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FixMeStick: Easy Computer Virus Removal

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The FixMeStick easily cleans computer infections (e.g. viruses and malware), like Penicillin for your PC or Mac. Keep your current computer and clean it, don’t buy a new one!

Key Features

  • Cleans Viruses, Malware, Trojans + More
  • Simple & Easy to Use, Just Plug in & Go
  • Keep Your Existing Computer, Just Clean it
  • Complete System on a Handy USB Drive
  • No Software, Passwords, or Hassle
  • Destroys Infections Your Antivirus Can’t
  • Cleans 3 Computers for up to 1 Year
  • Works With Windows or Mac

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“Easily Clean Your Computer, Don’t Buy a New One!”

“Penicillin For Your PC or Mac”

FixMeStick Video

What is a Virus / Malware?

A computer virus is a malicious program infected on your PC/Mac. They spread between computers like flu, often hiding deep in your computer’s files, designed to either steal personal data from you or cause annoyance (e.g. pop-up adverts).  They are mainly spread through emails and files downloaded from the internet.

FixMeStick – Why is it so good?

Are you fed up with your computer? Constant pop-ups or so slow it’s become unusable? Don’t buy a new one, the FixMeStick is here to solve your problems!

Regular anti-virus software (e.g. Norton) is not always effective and often slows your computer. Once the viruses are in, it’s difficult to remove them.

Developed by cyber security experts from Stanford University, the FixMeStick cleans all your computer’s files in just a few clicks.

While your computer is switched on, infections can hide away deep in it’s files. When it’s switched off, they have no power to hide, leaving them visible for the FixMeStick to discover.

The FixMeStick inspects all of your computer before the infections can hide, cleaning and quarantining them fast.

Plug in & Leave to Clean

The FixMeStick is very simple to use and doesn’t require technological skills. Simply plug in to your computer’s USB port and follow the on-screen instructions. After this you can leave it to work it’s magic, meaning you can get on with life! (this normally takes a few hours).

When completed the FixMeStick will show the infections it found and ‘quarantine’ them, locking them off from being accessed by your computer. Easy Computer Virus Removal is key for all computer users.

Keep Your Computer, Don’t Buy a New One

Many of us get so frustrated with our computers that we feel buying a new one is the only option. In reality, cleaning out any viruses and infections could be the solution. Easy Computer Virus Removal is essential to keep your computer updated and safe.

The FixMeStick offers a cost-effective way to remove malicious infections and potentially avoid needing to replace it.

Practical & Cost-Effective

The FixMeStick can be used as many times as you like on up to 3 different PCs within a year. This means you can use it on friends’ computers, old laptops  or any computers around the home or office, refreshing them and bringing them back to life!

Simple & Easy, No Tech Knowledge Needed

The FixMeStick has been designed for those of us that don’t want the hassle of messing around with their computer to get things fixed and virus-free. There’s no software to install, passwords to remember or slowing down of your computer.

Simply plug it in, follow the on-screen menus and leave it to work it’s magic!

The Latest Ant-Virus Technology, Always Updated

FixMeStick have partnered up with 3 of the biggest anti-virus companies in the world to ensure the latest infection-cleaning technologies are available to you. These firms are spread across the globe, so whether a virus was developed in Russia, the USA or anywhere else, the FixMeStick will be aware of it and how to lock it down!

The latest anti-virus technologies are automatically downloaded by FixMeStick as long as your computer is connected to the internet

 In Our Opinion (We test every product)

We tested the FixMeStick on some old computers that friends had rendered unusable. After cleaning for a few hours, they had found an almost unbeleivable amount of infections. On restarting them, they were noticeably faster, more responsive and had no annoying pop-ups.

What Do You Need To Use The FixMeStick?

Just a Windows or Mac Computer with a USB port. The Easy Computer Virus Removal  is extremely simple.

How Do You Set It Up?

  1. Plug in the FixMeStick to the USB port on your computer
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions. (if nothing pops up, go in to ‘My Computer or ‘Finder’ on a mac and select FixMeStick)
  3. It’s done! When finished, your computer will display the list of infected files and ask permission to quarantine them. Once restarted, your computer will be clean from viruses.

Why Buy from TechSilver?

We pride ourselves on the level of personal and knowledgeable customer service we provide, offering honest and expert advice, no matter how small the query. Unlike many technology and phone retailers, we are happy to give personal support to our customers, ensuring peace of mind every step of the way from browsing to purchase, and delivery to enjoyment.


We do things differently.

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