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Basic GPS Tracker For Elderly / Kids / Cars / Pets - Out of Stock

SKU: 3899
small gps tracker
small gps tracker yepzon ONE small GPS tracker Small GPS Tracker small gps tracker yepzon ONE small GPS tracker yepzon ONE GPS tracker elderly dementia Alzheimer's small gps tracker small gps tracker yepzon ONE car tracker GPS Tracker For Kids Small GPS Tracker GPS Tracker For Kids small gps tracker small gps tracker
SKU: 3899

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Out of Stock
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The Ultimate small GPS tracker, with long-lasting battery, free tracking app and no monthly fee, ideal for tracking people (children or elderly), cars, pets + more.

Want to know when a loved one leaves a certain area? Try our GPS Key-Ring / Pendant or GPS Tracking Watch


Key Features 

  • Track From Anywhere (No Max Distance)
  • Compact + Small GPS Tracker
  • Track via Free Smartphone App (iOS, Android + Windows)
  • Extra Long-Lasting Battery Life
  • No Monthly Fee / Contract – Buy Data As You Go
  • 1 Month FREE Tracking Included
  • Updates Location Regularly (from every 60 Secs.)
  • Water-Resistant & Rugged Build
  • Works Across the World
  • Includes Velcro Pouch for on the go use
  • Use in EU & USA at No Extra Cost
  • Discrete & Button-Less
  • Ideal as a Kid / Dementia / Car Tracker

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Out of Stock
accepted payments

"A Low-Cost & Small GPS Tracker. Ideal for Dementia, Children, Cars + More" 

Small GPS Tracker Demonstration & Explanation Video

Contact Our Experts FREE Trackers With Geo-Zone (Alerts When Wearer Leaves An Area) This Small GPS Tracker is multi-purpose and ideal as a...
  • GPS Tracker For Kids.
  • Tracker for Dementia / Alzheimer's. (those that wander / the elderly).
  • Tracker for people with medical conditions. (e.g. at risk of falling / having seizures).
  • Tracker for people with mental health problems.
  • Tracker for vulnerable individuals (e.g. learning difficulties).
  • Tracker for your pets or animals.
  • Tracker for lone workers. (Track your employees or equipment / vehicles).
  • Tracker for valuable items (e.g. luggage, golf bag, machinery and more).
  • Tracker for fleets or vehicles.

Small GPS Tracker - (Compact & Portable)

This is the ideal small GPS tracker. It's light, portable and can be easily attached to a key ring or the included lanyard. It's roughly the size of a match box, making it one of the best small GPS tracking devices available. Length 85mm (3.35") x Width 46mm (1.81") x Depth 17mm (0.67")

Track via Free Smartphone App - (Simple & Easy to Setup)

Easily track via the free smartphone app, available for IOS (Apple), Android and Windows devices. The app has a straightforward setup process and an intuitive interface, meaning you won't need to be a tech expert to use this small GPS tracker. Making it the perfect GPS Tracker For Kids.

Precise & Regular Location Updates - (Variable To Suit )

The tracker has two modes. 'moving' and 'sleeping' (stationary). You can set how often the tracker updates it's location for both modes, between every 1 min and every 7 days. When you check your phone's app, it will show the most recently updated location.   This makes the tracker very versatile, as the settings can be changed to either track quickly, or track slowly and preserve battery. Example 1: Tracking a person with Alzheimer's disease You set the small GPS tracker to update every minute whilst in moving mode, and every hour in sleeping mode. Whilst the person is sat watching television for 20 mins, the tracker goes to 'sleeping mode' and preserves battery by only updating every hour. When the person leaves the house and starts to wander, the small GPS tracker 'wakes up' to moving mode and updates the location every minute, making it much easier to track them down if you're in pursuit. Example 2: Tracking a vehicle You set the small GPS tracker to update every 30 mins whilst in moving mode, and every 6 hours in sleeping mode. If the car was stolen, the tracker would 'wake up' to moving mode and track every half an hour. When the thief parked up somewhere, you would have the most recent location of your car to act accordingly. Whilst your car is parked safely on your driveway etc, it's only updating every 6 hours, meaning you're using much less data and battery. The above are just examples and the settings can be tweaked accordingly to work with your specific needs.

Extra Long Battery Life - (Rarely Requires Charging)**

Lasting an average of 7-14 days without needing a recharge, this small GPS tracker has one of the longest battery lives of any GPS tracker available, especially considering how compact and advanced it's functionality is. The battery life can be extended to as long as 1 month by tweaking the settings. The more frequently you set the location to update, the quicker the battery will be used up.

No Monthly Fee - (Just Pay As You Go)

Unlike many other GPS trackers, this small GPS tracker does not require an ongoing monthly fee to use. The device comes with 1 month of FREE usage, then simply select how long you'd like data for when adding it to the basket.*** Which countries can I use it in? (it works worldwide) The data mentioned above works in UK, EU, USA, China, Switzerland, Norway or Iceland. What if I want to use it outside of these countries? If you want to use it outside of these countries, roaming data must be purchased for the relevant country from the tracking app after purchase. The full list of countries is below... Afghanistan, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, Cambodia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Egypt, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Gibraltar, Greenland, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, Uzbekistan

Shock & Water Resistant - (Ideal as a Child Tracker)

The last thing you want is a tracking device to stop working if exposed to tough conditions. This small GPS tracker can withstand most things thrown at it and is fully water resistant (IP65), just make sure the charging port stays closed. This makes it perfect as a child tracker (GPS tracker for kids), pet tracker or for lone workers in harsh environments.

Several Phones Can Locate One Tracker - (Several Trackers can be Located on One Phone)

This small GPS tracker can be tracked via any number of smartphones at no extra cost (e.g. the whole family can have access). One phone can also track any number of these small GPS trackers, useful for businesses like care homes or local authorities that may be tracking multiple people / things at once.

Discrete With No Buttons - (Cannot be Switched Off from Tracker)

The discrete design disguises it well and it does not look like a tracking device, more a large key fob. The button-less simplicity of this small GPS tracker makes it ideal for tracking those that may tamper with the device (e.g. children or Dementia / Alzheimer's sufferers).

Custom Notifications & Alerts - (Be In The Know)

Never be in the dark with customisable notifications in the app. Know when the tracker has low battery, when a new user has been added, it's turned off, is about to 'sleep' and more directly on your smartphone. So whether you want every update or to be not disturbed, this tracker can be customised to your needs. The notifications and alerts make it the perfect GPS Tracker For Kids.

In Our Experience - (We Test Every Product)

  • This small GPS tracker is compact and easy to setup, we had it ready in just a few mins. It comes with comprehensive simple-to-follow instructions and a free lanyard.
  • The app is a joy to use, the Scandinavian design shines through as it's simple and easy to operate.
  • The battery life is longer than anything else we've tested, ideal if the person / thing you're tracking may be out of your regular reach.
  • The product is perfect to work as a GPS Tracker For Children, elderly and cars.

Box Contents

1 x Small GPS Tracker (White) 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable (White) 1 x Tough Lanyard (Red) 1 x Velcro Pouch

Please note this device does not come with a USB charging plug.

Full Specifications

Device and system requirements – Windows Phone 8.1 + NFC – iOS 7.0 or newer + Bluetooth Smart (BT 4.0) – Android 4.3 or newer + Bluetooth Smart (BT 4.0) + NFC
Device size length 85 mm, width 46 mm, thickness 17 mm
Device weight 46 g
Package size length 121 mm, width 121 mm, thickness 50 mm
Package weight 128 g
Battery capacity 850 mAh
Battery composition Li-ion, weights 16 g
Battery life 7-14 days in average use, up to months depending on settings
Accuracy Up to 3-30m if GPS and mobile signal can be obtained. Accuracy indoors can be much less. This alternative tracker is more accurate
Manual available FI, EN, SE, RU, FR, IT, GE, ES, PL
Country of origin Finland/India
Product code YPZ1, EAN: 6430056300146
Cellular communication Quad Band GSM/GPRS module
Satellite reception 56 Channels GPS/Glonass module
Short range wireless communication Bluetooth 4.0 (BTLE) and NFC
Positioning methods GPS, GSM Cell ID, BTLE
SIM Surface mounted M2M SIM component (MFF2 size standard), not changeable by user

 ** The battery life depends on usage. The settings can be tweaked to optimise for maximum battery life.

* 'Next day delivery' means the next working day (including Saturdays) and only if ordered and paid for before 4PM GMT Monday to Friday. *** Once your free month has ended, data codes will then be emailed to the email on the order. If you want an SOS alarm with your GPS Tracker, Check out our Personal Alarm & GPS Tracker

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SKU: 3899