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Fall Alarm For Elderly (Instant Fall Alerts)

SKU: 6644
Fall Alarm For Elderly
Fall Alarm For Elderly Fall Alarm For Elderly Fall Alarm For Elderly Fall Sensor Fall Alarm For Elderly fall alarm USPs Final Design
SKU: 6644

£299.95 with VAT Relief (£359.94 inc. VAT)
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Summary Fall Alarm for Elderly people or those at risk of falls. Instant alerts on your phone when they fall around their home or garden. Peace of mind for you and your family that help will be on it’s way as quickly as possible. Key Features – Fall Alarm for Elderly

  • Wrist Or Neck Worn Fall Sensor
  • Instant Alerts Via Phone When They Fall
  • Calls up to 10 Emergency Contacts
  • No Phone Line Needed. Uses Mobile Networks.
  • Technology to Avoid False Alarms
  • Additional SOS Button (For Any Emergency)
  • FREE Additional Pendant Alarm (Optional)
  • Massively Reduce Response Times
  • No Contract – Cancel Any Time
  • 2 Year Battery Life
  • Waterproof + Shockproof (Can Be Worn In Shower/Bath)

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"Fall Alarm For Elderly: Instant Alerts When A Fall's Detected"  

This Fall Alarm For Elderly was developed with clinical professionals to alert family, carers or local authorities as soon as a fall is detected.

Designed for helping...

  • Elderly people at risk of falls
  • Frail people who've had a fall
  • People with epilepsy
  • People with Parkinson's disease
  • People that have just come out of hospital after having a fall
  • People with a disability at risk of falls

The Current Situation: Fall Alarm For Elderly

More than 1 in 3 people over 65, and 1 in 2 people over 80 will suffer a serious fall this year (Age UK)

With an older person dying every hour in the UK as a result of a hip fracture (Age UK), falls amongst older people are a serious problem in the UK and worldwide.


Early Intervention: Fall Alarm For Elderly

Falls not treated in 1 hour or less often cause serious, irreversible consequences

  • With 1/3 of people over 65 living alone in the UK (Age UK), raising an alarm after a fall can be difficult.
  • Having a fall is very traumatic, let alone not being able to raise an alarm for hours, sometimes days afterwards.
  • Raising an alarm as soon as a fall has occurred means emergency assistance is much more likely to arrive quickly, often preventing serious health implications.


How does it work?: Fall Alarm For Elderly

Up to 10 people or organisations can be called automatically as soon as a fall is detected.

  1. The wearer has a hard fall, anywhere in their home or garden (up to 50m radius from the base unit)
  2. The fall sensor will wait 20 seconds to see if the person stands up, if they do, it cancels the alert to avoid false alarms
    (If the person attempts to get up and is unsuccessful, or raises their arm trying to get up, this will NOT cancel the alarm)
  3. The device will flash and vibrate for around 20 seconds. If the person does not cancel the alarm during this time...
  4. The base unit will automatically call up to 10 emergency numbers, as many times as you set
    - Call Contact 1: three times
    - Call Contact 2: two times
    - Call Contact 3: four times etc.
  5. When you answer the call, simply press 4 on your keypad to be put through to the base unit in the wearer's home, which has a very loud speaker and microphone. You can then speak with the individual, or you if can't hear them, get someone to check on them or call the emergency services.
    The device knows when it has reached a voicemail or answering machine, and will move on to the next contact.

What's required?: Fall Alarm For Elderly

Our fall detector uses mobile networks, so does not require a landline or internet connection in the home.

  • An built in roaming sim card connects to whichever is the strongest network, good for poor signal areas.
  • No need for a landline or internet connection, so it can be put anywhere in the house.
  • Only requires access to a regular wall power socket

What Kind Of Falls Will Be Detected?: Fall Alarm For Elderly

  • This fall alarm for elderly is designed for hard or high impact falls
  • Falls where the person gradually falls to the floor, like sliding down a wall, may not be detected.

Remember: If the fall is not automatically detected, the user can always press the button on the fall detector to manually trigger an alarm.


How is it Worn?: Fall Alarm For Elderly

Our fall detector can be worn comfortably around either the wrist or neck

  • Wrist-Worn: Our fall alarm comes with a comfortable hypoallergenic strap which can we worn around any sized wrist, as well as two holders to keep the strap tucked in and secure.
  • Neck-Worn: An adjustable neck-chord is included with our fall alarm.
  • Smartphone App: The free fall alarm app helps you change the fall detector between neck and wrist modes with a few taps.


How Does It Detect A Fall?: Fall Alarm For Elderly

Our fall alarm uses a variety of clever sensors and algorithms to know when a real fall has occurred.

  • Loss of altitude / height: Our fall detector knows when there has been a drop (60cm or more for a fall)
  • Acceleration: The speed at which the fall alarm is moving
  • Impact / Shock: How hard it hits the floor after a fall.

Includes Free Additional SOS Alarm: Fall Alarm For Elderly

Our fall alarm comes with a FREE SOS alarm button pendant

  • Wrist or neck worn
  • Comfortable elasticated strap
  • Extra coverage, can be pressed if fall alarm did not detect fall or is obscured by an injury
  • Non-stigmatising design

Waterproof + Rugged Build: Fall Alarm For Elderly

The last thing you want to worry about is breaking the fall alarm

  • Waterproof: (IP67), this means it's OK to be submerged in up to 1m of water for up to 30 minutes, so fine for showering or bathing.
  • Shock resistant: It's resistant to being dropped or bashed without breaking
  • Made from hypo-allergic materials to prevent reactions.

Extra Long-Lasting Battery: Fall Alarm For Elderly

Last an average of 2 years before needing replacing

  • Our fall alarm comes with a battery that lasts an average of two years without needing a replacement

Free Smartphone App: Fall Alarm For Elderly

Our fall alarm's free app lets you easily customise it

  • Change the fall detector from wrist to neck mode
  • Check the battery status of the fall alarm
  • + More


How Much Does it Cost?: Fall Alarm For Elderly

Other Companies lease you a fall detector that's been used by someone else, we provide only brand new equipment that's yours to keep!

  • There is no contract and the service is pre-paid monthly via credit/debit card, which can be cancelled at any time
  • The bundle includes unlimited monthly usage anywhere in Europe
  • You’ll also receive specialist & unlimited tech support from the TechSilver team through email, live chat or over the phone

All this for only £11.95 / €14.95 (with VAT relief) per month with no contract (Less than 49p per day!)


How are the monthly payments setup?

We understand that sometimes the person buying the Fall Alarm may not be the same person paying the monthly fee. So to make it easier, we separate the payment methods.

  1. After the checkout, you’ll be emailed our subscription page
  2. Simply fill it out. We’ll then prepare your new Fall Alarm + Base Unit
  3. It will be sent out FREE via 1st class Royal Mail the same day (if ordered and subscribed before 3:30PM GMT Mon-Fri)


Frequently Asked Questions: Fall Alarm For Elderly

Q: What's the range of the fall alarm?

A: Our fall detector's range is up to 100m from the base unit.

Q: Can I use this outside Europe?

A: It's set up to work in some other countries, please contact us to ask.


What's in The Box?: Fall Alarm For Elderly

1 x Fall Detector
1 x Wrist Strap for Fall Detector

1 x Neck Strap for Fall Detector

1 x Home Base Unit
1 x Power Supply for Home Base Unit

1 x Instruction Manual (English)

1 x SOS Alarm w/ Wrist Strap
1 x Neck Strap for SOS Alarm


Specifications:Fall Alarm For Elderly

Fall Alarm

Dimensions: 34 x 37 x 13mm (1.3 x 1.5 x 0.5")

Weight: 35g

Power: Long-Lasting replaceable battery (average 2 year lifespan)

Home Base Unit

Dimensions: 200 x 175 x 40 mm (1.3 x 1.5 x 0.5")

Weight: 35g

Power: 230VAC/7.5VDC, 1.0A

(Coming Soon) Add Extra Sensors from just £2 per month

All these sensors will work with your existing home base unit

  • Bed Exit Sensor
  • Bogus Caller Button
  • CO2 Alarm
  • Heat / Smoke Alarm
  • Emergency Pull Chord

*Subscription cancellations must be given at least 30 days before the billing date (1st of each month). The full monthly subscription will still be due and non-refundable if the device is returned, this is because it will have been connected for the time it was owned.

We offer a hassle-free battery changing service, including a brand new specialist battery with two-way next day return postage for only £14.95, please get in touch if you'd like to know more.

The fall detector part of this product is made by Vitalbase and called 'Vibby Oak'

SKU: 6644