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Wrist Worn Personal Attack Alarm for Elderly

SKU: 6100
personal attack alarm
personal attack alarm personal attack alarm panic button for elderly
SKU: 6100

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This comfortable and water resistant wrist-worn personal attack alarm plays an extremely loud (130dB) sound when a button is pressed. Ideal to scare off potential attackers or call for help.

Key Features

  • Personal Attack Alarm – Ideal For Elderly
  • Draw, attention, Scare Off Attackers or Call For Help
  • Extremely loud (130dB) Alarm When Button Pressed
  • Comfortable, Adjustable, One Size Fits All Velcro Strap
  • Water Resistant
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Batteries Included & Pre-Fitted
  • Long-Lasting Battery Life

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“Personal Attack Alarm for Elderly – Simple Safety & Security”

Wrist Worn Personal Attack Alarm for Elderly

This comfortable wrist-worn personal attack alarm plays an extremely loud (130dB) sound when a button is pressed.

Who is this Personal Attack Alarm useful for?

  • Elderly people at risk of being attacked or mugged
  • People with a disability (e.g. in a wheelchair)
  • Vulnerable individuals (e.g. those with a learning difficulty)
  • Visually impaired people
  • Motorists at risk of attack or car theft
  • Lone workers
  • Runners and joggers
  • Lone females abroad

How does it work? – Panic Button for Elderly

  • The wearer simply puts the personal attack alarm on their wrist using the comfortable adjustable velcro strap.
  • In the event of them feeling uncomfortable or in a dangerous situation, they press the small button on the face of the wrist alarm and it will play a very loud sound (130dB).
  • To stop the alarm, the wearer simply presses the hidden button on the underside of the alarm

Comfortable & Adjustable: Personal Attack Alarm

With an adjustable and firm Velcro strap that fit’s comfortably around almost any wrist, this personal attack alarm is easy to put on and remove whilst being held firmly in place.

Extremely Loud Alarm: Panic Button for Elderly

The button is easy to find and press, but deliberately designed to avoid accidental triggering of the alarm. Upon pressing, it plays an ear-splitting 140dB high pitched sound which is sure to draw attention and scare off anyone with malicious intent.

To disable the alarm, the wearer just presses the hidden button on the other side of the device. If the wearer is being attacked, the attacker is less likely to know how to disable it.

A jet taking off is around 120dB, a loud rock concert is around 130dB, this alarm is 140dB!

Water Resistant: Personal Attack Alarm

With a secure housing around the alarm itself, this water resistant panic button for elderly can withstand contact with water, but not full submersion. e.g. hand washing and poor weather, not swimming

Batteries Included

With long-lasting batteries provided. In the rare event you’ll need to replace the batteries, this personal attack alarm makes it easy with simple to follow instructions in the box.

1 Year Warranty

Made to the highest quality by the UK’s largest security company, this panic button for elderly will be replaced by the manufacturer if there’s any faulty-caused problems.

Box Contents

  • 1 x Personal Attack Alarm (Batteries pre-fitted in the device)
  • 1 x Instruction Manual


Width: 42mm (1½”) x Length: 50mm (2″) x Depth:15mm (½”).


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SKU: 6100