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Elderly Monitoring System - Out of Stock

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elderly monitoring system
elderly monitoring system Canary - Home Care Monitoring Canary - Home Care Monitoring monitoring system for elderly in the home Canary - Home Care Monitoring elderly monitoring system Canary - Home Care Monitoring Canary-Review elderly monitoring system
SKU: 1979

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Peace of mind your ageing loved ones are OK at your fingertips. Monitor them at home by staying informed of the changes and movements around their house.

Key Features

  • Monitor Activity Around The Home
  • SMS & Email Alerts System
  • E.g. Notify When Mum’s House Below 22°C
  • Avoid Problems Before They Happen
  • Complete Privacy (No Cams or Mics)
  • Access Info Via Mobile, Tablet or PC
  • Monitors Movement / Temp. / Light
  • Visitor Cards Log Carers / Guests
  • No Internet or Phone Line Necessary
  • Simple Setup Takes Minutes
  • Free Delivery

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Out of Stock
accepted payments

“The Ultimate Elderly Monitoring System: Peace of Mind 24/7”

Canary Elderly Monitoring System:
What can it support / help prevent?

  • Falls, slips and trips
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s wandering
  • Ensuring the house isn’t too hot or cold
  • UTI’s and bladder infections
  • Sleep patterns and resting
  • Assessing the need for a carer
  • Checking carers / visitors came and left when they should have
  • Ensuring loved ones eat and drink enough
  • Ensuring loved ones take their medication

Introduction – Canary Elderly Monitoring System 

The canary combines advanced sensor technology with a monitoring system that gives peace of mind about the elderly without compromising their privacy and dignity.

The system helps monitor the elderly at home by keeping you informed of the changes and movements around their house.

How Does Canary Work?

Simply place the discrete monitoring sensors around the home and they feed back useful information on everything from the living room’s temperature to how many times they went to the toilet last night.

All this info is then transferred without the need of wifi or a phone line to your fingertips, allowing you to make decisions, intervene and prevent problems worsening.

How Does Canary Help?

None of us can be there around the clock. The Canary elderly monitoring system helps families and carers make decisions and remove the guess work associated with looking after someone.

Setting rules allow you to be notified as soon as something is out of the ordinary, so action can be taken without delay e.g. Patrick went out the front door at 3:36AM. Patterns can emerge which flag problems that may not have been foreseen, for example if Patrick started to leave the house at strange times of night regularly, this could be a sign of Dementia wandering.

Meaningful Conversations

This elderly monitoring system also allows you to check in with loved ones, not check up on them. With family often living far away, having information at your fingertips allows conversations to be meaningful, not filled with questions about whether they’ve taken medication or remembered to put the heating on.

Live Independently At Home

We’d all prefer to be at home, and that’s the way it should stay for as long as possible. The Canary elderly monitoring system supports older people to live in their own home for longer, whilst paying for itself through savings on premature care. It’s no-wonder Canary has already helped hundreds of people do just that…

Their Wellness In Your Hands

The Canary app and online dashboard present all the important information about their daily life, making monitoring the elderly simple and informative. Have they opened the fridge today? Is the house too cold? Did their carer stay for the full hour? All this and more displayed on your device, available from anywhere.

Easy to install

Just plug in and follow the simple instructions in the set up booklet to ensure each sensor is connected. Create your own alerts through the dashboard e.g. when mum’s house drops below 20°C. There’s no need for an internet connection, but a mobile phone signal is necessary. The system’s graphics present information in a simple to understand format that’s easy on the eye.

How much does it cost?

The Canary Care elderly monitoring system has two purchasing options…

Low Monthly Cost (Most Popular)

£332.95 + £19.20 per month (no minimum contract) [With VAT relief]

After purchasing, we’ll be in touch to set up your monthly subscription

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What’s in the box?

  • Canary Care Wireless Hub
  • Power supply
  • 4 x motion and temperature sensors
  • 2 x door magnet sensors
  • 1 x visitor smartcard
  • Contact strips for affixing sensors
  • Batteries included (for all 6 sensors)
  • Getting started guide
SKU: 1979