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Simple Radio & Music Player for Dementia / Elderly - Out of Stock

SKU: 27165
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SKU: 27165

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Our sleek and stylish Simple Radio & Music Player for Dementia / Elderly is perfect for those who may struggle with traditional music players, but still want to experience the joy of music and radio.

Key features:

  • Large, Tactile Buttons and Volume Dial
  • Volume Dial That Doesn’t Go to Zero, No Accidentally Turning off the Music
  • FM & DAB Radio
  • USB Port for Playing Your Own Music
  • Headphone Port (3.5mm Audio Jack)
  • Stylish Design with Neutral, Contrasting Colours
  • Larger Font for Labels, Easier to Read and Use!
  • Separately Shaped Buttons for Easier Identification
  • Buttons That Play Different Noises When Pressed, Perfect for the Visually Impaired
  • High Sound Quality with Two 3-watt Speakers
  • Lightweight and Durable Build
  • Optional Battery Mode – Use Your Radio Without a Power Socket

Sorry! We're out of stock. Please contact us to be notified when more stock is arriving.

Outstanding Customer Reviews

Simple Radio & Music Player for Dementia / Elderly

The Best Simple Radio for the Elderly and Dementia

Our Simple Radio & Music Player for Dementia / Elderly is incredibly easy to use and ideal for...

  • Improving mood
  • Providing cognitive stimulation to those living with dementia or Alzheimer's
  • Improving wellbeing
  • Reducing heart rate
  • Reducing agitation and stress
  • Promoting brain plasticity 
  • Delaying cognitive decline

Simple & Stylish Design

Our Simple Radio for Elderly has been designed to combine sleek, practical style with a super simple and easy-to-use design; making it perfect for those who may struggle with everyday tech

  • Most radios are designed to appeal to many age ranges, meaning buttons are often too small and poorly labelled for older users
  • Our Simple Radio has larger buttons than other radios designed for those with low dexterity
  • Subtle button texture differences (concave on button, convex off button) to help those with visual impairments
  • Clearly labelled buttons in large, easy to read font
  • Contrasting colours to clearly identify the position of buttons
  • Buttons play a unique sound when pressed, further helping those with a visual impairment
  • Shuffle allows playing tracks in a different order to the order on the USB drive.

Easy to Use

The Simple Radio & Music Player makes life easier for the user or caregivers with intuitive customisation and easy-to-use 'favourite station' options.

  • An concealed back panel reveals the programming/tuning screen
  • With 4 simple tuning buttons, programming their favourite stations is quick and simple
  • Choose between FM, DAB radio, or play their own music via USB.
  • Gives you the freedom of listening to the radio, music or even audiobooks, all from the same device
  • Battery compartment for battery-operated mode gives them the freedom to use it outdoors (e.g. to use in the garden)
  • Rear headphone port great for listening to their music, radio or audiobooks using their favourite headphones
  • Shuffle Button plays tracks from your USB in a different order, so the user doesn't have to listen to their favourite songstracks in the same order.

Research-Backed Benefits

Countless studies* have described the incredible benefits of music as a form of cognitive stimulation,  improving the quality of life for those with dementia

  • According to the NHS, music has a massively positive impact on those living with dementia
  • Music reduces anxiety and depression, can help to maintain speech/language and enhances dementia patients' quality of life
  • Recent studies* have found that musical training delays cognitive decline
  • It also promotes brain plasticity (the brain's ability to change and adapt as a result of experience)
  • The Simple Radio & Music Player enhances these benefits, and makes them much more accessible with simple and intuitive design
  • A great example is the volume dial, which is large, tactile, and does not go all the way to zero + This means the user will be less likely to startle or confuse themselves by accidentally turning their music off
Simple Radio Front
Simple Radio rear Panel

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  • Radio size - 145 x 108 x 182mm
  • Personalisation panel - pre-set favourite channels
  • FM & DAB radio
  • USB port - play their favourite music
  • Battery compartment for battery-operated mode
  • Rear 3.5mm audio jack
  • 2x 3 watt speakers - high sound quality

What's in the Box?

  • 1x Simple Radio & Music Player for Dementia / Elderly
  • 1x UK/US power adaptor
  • 1x User manual

* Source

SKU: 27165