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Official Doro Phone Charger (USB-C)

SKU: 21578
USB-C Charger
SKU: 21578

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The Official Doro Charger will quickly and safely keep your phone charged up for when you need it most!

Key Features

  • Official Doro Charger With Doro Logo
  • UK 3 Pin / Prong Plug
  • Plugs in to Charging Cradle or Phone Charging Port
  • Extra-Long 1.5m Cable With Doro Logo
  • Easy-Grip Cable End
  • Detachable Parts (USB-C Cable & USB Wall Plug)
  • Not compatible with Doro 8035/8040

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Keep Your Phone Juiced Up: Official Doro Phone Charger

The Official Doro Charger will keep your phone charged up for when you need it most.

Extra-Long 1.5m Cable
Our Doro charger includes a nice long 1.5m cable, so you won’t have to leave your armchair to charge use your phone while it’s on charge.

Plugs in to Phone or Cradle

If your Doro phone came with a charging cradle, then this official Doro phone charger will plug directly in to it, meaning no more fiddling about with cables. If your phone didn’t come with a charging cradle, this Doro charger will also plug directly in to your phone.

Easy-Grip Cable End

This Doro charger has been designed to be easy to use for people with limited finger grip or manual dexterity issues like Arthritis or Parkinsons. The end that goes in to your phone has an ergonomic finger-shaped concave end which makes it much easier to grip, insert and remove from your Doro phone.

Detachable Parts

The Doro charger comes in two parts, the 1.5m USB-C cable and the USB wall plug. This means the cable can be used in other devices like laptops or computers, as well as USB cigarette lighter / 12v chargers. It’s also great to be easily separated for straightforward travelling and transporting.

This Doro Phone Charger is compatible with the following Doro phones*:

Including: 8050 and 8080

Other Doro Accessories

Any Doro







Box Contents

1 x 1.5m Doro Micro USB Charging Cable (Black)
1 x Doro 3-pin UK USB Wall Plug (Black)

*Not compatible with Doro 8035 or 8040

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SKU: 21578