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Kettle Tipper: Pour Drinks With Ease

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Ever struggled to pour hot drinks? This kettle tipper is a simple way to make pouring hot drinks easier, especially for those with Arthritis, grip or manual dexterity problems.

Key Features

  • Wire Frame Kettle Tipper
  • Velcro Strap for Secure Pouring
  • Designed for Cordless Kettles
  • Rubberised Feet to Secure Base
  • Ideal for Arthritis, Grip Problems + More
  • Ideal for The Elderly, RSI, MS + More
  • Burns & Scolds Less Likely
  • Wipe-Clean Material

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“Pour Hot Drinks With Ease

Why Buy This Kettle Tipper?

  • Allows easy pouring of a kettle, especially for those that struggle picking up heavy items.
  • This kettle tipper is designed specifically for jug kettles (with a spout).
  • Pivots on raised wire frame.
  • Gentle pressure on the handle to easily pour hot drinks.
  • Velcro strap for secure holding of Kettle.
  • It’s ideal for Arthritis, Parkinson’s, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, MS, RSI & anything that causes grip problems.
  • Easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Benefits of this Kettle Tipper?

  • No more struggling to pour hot drinks.
  • Reduce the risk of spillages, scoldings and burns from accidents.
  • Added independence, less likely to require support to make a hot drink.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of kettle does this kettle tipper fit?

A: It’s designed for kettles that can be removed for their base (cordless). The tipper fits most sizes of kettle.

Q: How do you use the kettle tipper?

A: Simply boil the kettle as normal, then place on to the base of the tipper, fasten the strap, position your cup and and gently apply pressure to the handle to pour.

Q: How big is it?

A: The dimensions are 262 x 210 x 190 mm. It weighs 405g.

The kettle tipper is perfect for anyone who struggles with the weight. The kettle tipper allows anyone to pour drinks with ease. This product is perfect to keep safe while pouring hot drinks, an ergonomic easy to use design means the product is ideal to make life easier for those who suffer with problems with grip.

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