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Talking Alarm Clock For Blind / Visually Impaired

SKU: 3488
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talking alarm clock for blind
SKU: 3488

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Talking Alarm Clock for Blind / Visually Impaired. Portable & Simple. Speaks the time and temperature in 12 or 24hr format simply by placing hand on top.

Key Features

  • Speaks Time By Touching, No Need For Button Press
  • Alarm Function With Snooze
  • 20 Alarm Sounds To Choose From
  • Hourly Chime Or Spoken Time (Optional)
  • Portable & Light, Ideal for Travelling
  • Perfect for Visually Impaired / Blind
  • Bright Back-lit Screen

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"Simple, Compact & Ideal for The Visually Impaired"

This Talking Alarm Clock For Blind People has a loud speaking voice, variable alarm function and optional hourly time alerts. Designed for ensuring the safety of...
  • Blind people
  • Those is a visual impairment (e.g. macular degeneration)
  • People who like to travel and take an alarm with them
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Talking Clock & Temperature - (Speaking Clock)

This talking alarm clock for blind people or the visually impaired with speak the time and the temperature loudly and clearly in a female English voice. This talking clock has two clever options to illuminate the screen and start talking:
  1. Press the button on top marked 'talking light'. Where the button is can be felt by using the protruding plastic dents, ideal for the blind or visually impaired.
  2. The talking clock has rubber feet underneath which sense the weight of a hand on top, which will also illuminate the screen and start talking.
The time and temperature are spoken in the following format: "The time is 3:08PM or 15:08, the temperature is 24.3 degrees Celsius" or "The time is 15:08, the temperature is 24.3 degrees Fahrenheit" You can select whether you want the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.   

Excellent Alarm Function - (Talking Alarm Clock With Snooze)

  • This talking alarm clock has an excellent alarm function to wake you up in the morning, wherever you are!
  • There's also an optional snooze function which will alarm at 5 minute intervals up to 10 times after the first alarm.
  • You've also got 20 different alarm sounds to choose from, so you can wake up to whatever alarm or music sounds you like.

Hourly Chime Function - (Know The Time Without Touching)

  • This talking alarm clock for blind or visually impaired people has an option to tell you when it's the beginning of a new hour.
  • This can be either with a chime or by talking the time and temperature
  • This can be 24 hours a day or just between 6AM and 9PM

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the clock face illuminated at night? A: The screen is illuminated when the button on the top is pressed or the device is pushed down from the top.    

Specifications: Talking Alarm Clock For Blind / Visually Impaired

Dimensions:  Height: 6cm (2.4") Width: 11cm  (4.3") Depth: 11cm (4.3") Batteries: 2 x AA (Not Included)  
SKU: 3488