking your finger before touching the screen can help, but let’s be honest, the taste of wooly gloves isn’t pleasant!

Finger Tip Technology: Touch Screen Gloves

These touch screen winter gloves have clever technology to enable you to use your smartphone in the cold! The ends of the thumb and index finger have conductive material woven into their tips, meaning that your hand’s natural touch is still sensed by the screen, magic! This is also useful because some people use a touch screen differently, so whether it’s with your finger or thumb, you’ll still keep warm hands while tapping away.

Keep Your Hands Warm: Touch Screen Gloves

When the days become shorter, the nights longer and the weather gets colder, we all reach for our winter hats and gloves. Any exposed skin can often ache or become dry if it’s not covered up. Wearing gloves is a simple solution, but if it means you can’t use your touch screen, it’s an annoying trade off. Well you no longer have to decide between warm hands or simple smartphone usage, these winter touch screen gloves are thick enough to keep your hands warm, whilst being breathable enough to stop your hands from getting clammy.

Non-Scratch Material: Touch Screen Gloves

The last thing you need after getting yourself a shiny new smartphone is to damage it by scratching the screen! It’s easy enough to damage your digital devices through dropping them, spilling things on them or children thinking they’re indestructible without your gloves scratching them too. Luckily these winter touch screen gloves won’t damage the screen thanks to their smooth, non abrasive fabric.

One-Size Fits All: Touch Screen Gloves

Whether you’ve got small hands or slightly larger ones, the stretchable material in these touch screen gloves will adapt to their size. We tested them with medium to large male hands and they fitted comfortably. Remember if you try then and they don’t fit, you’ve got 14 days to send them back for a refund!

Choice of Colours: Touch Screen Gloves

We’ve got a different colour of touch screen glove to match any outfit. Whether you want something colourful in pink, or perhaps would prefer the darker shades of black or grey, the option is there. Why not buy a couple of colours so you’re always coordinated?

Product Care

  • Hand wash
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not wring
  • Dry flat


We do things differently.

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