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Plug Pullers (x 10): Easy Plug Pulling / Removal

SKU: 3311
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plug puller plug pullers How to remove plugs easy
plug puller plug pullers How to remove plugs easy plug puller plug pullers
SKU: 3311

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Ever struggled to pull a plug out of a socket? These 10 x plug pullers make it easy to remove & pull plugs, especially for those with Arthritis or grip problems. Includes sticky labels, coloured dots & a pen to label / identify plugs.

Key Features

  • Pack of 10 x Plug Pullers
  • Remove / Pull Plugs Easily
  • Requires Minimal Effort
  • Ideal for Arthritis, Grip Problems…
    The Elderly, RSI, MS, The Visually Impaired
  • Easy to Fit & Label
  • Includes Sticky Labels & Dots
  • Save Electricity by Removing Plugs
  • Ideal for Apple Products (Iphones / iPads)

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“Identify & Remove / Pull Plugs with ease

Why Buy These Plug Pullers?

  • They allow you to Pull plugs out of wall sockets easily with these simple to attach plug pullers.
  • Plugs are often tough to remove, especially if you suffer from grip or manual dexterity problems.
  • They include sticky labels, sticky colored dots and a pen to label your plugs.
  • They Fit 3-point UK/GB power plugs.
  • They’re ideal for Arthritis, Parkinsons, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, MS, RSI & anything that causes problems with grip.
  • We’ve tested all the plug pullers on the market, these are by far the most effective, easiest to fit and cost efficient.
  • Plug-tugs™ are very useful around the house to make life easier and save stress and strain in the hands.


  • No more struggling to remove power plugs from their socket.
  • Stops you from removing the wrong plug with sticky labels and coloured stickers.
  • Save electricity by removing electronic devices from the socket when you’re not using them.
  • Saves time and effort when removing power plugs.

Ideal answer to the question How to remove plugs easy ? The plug pullers allow for plugs to be removed with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many come in a packet?

A: You get 10 x plug pullers in the box (with 10 x sticky labels, 10 x sticky dots and a pen)

Q: How do you fit them? 

A: Simply line the holes on one side of the puller with the 3 plug prongs, push them over until snug, then repeat for the other side of the puller, voila!
Note: if you have severe manual dexterity issues, we recommend getting a freind or family member to help you fit the plug pullers. 


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SKU: 3311