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Ergonomic Trackball Computer Mouse

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Ergonomic Big Button & Ball Mouse Easy To Use Computer Mice
Ergonomic Big Button & Ball Mouse Easy To Use Computer Mice Accuratus Track 900 (Side)
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This ambidextrous easy to set up computer mouse has a contoured design shaped to the human hand making it an ergonomic masterpiece.

  • Ergonomic design for extreme comfort
  • Detachable wrist support
  • Ambidextrous (use with right or left hand)
  • USB & PS/2 – Just plug in¬†and use

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“Comfortable & Easy to use Ergonomic Trackball Mouse”

Designed to ensure comfortable computer mouse use for…

  • People with Carpal Tunnel syndrome
  • People with RSI
  • People with Arthritis / Arthritic Hands
  • Those who’s find an ergonomic mouse more comfortable

Ergonomic Trackball Computer Mouse

USB Full Size Keyboard for visually impaired with Large Print Yellow Keys & Black Letters.

Comfortable Design – Ergonomic Mouse

This ergonomic mouse has a contoured design which has been crafted to perfectly fit the human palm, wrist and hand. This makes is much more comfortable to use than a ‘conventional’ mouse and ideal for those suffering from discomfort caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI, Arthritis and many more.


USB Plug & Play –¬†Ergonomic Mouse

The last thing you want is to read instructions to get your new ergonomic mouse to work! That’s why our Carpal Tunnel mouse comes with a simple USB cable and doesn’t require any complex setup. Simply plug the USB cable to your PC or Mac and it will do the rest, easy!


Detachable Wrist Support – Carpal Tunnel Mouse

Carpal Tunnel syndrome and other things which cause discomfort to your hands and wrists can be combated with this FREE detectable wrist support. With a curved edge that perfectly matches up with the human wrist, it offers increased comfort and easy of use for this ergonomic mouse.


High Quality Build – Ergonomic Mouse

Designed and assembled in the UK by a leading computer accessory manufacturer, this ergonomic mouse has high quality components that will last the test of time. They’re durable, rugged and include ‘opto-mechanical’ technology for a smooth scroll.


 Features List РErgonomic Computer Mouse

  • Combo (USB & PS/2) ‘Plug n Play’ Connection
  • 50mm Roller Ball
  • Large button Design With Ergonomically Comfortable Shape
  • Unique Detachable Ergonomic Wrist Support
  • Rugged Opto-Mechanical Technology
  • High Quality Button Mechanisms
  • Removable Restraining Ring for Easy Ball Removal / Roller Cleaning


Physical Specifications

‚ÄĘ Dimensions (L x W x H): 140 x 120 x 60mm (excluding wrist pad)
‚ÄĘ Weight: 600g