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Calendar Clock: Ideal for Dementia

SKU: 2955
Dementia Clock
SKU: 2955

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Ideal for Dementia or Alzheimer’s, this simple digital clock gives a clear indication of the day, time and date on a large 8″ screen, with a built in stand or can be wall mounted.

Key Features

  • Straightforward Reminder of Day/Time
  • Less Stress, Anxiety & Confusion
  • Simple, Clear & Easy to Read.
  • Ideal for Dementia / Alzheimer’s.
  • No Setup Hassle, Just Plug in to use.
  • 3 Display Modes to Cycle Through
  • 12hr or 24hr Clock Options
  • Dims at Night Time
  • Comes with 8 Languages to Choose
  • Wall Mountable or Sturdy Stand Included
  • Perfect for the Bedroom or Living Room
  • Medication Reminders – Morning, Afternoon & Evening [Optional]
  • Works as a Digital Photo Frame w/ SD Card

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accepted payments

“Simple to use, Clear to Read & Easy to Set up. Ideal for Dementia”

Why Buy This Dementia Clock?

  • This straightforward day clock will clearly indicate the time, weekday and date on a large 8″ screen. Ideal for someone suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer’s or poor eyesight.
  • Including a useful and sturdy stand, this can be put on a table or counter, as well as being wall mountable.
  • Automatically detects the light levels around the clock and dim’s the screen’s brightness to a level set by you. This not only helps eyes rest easier, but also indicates night time to Dementia / Alzheimer’s sufferers.
  • Three different display modes:
    – Day, time and date e.g. Sunday – 12:22PM – 26th April 2018
    – Time of day, time and dat e.g. Sunday afternoon – 12:22PM – 26th April 2018
    – Time of day: e.g. It’s Sunday Afternoon
  • Time can be displayed in a 12 or 24hr format
  • High contract display: White letters on a black background which are easily visible. Ideal for the visually impaired.
  • With a 1.4m long, high quality power cable, this clock should easily reach a power socket, regardless of where in the home you decide to put it.
  • Available in Multiple languages: English (default), Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Dutch or Swedish
  • Can be uses as a digital photo / video frame. Simply enter an SD memory card in the dementia clock with files (not in a folder), press Ok and the device will cycle through them!
  • The Ideal Dementia Clock


  • During early / mid onset Dementia can mean loved ones begin to lose time and spatial awareness, this clock helps to overcome this with simple, clear and easy to understand indication.
  • With a large, bright and high contrast screen, this clock is well-suited to those who struggle to see clearly or suffer from sight impairment.
  • Working straight out the box makes it very simple and easy to set up, just plug in the power socket and you’re ready to go.
  • The Ideal Dementia Clock

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it automatically illuminate all night long?

A: It is visible all day and night, but dims to the level you set at night to ensure non-obtrusive visibility.


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SKU: 2955