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Motion Sensor Night Light: Prevent Falls

SKU: 6571
motion sensor night light illuminating floor under person's foot - fall prevention
motion sensor night light illuminating floor under person's foot - fall prevention battery operated night light motion sensor night light motion sensor night light
SKU: 6571

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Battery Operated Bright Motion Sensor LED Light, Ideal for preventing falls when getting up in the night + much more.

Key Features – Motion Sensor LED Light

  • Ideal For Preventing Falls, Especially Amongst Elderly
  • 9 x Bright LED Lights
  • Activated When Darkness + Movement Detected
  • Wall Mountable (Screw Holes Pre-Drilled)
  • FREE Adhesive Sticky Tabs
  • Adjustable To Any Angle – Swivel 360°
  • Battery Powered – Long Lasting (Low Energy Usage)
  • 1 Year Guarantee

          Want instant fall alerts? Try our Fall Detector

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"Bright Motion Sensor Night Light: Help Prevents Falls Amongst Elderly"

Bright Motion Sensor Night Light: Product Video

  This Bright LED Motion Sensor Night Light is ideal for preventing falls, especially when getting up in the night! This Motion Sensor Night Light is Designed to help...
    • Prevent falls when getting up in the night, e.g. to go to the toilet
    • Care homes prevent falls amongst their residents
    • Hospitals reduce falls amongst elderly patients
    • Visually impaired people see things clearer
    • See where you're going without disturbing / waking your partner
    • Seeing inside a wardrobe, in a cabinet, kitchen cupboard, medicine cabinet etc.

Help Prevent Falls: Motion Sensor Night Light

Falls are one of the most common, yet avoidable issues that elderly people face. Simple place one or more of these motion sensor night lights between the bed and the toilet, and massively reduce the risk of them falling when they get up in the night to use the bathroom.

Motion Detecting: Motion Sensor Night Light

This clever battery operated night light will only come on when motion is detected AND it's dark, this saves battery and unnecessary lighting.  

Adjustable Angle: Motion Sensor Night Light

This night light comes on an adjustable axle which can be rotated all the way round (360°) and will stay firmly at the angle you leave it.  This is ideal if you place it at floor level and want to angle it up slightly to illuminate potential hazards. Alternatively if it's wall mounted high up, you can angle it down.

Bright & Powerful: Motion Sensor Night Light

This motion sensitive night light has 9 battery operated bright LED lights that can easily light up any room, hall, corridor, cupboard and more. The light produced is very bright and spreads well across a dark area, whilst low energy lights mean the batteries will last a long time!  

Put It Anywhere: Motion Sensor Night Light

This motion sensitive night light is wall mountable (2 x screw holes), can be put on the floor or stuck to any dry surface using the included adhesive. This means it can be placed literally anywhere in the home, in a care facility or a hospital, that would benefit from being lit up.  

Motion Sensor Night Light: How Does it Work?

  1. Insert 3 x AA batteries in the back (not included)
  2. Press the square grey button to turn it on
  3. The light will stay on for 30 secs, then only switch on when darkness and motion are simultaneously detected.

Frequently Asked Questions: Motion Sensor Night Light

Q: What angle does the motion sensor night light detect? A: On testing, we found it detected movement from around 270° of the front of the light. Q: Is there a discount if I buy more than one? A: Yes, we're doing a healthy discount if you buy 3 or more at once, select your quantity from the menu above to see the saving!  


Dimensions: 259 x 26 x 22mm (10.1 x 1.11 x 0.8") Power: 3 x AA batteries (not included)  

Box Contents

1 x Motion Sensor Night Light 1 x Large Print Instruction Manual (English)
SKU: 6571