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Simple Music Player for Dementia

SKU: 3458
simple music player dementia
simple music player dementia simple music player dementia simple music player dementia simple music player dementia simple music player dementia simple music player dementia simple music player simple music player
SKU: 3458

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Simple Music Player for Dementia / Alzheimer’s. Help them enjoy their favourite songs and encourage cognitive activity through nostalgia. Very easy to operate, cannot be accidentally adjusted by the user.

Key Features

  • Very Simple to Use, Lid Operates Music
  • Designed for Dementia / Alzheimer’s
  • Music has a Positive Effect on the Brain
  • Hidden Volume, No Accidental Adjustment
  • Music Loaded Easily via USB from PC/Mac
  • Min. Capacity of 2GB (Roughly 500 Songs)
  • Headphone Output if Required
  • Designed & Assembled in the UK

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"Lift the Lid on Memories through Music"

Simple Music Player Demonstration Video

This short video demonstrates how easy the Simple Music Player is. The Simple Music Player encourages independent living and enables those suffering from Dementia to enjoy the simple pleasures music brings, in an easy and intuitive way.

How Does Music Help Dementia?

Research has shown that music can have strong cognitive and therapeutic effects on the brain. The sounds from a person's youth can bring back memories and induce brain activity. Designed with research from the 'Bath Institute of Medical Engineering', this simple music player for dementia used findings that music helps dementia sufferers to become more mentally active, more responsive and less confused. Certain songs from someone's childhood may help them recall memories of people, places, experiences and more. These videos and scientific research demonstrate the positive effects music can have on the brain often continue for a period after the music has stopped. In some cases, further bringing out the personality and identity of someone suffering from Dementia for a prolonged period. This often brings joy to family members who can feel disconnected from their loved one, as well as improving quality of life for the individual.

What Makes the Design So Simple To Use?

Although music has been proven to have positive effects on many Dementia / Alzheimer's sufferers, they often find music players too difficult to use, therefore missing out on the benefits music has to offer them. It's design deliberately mimics the function associated with record or vinyl players from the era most Dementia sufferers grew up through. This makes using the device intuitive for people that are more accustomed to this method, (instead of a traditional and unfamiliar CD or MP3 player). The user simply lifts the lid to play music, presses the only button to change the music (next track), and closes the lid to stop the music, it's that simple! Our simple music player can play any audio file as long as it's in .MP3 format, including audiobooks. If you're not sure if your audiobooks are .mp3 files, you can look at them on your computer in Windows Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac) and see what it says after the full stop in the file name.

What Can Be Played On The Simple Music Player? (Music, Audiobooks + More)

Our simple music player can play any audio file as long as it's in .MP3 format, including songs, audiobooks and more! If you're not sure if your audio files are .mp3 files, you can look at them on your computer in Windows Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac) and see what it says after the full stop in the file name. If they're not MP3's, you can easily convert them online. Just search the format they are to MP3 converter, e.g. 'WAV to MP3 converter'. Our expert team is more than happy to help advise you on this if you're stuck.

How To Load Songs On To The Simple Music Player?

The Simple Music Player for Dementia comes with a male to male USB cable. Simply plug one end in to the device and the other in to your computer or laptop. The device will come up in 'My Computer' (Windows) or 'Finder' (Mac) named 'SMPV100'. Just drag and drop the music files from your computer on to the device, then rearrange them in to the order you want them to play. Note: Ensure the device is powered off before plugging it in to your computer, then turn it on once plugged in. 

How To Adjust the Volume On To The Simple Music Player?

The volume adjust buttons are deliberately hidden so that the user cannot accidentally change them. They are on the back of the dementia music player near the bottom. Simply hold a pen or pencil on the right button to turn up the volume, or the left button to turn down the volume. Note: The buttons must be held down for 5 seconds before any adjustment will take place.


  • Very simple to operate. Lift the lid to play music, press the (only) button to change track, close the lid to stop music
  • Volume is adjusted by using a pen in the small holes in the back, so cannot be accidentally changed by the dementia sufferer using the simple music player
  • Music is loaded using the USB cable that is included in the box. Simply drag and drop from 'My Computer' (PC / Windows) or Finder (Mac) to the device
  • Tracks play in the order they are listed. e.g. the top music file will play first
  • Familiar retro record player style design is intuitive for baby boomers, as they're used to lifting and closing the lids to play music
  • Robust design and solid build makes is difficult to break and gives a tough feel
  • Has a minimum capacity of 2GB (roughly 500 songs)
  • Works with Windows, Apple and Linux computers / laptops. Note: They must have a USB port to work with this device

What Makes This Different?

  • Designed specifically for Dementia / Alzheimer's
  • Allows user to hear whatever music they like, not just the radio.
  • Deliberatley very simple to use.

Full Specifications

  • Designed, tested and trialled by Bath Institute of Medical Engineering
  • Similar functionality to traditional record players, retro design for familiarity
Functionality / Compatibility
  • Works with Windows, Apple and Linux Computers & Laptops. The device must have a USB port to connect with the Dementia Music Player
  • Volume should be adjusted by a family member or carer
  • Simple to use. Lift lid to play music. Press button to change music (next track). Close lid to stop music.
  • Hold pen or pencil in holes on the back (at the bottom) for 5 seconds to adjust volume.
Music / Capacity
  • Memory capacity is at least 2GB (roughly 500 songs)
  • 6w Amplifier
  • Comes with sample music pre-installed
  • Drag and drop music, no need for any programs or software
  • Plays the following music file formats: MP3, MPEG4, WMA, WAV, AAC, M4a, Ogg Vorbis
  • 3.5mm headphone socket for either earphones or playing music though a different device
  • Add music to the player using the USB cable provided
  • Power: Use the included power supply, can be replaced if the included supply fails
  • Power Consumption: Under 700mA at 9V
Manufacturing / Materials
  • Tough wooden enclosure and strong plastic surround
  • Speaker grill is made from reinforced steel mesh and a cloth covering
  • Rubber feet (non-slip)
  • Robust and durable design
  • Wipe-clean surface (not waterproof)
  • Cone is high quality and 9cm (3.5") in diameter
  • Manufactured in Wales, United Kingdom
  • 30cm x 19cm x 11cm

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the Simple Music Player function on different power voltages around the world? Yes, it has a 'switch-mode' power supply which can run on most global voltages. We may also be able to supply you with a power supply for your given region, just ask!

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Evidence of Music's Effects on Dementia

  We can only deliver the Simple Music Player to addresses within the United Kingdom

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SKU: 3458