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Remote Control Sockets (x3): No More Bending Down

remote control sockets
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This 3 pack of remote control sockets make life easier by allowing you to turn off lights / appliances from anywhere in the room or house!

Key Features

  • No More Bending Down
  • Less Risk of Strains / Falls
  • No Setup Required
  • Works Through Walls & Furniture
  • Works Up To 30m (98ft)
  • Save Energy
  • Save Money on Bills
  • Battery Included
  • Safe in Power-cuts

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“Remote Control Sockets – No More Bending Down”

Remote Control Sockets – Introduction

Certain everyday activities can get more difficult, especially if they involve strenuous activity. These remote control plugs mean one less potentially difficult activity to worry out.

Less Effort, Less Risk of Straining РRemote Control Sockets

Turning the TV off to not leave it on standby all night? What about that lamp in the corner of the room? Or the plug that’s awkwardly behind some furniture? Now you can turn them off from the comfort of your sofa with the tap of a remote! No hassle, less risk of hurting yourself, straining or pulling a muscle.

Works Through Walls / Furniture РRemote Control Plugs

Due to the remote control plugs using radio-waves to communicate with the handset, you’ll be able to control sockets in other rooms or behind blockages like furniture. The radius for the remote working is 30m (98ft).

Safety First – Remote Control Sockets

In the event of a powercut, these remote control plugs will default to ‘power-off’ mode to keep your house safe.

Save Money РRemote Control Plugs

Energy prices seem to be constantly rising and can be one of our biggest worries, especially as we get older. These remote sockets allow you to switch off electrical appliances that you otherwise may not have done. Older TV’s will use ¬£s worth of electricity being left on standby overnight, and newer ones also waste electricity when standing by unnecessarily.

Save the Planet – Remote Control Sockets

Why waste electricity when you could help reduce carbon emissions any save yourself a job in the process! These remote control plugs let you do all that in one go from your armchair.


 Features List

  • No more bending down to switch off plug sockets
  • Easy to setup
  • Works through walls & furniture (up to 30m)
  • Save energy
  • Save money bills
  • Battery included


Physical Specifications

  • 240V~/5oHz
  • Max. 10A, 2400W
  • Frequency: 433,050-434,790MHz


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