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GrandPad: Tablet For Elderly

SKU: 15481
tablet for elderly
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SKU: 15481

From: £49.95 Per Month with VAT Relief [£59.94 inc. VAT] (Billed Annually)
This product qualifies for VAT relief.What is VAT relief ?

This product qualifies for VAT relief.What is VAT relief ?
accepted payments

Try GrandPad 100% Risk Free

Try for 30 days and get a FULL REFUND if you’re not completely happy!

What’s Included: (Worth Over £125 / € 150 Per Month!)

✅ Unltd. Easy Video & Phone Calls

✅ 24/7 Personalised Tech Help

✅ Unltd. Super-Fast 4G Internet*

✅ Unltd. Photo & Video Storage

✅ Remote Access & Customisation

✅ Accidental Damage Cover Insurance


Key Benefits:

✅ Reduce Isolation & Loneliness

✅ Keep in Touch w/ Loved Ones, Anywhere

✅ No Broadband / WiFi Required*

✅ Remote Setup, Ready Out The Box

Key Features:

  • Super-Simple Interface: Easy For Any Age / Ability
  • Remote Setup: Customise From Website / App Anywhere
  • Unlimited 24/7 Personalised Support: One Button Away
  • No Need For WiFi / Broadband: Data included in price*
  • Take Photos & Videos: Easily Share With Friends & Family
  • Unlimited Video & Phone Calls inc. Zoom: See Them / Chat Simultaneously
  • Easy Radio Streaming: Let Them Listen to Their Favourite Stations
  • Secure Email: Can Restrict Senders, so no Junk / Scams
  • Safe Web Browser: Restricted to Family-Selected Sites (Optional)
  • 18+ FREE Games & Puzzles: inc. Word & Number Puzzles
  • Picture Gallery w/ Slideshow Mode
  • News & ArticlesStay up to Date
  • Global Weather: Shows Weather in Family’s Locations
  • Search The Internet, Encyclopedia or Dictionary With Ease
  • Torch, Magnifying Glass & Calculator
  • Cable-Free Charging Cradle, Ideal For Arthritic Hands
  • No On/Off Button: Case Wakes up and Sleeps Device
  • FREE Folding Case & Stylus

*Only for ‘Mobile Data + WiFi’ Model

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accepted payments

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Stay in Touch with Older Loved Ones, Help Prevent Loneliness & Isolation

Age UK recently stated that over 1 million older people haven’t spoken to anyone in the last month, and that loneliness can be as damaging to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

The GrandPad is more than just a tablet for elderly users; It’s an easy-to-use device with a range of supporting services, allowing older people to easily keep in contact with loved ones.

By integrating with the rest of the family’s smartphones, keeping in touch with mum or dad can be done anytime, anywhere.

Video Calls: See their joy
The GrandPad comes with unlimited video calling, making sure the older people in your life don’t miss out on those magical moments.

Boasting a crystal-clear dual camera and two high quality speakers, being apart has never felt closer.

Zoom Built in: Join Zoom Calls from GrandPad
GrandPad have teamed up with US video calling platform Zoom to create a simplified and easy to use version. The GrandPad user can easily join a Zoom video or audio call by opening an email invite sent to their inbox or by typing in the meeting code in a large print keypad.

This means GrandPad users can join video calls with multiple people like family catch-ups or online events like religious services or local community groups, the possibilities are endless!

Family Social Network App: Share memories with family seniors
Many of us stay in touch with family through social media, sharing stories and keeping up to date with each other’s lives. Unfortunately, many older members of the family don’t have access to this, meaning they miss out on valuable social interaction.

GrandPad has a free ‘Companion app’ which creates a digital family circle where you and loved ones can share photos, comment and interact with each other. You can even set it to automatically share your Facebook and Instagram posts to the GrandPad!

Phone calling: Say hello, anytime 
With unlimited minutes included on the GrandPad, your elderly loved one can easily make phone calls at no extra cost. As the GrandPad can only be called by pre-approved contacts, you can have peace of mind knowing that no unwanted calls or scammers can get through to them.

The keypad function can also be disabled for those with memory loss, restricting outbound calls to chosen friends and family.

Snapping & Sharing Photos / Videos
Sharing heart-warming, funny or interesting camera moments has become part of everyday life. With the GrandPad’s high resolution camera, your elderly loved one can do the same. They can capture photos or videos with the rear or front-facing ‘selfie’ lens and share with the whole family or select members.


Super-Simple Design: easy for everyone

The world’s first tablet for elderly users, designed and built from scratch
With thousands of hours spent with seniors understanding the frustrations of using modern technology, GrandPad has carefully crafted every aspect of the design and functionality with elderly users in mind.

Intuitive Charging Cradle
Fiddly cables don’t work well for elderly hands and fingers. The GrandPad charging cradle takes away that issue; simply set the tablet in the cradle and a light will show that the device is charging successfully.

Intelligent Folding Case / Stand
Sometimes it’s hard to know when gadgets are on, off or asleep. The GrandPad comes with a FREE pre-fitted high quality case, which ‘wakes up’ the screen automatically when opened and sends it to sleep when closed. This means no fumbling with on/off buttons.

The clever magnetic case also folds into a stand for the device, so they can use their GrandPad for long periods of time without getting sore wrists.

Smart Touch Screen & Free Stylus
When we age, our skin changes, which can make using a touch screen difficult. The GrandPad screen has been designed with older fingertips in mind, making it much easier to swipe and tap.

There’s also a FREE stylus included in the box, for those who find it easier not to use their fingers or need more support.


Unlimited Personalised Support, 24/7

GrandPad is easy to use and has someone to help any time, anywhere.
One of the biggest barriers for elderly people using technology is the fear of not knowing how to use it, or that they’d ‘break’ something. As a result, top-notch, personalised support was at the forefront of what this tablet for older people had to include.

Help whenever they need it
As modern technology isn’t designed for older users, they often become frustrated or confused when using it. GrandPad has highly trained experts in English-speaking countries available at the touch of a button.

24/7 help button
Pressing the red ‘Help’ button on the GrandPad tablet for elderly will put them straight through to a call with an expert support agent.

What makes the support so special?

  • Your loved one will always be put through to the same support agent (as long as they’re available), meaning they can become familiar with each other
  • The support agent will always answer in 15 seconds or less (so no hold music or waiting around)
  • They’ll see a picture of the support agent they’re talking to when calling
  • GrandPad will check in with the user if something’s unusual, e.g. they don’t use it for a few days
  • The support agent can call back with a video call if your loved one prefers, this means they can show the user how to do things visually

Spend your time catching up, not being tech support
Through years of experience helping seniors with technology, we’ve learnt that many feel embarrassed to ask loved ones for help.

Meanwhile family members may feel stressed that the majority of interactions with their elderly loved ones are trying to explain how to use their unsuitable smartphone / tablet, and not keeping up with each other’s lives.

GrandPad solves this by not only being much easier to use in the first place, but having designated helpers available at any time to offer a helping hand to your older family member.

Outstanding Help: more than just answering questions
Support agents can do everything from assisting with settings, to recommending a safe website, all remotely and instantly. This means your loved one can have have their GrandPad customised either by our support agents or by family, whenever and wherever.

In addition to this, the friendly support team build a relationship with the GrandPad user, being there for a chat or a catch up as well as answering questions.

Enjoy The Entertainment Technology Has to Offer

Feeling left behind by technology, many seniors fill their day just watching TV, but this has been linked with memory loss.

Technology has enabled us to have an unprecedented amount of entertainment at our fingertips, but many seniors feel cut off from this and are unable to enjoy its benefits.

Unlimited Online Radio Streaming: included in the price.
The days of listening to a record, tape or CD are behind us, but many elderly people are missing out on the music streaming revolution.

GrandPad has access to a wide range of radio stations in a couple of taps.

This tablet for elderly has two loud, high quality front-facing speakers, so the user can enjoy their favourite music or talk stations without the need to plug it in to anything. They can even listen to it in the background whilst doing other things on the GrandPad!

If they want to not disturb others and use headphones, or plug it in to an existing speaker system, it also has a 3.5mm headphone / audio out port.

Games & Puzzles to Enjoy: keep their brain challenged
The GrandPad tablet for elderly boasts over 18 different games and puzzles to keep them intellectually challenged and entertained. From word puzzles to number games and bridge to poker, there’s something for everyone.

Full Games List: Solitaire, Blackjack, Slots, Freecell, Word Scramble (like Scrabble), Spider Solitaire, Texas Hold’em Poker, Hangman, Sudoku, Crossword, Word-search, TicTacToe, Four in a Row, Memory, Tiles, Hearts, and Bridge, with more games being added all the time.

Safe Web Browser: the internet, but safer
The GrandPad tablet for older people has a web browser built in, so your elderly loved ones can enjoy the internet, whilst you’re safe in the knowledge that they won’t get bombarded with pop-ups and scams.

The GrandPad can either have unrestricted internet access for the more confident user, or certain pre-approved ‘safe’ websites can be added by trusted contacts from the management website.

Whether it be BBC Good Food, their favourite news site or the latest sports scores, you can be assured they’re only browsing website you know won’t put your loved one at risk!

Encyclopedia & Dictionary: research anything instantly
The GrandPad has a really easy to use encyclopedia and dictionary built in, allowing your loved one to look up that place they saw on TV or easily find out what that word in the book they’re reading means.

This helps them to feed their inquisitiveness and research any subject under the sun in seconds!


Feature List

Here’s a full list of apps and features which they’ll find on the GrandPad tablet for elderly.

  • Call (Video or Phone)
  • Video & Photo Camera (Front & Rear Facing)
  • Radio
  • Internet Browser
  • Photo Gallery
  • Email
  • Articles
  • Weather
  • Games
  • Lookup (Encyclopedia & Dictionary)
  • Toolbox (Mag. Glass, Torch & Calculator)
  • Help Button (24/7 Support)

We’re so confident you’ll love GrandPad, you can try it for 30 days and get a full refund if you’re not completely happy.

grandpad tablet pricing comparison

All Plans Include

GrandPad Easy to use Tablet for Seniors


✅ Unlimited 24/7 Personalised Support & Help at the touch of a button, based in native English-speaking countries


✅ Unlimited Video & Phone Calling through GrandPad’s built in system, calling loved ones through their own device


✅ Unlimited Photo & Video Storage securely stored on the GrandPad cloud


✅ Remote Access & Customisation through ‘GrandPad central’ management website & FREE App


✅ Easy Radio Streaming, to listen to their favourite music and talk stations


✅ Accidental Damage Cover Insurance, GrandPad will replace your device if damaged, no questions asked.

Plan Options

WiFi Only



€59.95 / $64.95
per month, billed annually (with VAT relief)

(Save £120 /  €120 / $120)


No Risk Option
If you cancel part-way through an annual plan, we’ll refund what’s left in whole months.


WiFi Only



€69.95 / $79.95
per mo
nth, billed monthly (with VAT relief)


Mobile Data + WiFi



€69.95 / $84.95
per month, billed annually (with VAT relief)

(Save £120 /  €120 / $120)


No Risk Option
If you cancel part-way through an annual plan, we’ll refund what’s left in whole months.


Mobile Data + WiFi



€79.95 / $99.95
per mo
nth, billed monthly (with VAT relief)


What’s in the Box?

1 x GrandPad Tablet For Elderly
1 x Charging Cradle / Stand w/ Power Supply
1 x High Quality Stylus
1 x Folding Magnetic Protective Case (Red)
1 x Setup Guide

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions (GrandPad)


Which countries does GrandPad work in?: The UK & Ireland if using mobile data, the rest of the world if using WiFi.

Please note, the wireless internet facility on the GrandPad requires either 4g network reception in the area of use, or Wi-Fi connection to function.


Will GrandPad still work in areas with bad mobile signal / 3g / 4g?

Yes, GrandPad can use WiFi on its own instead of 4G/mobile data, meaning it will work perfectly in homes without good mobile signal.


Can the GrandPad be set up remotely?

Yes, this means you can get it delivered straight to the user. The buyer is sent an email with a link to set up and customise the GrandPad before arrival.


Which mobile network does the GrandPad use?

The GrandPad uses what’s called a ‘roaming SIM’ card, meaning it will connect to whichever network has the strongest signal in the area. This means that as long as there is some mobile signal, the GrandPad should pick it up. Remember, it can use WiFi if no mobile signal is available.


Can the GrandPad be returned if the user doesn’t get on with it?

Yes, you have 30 days from the day it’s delivered to let us know you’d like to return it, then a further 14 days to send it back to us.


Can the GrandPad be purchased without the monthly subscription?

The GrandPad is more than just a tablet for older people, it’s a full service packed with especially-designed benefits. The user would not benefit from the full value of the GrandPad without the accompanying services, therefore the GrandPad must have the monthly rental subscription in order for it to be used.


Does the GrandPad use Whatsapp/Skype/Facetime/Messenger?

The GrandPad has it’s own custom-built video calling feature, so there’s no need to use the apps listed above. This means friends and family simply download the FREE GrandPad app (available for Android and iOS) and they can can make or receive calls with the GrandPad user at any time.


Cancellation: How does it work?

Any time you wish to cancel your plan (either annual or monthly), simply contact us. You can cancel at any time, giving 30 days notice before your next payment date. Then just return your GrandPad/s to us and we’ll cancel your subscription, simple as that!


Rental: How does it work?

  1. You chose a plan, either monthly or save money by selecting annual
  2. We ship the GrandPad/s and deliver them within 2 working days
  3. If you ever want to cancel, simply return the GrandPad/s back to us and we’ll stop your payments


Can I get a refund if I cancel part-way through an annual plan?

Yes! We understand that people’s circumstances can easily change and the GrandPad may no longer be needed. If you cancel part-way through an annual plan, we’ll automatically refund what’s left in whole months, from the start of the next month

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