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Talking Reminder Clock: Ideal For Elderly

SKU: 6522
talking reminder clock
talking reminder clock medication reminder alarm for the elderly alarm clock reminder talking reminder clock showing time of day - fall prevention talking reminder clock medication reminder alarm for the elderly reminder clock reminder clock reminder clock reminder clock
SKU: 6522

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Talking Reminder Clock, ideal for elderly / dementia & much more. Give them structure and reassurance with 20+ reminders for regular activities like taking tablets, eating and drinking.

Key Features – Talking Reminder Clock

  • 20+ Reminders w/ Visual & Spoken Prompts
    (e.g. Take Your Tablets, Feed Your Pet)
  • Time of Day Clock w/ 4 Modes
    (e.g. ‘Tuesday Morning’ or Analogue Clock)
  • Add Personalised Reminders Via USB
  • Gives Structure, Reassurance & Helps Prevent Confusion
  • Developed With Healthcare Professionals
  • Adjustable Stand or Wall-Mountable
  • Bright Back-lit Screen (Adjustable For Day & Night)
  • Awarded Innovation Product of the Year 2017

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“Talking Reminder Clock: Help Them Remember Daily Activities

Demonstration & Explanation Video: Talking Reminder Clock

*The calendar clock now uses USB only to make it as simple a possible for the user

This Talking Reminder Clock has been developed with healthcare professionals; with loud and friendly female voice, 20+ reminders and different clock modes to suit the user.

Designed for helping…

  • Elderly people
  • People with dementia / Alzheimer’s disease
  • People with Autism
  • People with learning difficulties
  • People with brain injury.
  • People with memory loss or who are forgetful.
  • People with diabetes who forget to take their tablets.

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Daily Reassurance: Talking Reminder Clock

The conditions listed above can mean it’s easy to forget daily activities, often leading to confusion and frustration.

This talking reminder clock can give the user structure in their day, whilst having a reassuring female voice remind them of important tasks and highlights (like a visit from the family).


Time of Day Clock – (Dementia Clock)

This talking reminder clock has 4 different display modes, which can be adapted to the needs of the user

  1. Time of day: e.g. ‘It’s now Tuesday night’ – Great for people that would find conventional times confusing
  2. Analogue clock and time of day: e.g. clock with ‘Tuesday Night’ underneath – great for people who are familiar with a clock but may not be able to work out the time of day.
  3. Time of day with image: e.g. ‘Tuesday Night’ with a picture of a moon and stars – Ideal for a visual prompt without needing to read the words.
  4. Time of day, time, date and image: e.g. ‘Tuesday Night, 22:32, 14th November 2018’ with a picture of a moon – Ideal for people who want the full picture


Daily or One-Off Reminders – (Reminder Alarm For The Elderly)

This Reminder Clock was developed with occupational therapists to feature 20 of the most useful reminder alarms with an audio and visual prompt, which can be activated up to 20 times per day.

It’s been developed to help people remember the basic activities we carry out on a daily or weekly basis like eating, drinking, taking tablets, visits and more.

You can set a reminder to happen either once or every day

Reminder Clock Alarm List

  1. Tablet taking reminder
  2. Time for bed
  3. Time for breakfast
  4. Carer’s visiting today
  5. Drink a cup of coffee
  6. Doctor’s appointment reminder
  7. Family are visiting today
  8. Hairdresser’s appointment is today
  9. Home helper visiting today
  10. Time for lunch
  11. Your lunch is in the fridge
  12. Time to feed your cat
  13. Time to feed your dog
  14. Reminder to take insulin
  15. Have a cup of tea
  16. It’s time to wake up
  17. Have a drink of water
  18. It’s time for dinner
  19. It’s time for your television program
  20. Check the front is locked


Talking Reminder Clock: How does it work?

  1. Simply set which alarm you’d like and when you’d like it to go off
  2. The clock will then display the image and speak the message for around 1 minute. This can be muted by pressing the ‘OK’ button on the back if required.

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Load Your Own Talking Reminder Clock Messages – (Customisable)

Maybe there’s a reminder we’ve not added that you’d want, or perhaps you’d like to add a one-off reminder for a special occasion?

This talking reminder clock has a slot for a USB memory stick, allowing you to add your own reminders whenever you like.

They need to be in an audio and image file together in a folder, but we’re happy to help if you need advice


Adjustable Brightness

Because everyone has different eyesight, this talking reminder clock has adjustable brightness for both the day and night time.


Frequently Asked Questions: Talking Reminder Clock

Q: Can I set reminders for dates (not days) in the future? (e.g. 7th August)

A: No, this talking reminder clock is designed to give the user structure, reassurance whilst preventing confusion. it’s meant for regular or daily activities, not reminder’s of a family’s birthday etc.


Specifications: Talking Reminder Clock

Dimensions: 220 x 170 x 20mm (8½ x 6½ x ¾”)

Power: UK AC Adapter Included

Power cable length: 180cm (71″)


Box Contents: Talking Reminder Clock

1 x Talking Reminder Clock (white)
1 x DC Power Supply (UK)
1 x Instruction Manual (English)

SKU: 6522