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Kids GPS Tracker Watch w/ Phone: Peace of Mind

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gps tracking watch for elderly dementia patients
gps tracking watch for elderly dementia patients Kids Tracker Watch gps tracking watch for elderly dementia patients gps tracking watch for elderly dementia patients GPS tracking watch for elderly gps tracking watch for elderly dementia patients gps tracking watch for elderly dementia patients
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£119.94 inc. VAT


The Ultimate Kids GPS Watch. This Kids Phone Watch can be tracked instantly via the FREE app. Alerts when they leave an area, Quality 2-way communication + Much More

Key Features 

  • Track Their Location From Anywhere
  • Emergency 2-Way Phone Communication
  • Mark Safe Zones, Know When They Leave
  • Free Android / iOS Tracking App (For Smartphones)
  • Water-Resistant & Rugged Build
  • Works Across EU (No Extra Cost)
  • Long-Lasting Battery Life
  • Send & Receive Voice Messages
  • Time Displayed in 12 Hour AM/PM Format
  • No Contract, Just A Monthly Fee
  • Watch Silent Times – No Disturbances at School.
  • Ideal as a Child Tracker

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“The Ultimate GPS Watch For Kids: Easy Locating & 2-Way Communication, Ideal as a Child Tracker” 

This Kids GPS Watch is Comfortable & Easily Tracked Via a Smartphone App, Ideal as a Child Tracker.

Also used by…

  • Those who cannot or will not use a conventional phone.
  • Young children as a Kids Tracker Watch
  • Dementia patients / Alzheimer’s sufferers
  • Those with medical conditions.
  • Those with mental health problems.
  • Vulnerable individuals (e.g. those with learning difficulties).

Need further advice? Read our FREE GPS Tracker Buying Buide or Ask Our Experts

Easy Tracking – (Simple to use Kids GPS Watch)

If you’re looking for a Kids GPS watch, this is an ideal solution. Instantly track your child (or children), no-matter where they are via the free smartphone app (iOS and Android).

When your kids are outdoors, dependent on signal strength you can track them with an accuracy from 3m². This kid tracker updates it’s location every 60 seconds, ideal for a quick reaction if the unthinkable happens.

Simple 2-Way Calling – (Kids Phone Watch)

This kids phone watch can make and receive high quality calls at the touch of a button. Only preset contacts can phone your child, so no unwanted calls. Up to 16 contacts can be added or removed at any time via the app.

This kids tracker watch also has it’s own ‘always roaming’ sim card, meaning unlike other child trackers, it will always connect to the strongest network anywhere in Europe.

Fast Emergency Response – (SOS Watch)

In an emergency situation, your child simply holds the watch’s only button for 3 seconds. The watch will then call the 3 pre-set emergency numbers one by one until someone answers.

The watch will simultaneously send out SOS notifications to each of the emergency contacts via the app. As a kid tracker, this fast alert could be crucial for a child’s safety.

Remember this kids phone watch can be located at any time from the app, regardless of the SOS button being pressed.

As this kids GPS watch is affixed to their wrist, it’s less likely be left behind

SafeZones – Know When They Enter/Leave An Area

This child tracker’s ‘Geo-Fence’ feature allows you to set virtual boundaries on the app’s inbuilt map function. Available between 500m and 2000m, you decide to be alerted whenever they leave or enter the designated zone. Because the location updates every 60 seconds, nearly the moment they break this boundary, you’ll be notified.

As a kid tracker, it’s ideal for keeping peace of mind whilst encouraging independence for your child. Useful for young children if you’ve agreed an area they’re safe to play within, or even an area where they’re not allowed. This kids GPS watch works well on holidays or in unfamiliar places, functioning across Europe at no extra cost.

Alerts & Messages – Be In The Know

All preset guardians on this kids phone watch can send short reminder texts at pre-set times e.g. ‘Dinner Now!’ or ‘Doctors at 4PM’, ideal for discrete contact with your child. If you don’t want your child having a mobile phone but want to send them messages or chat, this kids phone watch is well-suited.

The kids GPS watch will also send notifications via the app to all guardians when it’s battery is low.

Location History – See Where They’ve Been (Child Tracker) 

The kids GPS watch app has a map function where you can see exactly where they’ve been. Just select the date you want to see their movements from, and it will show in 20 minute intervals. As a kids tracker watch this can be very useful for retracing their steps (or seeing if they’ve been telling porkies!)

Voice Messages – Hear a Familiar Voice

You can send voice messages to and from the kids GPS watch. This is a great alternative to phone calls or texting with only a few buttons to press. Perfect to send a quick message to your family or loves ones.

Silent Times – Won’t Disturb Them at School

Our kids GPS watch has optional silent times, which can be set for when you wouldn’t want the kids tracker watch making noises. This is ideal for when the child is at school, to avoid teachers having a problem with the watch or asking your child to remove it. You can set days of the week and times of the day that you’d like the watch to be silent.

Simple Set Up – (Easy & Straightforward Kids GPS Watch)

We’ll email you after purchase with really simple to follow instructional videos for your kids tracker watch

Our expert team provides outstanding support: Just read our reviews to see the evidence!

How Much Does it Cost? – (Affordable Peace of Mind) 

There is no contract and the service is paid monthly via debit or credit card, which can be cancelled at any time*

The monthly bundle includes unlimited tracking, up to 60 mins of talk time (from the watch) and works in 31 European countries at no extra cost!

All this for only £9.95 per month [With VAT Relief]

How are the monthly payments setup?

We understand that sometimes the person buying the Kids GPS watch may not be the same person paying the monthly fee. So to make it easier, we separate the payment methods..

  1. After buying your watch and before it arrives, you’ll get an email with a subscription link and setup instructions
  2. Simply click the link and subscribe, then follow the setup instructions
  3. Your watch is ready to use!

Kids GPS Watch Phone: In Our Experience

  • The audio is surprisingly great quality for such a small device, being able to clearly hear the other person and them hear you, even in slightly noisy environments.
  • Children love wearing the watch as they feel like a ‘secret agent’. When we tested it with real kids, they did not abuse the call function by repeatedly pressing the SOS button, as the novelty wears off and they understand it is for emergencies, making it the ideal Kids Tracker Watch.

Box Contents of this Kids GPS Watch 

1 x GPS Watch / Phone Watch
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable (White)
1 x UK USB Power Plug
1 x Pin for resetting the Kids GPS Watch

Frequently Asked Questions of our Kids GPS Watch

Q: Which countries does the kids GPS watch work in at no extra cost?

A: Austria , Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia , Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

Q: How much does it cost to call the kids phone watch?


A: You can send voice messages to the watch any time. These use mobile internet or Wi-Fi, so no minutes are used up.

Our kids GPS watch has a Spanish sim card in it, meaning your network provider will charge the rate for Spain when calling the watch. Most people only call the watch in emergencies, so this cost is negligible. If you’re planning to call the watch often, we recommend contacting your network provider and seeing if they offer international minutes for a little extra money on your contract.

Q: Can the GPS watch be tracked using a tablet?

A: No, the app is for smartphones only as it’s designed to be available in your pocket, whenever you may need their location.

Full Specifications of this Kids GPS Watch 

Kids Phone Watch Support: If you have any questions about how this child tracker watch works, click this link to view the knowledge base

*Subscription cancellations must be given at least 30 days before the billing date (1st of each month). The full monthly subscription will still be due and non-refundable if the device is returned, this is because it will have been connected for the time it was owned.

We do things differently.

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