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Key Safe For Elderly (Police Approved)

SKU: 9094
key safe for elderly
key safe for elderly key safe for elderly
SKU: 9094

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This key safe for elderly people offers a secure and fast way for approved people (e.g. emergency services) to access their home.

Key Features

  • Fast Access For Approved People (e.g. Ambulance Staff)
  • Super-Secure Design, Made From Tough Zinc Alloy
  • Easy to Install, FREE Screws & Wall Drilling Template
  • Can Save Crucial Time in a Medical Emergency
  • Avoids Costly Door Replacement After Forced Entry (avg. £1k)
  • Carers Spend More Time Caring (Not Collecting Keys)
  • No Electronic Parts, 100% Mechanical Means Long-Lasting
  • Straightforward Setup Guide
  • 5 Year Warranty

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“A Secure & Reliable Police Approved Key Safe For Elderly

Key Safe For Elderly

This police approved key safe for elderly people provides a secure way for the right people to gain access to a home, quickly and safely.

Who is this key safe for elderly people useful for?

  • Elderly people that need to allow others access to their home.
  • Those at risk of falls, who may require the emergency services to let themselves in.
  • Disabled individuals or those with low mobility who struggle to answer the door.
  • People who have regular carer visits and want an easy way to let them in.


Why Have a Key Safe For Elderly?

The average cost of replacing a door after forced entry is £1000, let the right people in fast, whenever required. 

  • Ambulance staff aren’t authorised to force entry in to a property, meaning delays for emergency medical treatment while they wait for support.
  • Key safes for elderly people at risk of falls can save crucial time for treating life threatening or serious injuries (e.g. a broken hip).
  • Carers are able to maximise time in the home, as they don’t need to collect and drop off keys.
  • People with limited mobility may find it difficult to answer the door, a key safe for elderly makes visiting much easier for everyone.
  • If someone regularly loses keys, a police approved key safe is a simple way to avoid further losses, as they don’t need to take it with them.
  • Health services are able to discharge someone from hospital sooner, as carers and blue light services can access their home.


How Does a Key Safe For Elderly Work?

Simple and effective, easy external key storage.

  • Manually set a secure numerical code in seconds, change whenever required (over 4000 possible combinations).
  • Twist the handle to lock or unlock, store up to 6 keys on the built in hook.
  • No electronic parts, 100% mechanical means it lasts longer and there’s less to go wrong.


Is it Easy to Install my Key Safe For Elderly?

You don’t need to be a DIY or security expert to get set up.

  • Comes with FREE extra-secure self-tapping masonry screws, no raw plugs required.
  • Includes template for easily marking screw holes. All you need is a drill and drill bit.
  • Easy to follow instructional videos sent after purchase.


How Secure is the Key Safe For Elderly?

Police approved, security accredited and home insurance certified. 

  • Made from super-tough zinc alloy metal, almost impossible to break.
  • Nearly all home insurance providers: “No claim for theft from a client’s home would be compromised or prejudiced”.
     Including Direct Line, Green Flag, Churchill, AIG, Groupama Insurances, AVIVA, FORTIS in partnership with AGE UK & More.
  • Independent rating from the LPCB (Loss Prevention Certified Board). LPS 1175 “Intruder resistant building components”.


FAQ: Key Safe For Elderly

Q: Can someone break in to my key safe for elderly?

A: Through independent testing, it was concluded that heavyweight power tools would be required to break the key safe. During testing, It took the fire department over 9 mins to get it off the wall, they’d then still need to penetrate the key safe itself. Essentially, it’s easier to break in to a home than it is this key safe for elderly.


Box Contents: Key Safe For Elderly

  • 1 x Key safe for elderly with hardened plastic cover
  • 4 x Self-tapping masonry screws
  • 1 x Instruction manual
  • 1 x Code change tool



  • External Dimensions: 149mm (5.88″) x 81.03mm (3.19″) x 63.5mm (2.5″)
  • Internal Dimensions: 81.28mm (3.2″) x 50.8mm (2″) x 22.86mm (0.9″)
  • Weight: 1.7kg


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SKU: 9094