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Automatic Pill Dispenser & Reminder w/ Family Text / Email Alerts

SKU: 12924
pill dispenser
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SKU: 12924

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Automatic Pill Dispenser & Medication Reminder

This smart pill dispenser will give the correct medication at the right time (set by you), and send alerts if pills aren’t taken.

Key Features 

  • Text / Email Alerts When Pills Not Taken (+ Many More)
  • Audio & Visual Reminders to Take Meds (Ideal For Dementia)
  • Set Dosages / Alerts From Anywhere (FREE Online Portal)
  • Dispenses Correct Qty. of Meds at Pre-Set Times
  • Up to 24 Medication Dispenses / Reminders Per Day
  • 28 Pill Storage Sections – Plenty For Any User
  • Allow Early Access to Meds or Only at Specified Time
  • Self-Locking Shutter (Help Prevent Overdose)
  • Up to 12 Month Battery Life (FREE AA Batteries Included)
  • No Contract / Minimum Term – Just Monthly Fee
  • Optional Easy Tipper (Ideal For Arthritis)
  • FREE Day / Time Discs (Easily Refill Dosages)
  • FREE Meds Label carrier (Easily Read Dosages & Frequency)
  • Works Across UK & Europe at No Extra Cost

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accepted payments

"Automatic Pill Dispenser & Reminder, Peace of Mind They've Taken Their Meds" 

This Pill Dispenser & Reminder is multi-purpose and ideal for...
  • People with lots of pills to take every day, at different times.
  • Elderly people
  • People with dementia / Alzheimer’s disease
  • People with Autism
  • People with learning difficulties
  • People with brain injury.
  • People with memory loss or who are forgetful.
  • People with diabetes who forget to take their tablets.

Taking Meds on Time has a Huge Impact on Health - (Increase Prevention)

The correct medication at the right time, in the right doses, is essential for overall well-being.
  • If medication is not taken in the right doses and at the right times, this can have very negative impacts on health
  • Failure to take medication is one of the major causes of falls amongst the elderly.
  • Heart failure patients 'remain at an unnecessary high level of risk' if they do not take their pills.
  • Not finishing the course of meds because they 'feel ok' can mean they do not have the intended effect.
  • Huge quantities of medicines are wasted due to noncompliance; this is expensive for everyone involved.

Know if Pills are Taken: Automatic Pill Dispenser w/ Alerts - (Peace of Mind)

Text message / email alerts if medication not taken + more
  • Most medication reminders and dispensers just notify the person taking the pills. This way, others wouldn't know if they've been taken.
  • Our automatic pill dispenser can be set to alert anyone (e.g. family / carers) via email or text message if pills are not taken. + It does this through a movement sensor. If the dispenser is not turned upside down to dispense pills, an alert is sent.
  • Set times of the day you're available e.g. carer gets alerts at night, you during the day etc.
  Full Alerts List (All Optional)
  • Pills not taken (device not turned upside down to dispense) + This is split in to one alert halfway through alarm time on device, another alert at the end of the alarm time.
  • Only 4 doses left in the device's medication tray (giving time to refill)
  • Device has been left upside down
  • Battery low (giving enough time to replace them with no interruption to function)
  • Device error (in case there's an issue)

Help them Remember when to take Medication - (Increase Adherence)

Loud & clear reminders for the user, of when to taken their meds.
  • Family / carers can remotely set medication schedule from anywhere using the FREE management website
  • Medication is loaded in to a FREE tray which, has 28 slots in it, each of which can fit many pills (roughly 3cm x 3xm x 2cm)
  • Our automatic pill dispenser will play a chime-sound and display a bright flashing light whenever pills need to be taken (customisable). + The device will keep playing the sound until the pills are taken or for as long as you set (5 mins to 5 hours) + You can set up to 24 alerts per day.
  • Set if meds are available before the dosage time (more freedom) or not (better for memory loss / dementia)
  • Adjust the volume level, chime sound and whether the pill reminder shows a flashing light.

Secure, Easy, Pill Storage, Refill & Dispensing - (Automatic Pill Dispenser)

Easily management of pills, saving time and reducing mistakes.
  • Our automatic pill dispenser comes with a FREE pill tray which has 28 slots in it, that can fit many pills in each. + The slots are roughly 3cm x 3cm x 2cm in size, so plenty of room for multiple pills.
  • The pill dispenser has a lockable lid to cover the slots, opened using the included key. + This lock prevents access to meds and helps to avoid overdoses or double-dosing.
  • The device includes FREE reversible day / time discs to put next to the medication slots. These help family / carers to easily insert dosages Disc List + Morning and evening for 7 days + Mon-Fri for 4 weeks + 2 x blank ones where you can enter your own time increments (28 slots)
  • The device also includes a FREE Pharmacy Label carrier (Easily Read Dosages & Frequency)
  • Purchase additional medication trays when adding to the basket (Optional)
  • Purchase dispenser tipper for those with poor manual dexterity when adding to the basket (Optional)

Long-Life Battery - (Medication Reminder)

Lasting an average of 12 months (Batteries Included)
  • Our automatic pill dispenser uses 4 x AA batteries, which can easily be fitted in to the bottom of the device.
  • The device comes with 4 x FREE AA batteries on arrival.

How Much Does it Cost? –(Automatic Pill Dispenser)

There is no contract and the service is paid monthly via debit or credit card, which can be cancelled at any time* The monthly bundle includes unlimited SMS and Email alerts and works in 31 European countries at no extra cost! All this for only £9.95 / €11.95 / $14.95 per month (With VAT relief(Less than 17p per day!) How are the monthly payments setup? We understand that sometimes the person buying the automatic pill dispenser may not be the same person paying the monthly fee. So to make it easier, we separate the payment methods.
  1. After the checkout, you’ll get an email with a link to our subscription page.
  2. Simply click the link and fill it out, we’ll then prepare your new pill dispenser.
  3. It will be sent out via FREE next working day delivery by Royal Mail.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions - (Medication Reminder)

Q: If I set medication to be available before an alarm time and it's taken, will the alarm still go off? A: No, the system is smart enough to know that the doe has already been taken and will not alarm until the next dosage is due.

Specifications - (Medication Reminder)

Size: L 190mm (7.5″) x W 180mm (7″) x D 56mm (2.2″) Weight: 390g exc. batteries, 490g incl. batteries Material: PMMA & Polycarbonate Pill Compartment Capacity: 11ml (per compartment / slot) Which countries does it work in?: The UK, anywhere in Europe or on the European continent. If you’re not sure if your country is within this, please ask.  

What you get

1 x Automatic Pill Dispenser / Medication Reminder 1 x Pill Tray w/ 28 x slots for medication 1 x FREE Pharmacy Label Carrier & Medication Record 3 x FREE Time / Date Discs e.g. Mon, Tues, Wed etc, Morn, Noon etc. 2 x Device Key 4 x FREE AA Batteries 1 x Instruction Guide

*Subscription cancellations must be given at least 30 days before the billing date (1st of each month). The full monthly subscription will still be due and non-refundable if the device is returned, this is because it will have been connected for the time it was owned.

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SKU: 12924