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Dementia Proximity Alarm / Distance Sensor: Fast Wandering Alerts

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This dementia proximity alarm offers a fast and cost-effective solution for wandering off with a long battery life.
We advise using alongside a GPS Tracker.

Key Features 

  • Alerts When Wearer Leaves Your Area
  • Extra Long Battery Life (up to 6 Months)
  • Free Alerting App (iOS & Android)
  • Low-Cost Wandering Solution
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Multiple Wearers Linked to One Phone

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“Quick, Easy Alerts for Dementia Wandering” 

Explanation Video – Dementia Proximity Alarm

Dementia Proximity Alarm: Who’s it designed for?

  • People with dementia that have a habit of wandering
  • Young children that are at risk of being lost (e.g. at the supermarket / beach)
  • People with learning difficulties that may walk off

Introduction – Dementia Proximity Alarm

This proximity alarm is designed to be a pre-cursor to a GPS tracker. With an extra-long battery life and simple app, you’ll know someone’s wandered off much sooner than you otherwise would have.

How Does it Work? – Dementia Distance Sensor

Simple pair your smartphone with the proximity alarm via bluetooth and as soon as it’s out of range, your phone will continuously sound, simple!

Which Situations Would it be Useful?

Wandering at night: As the proximity alarm is so light, it can be easily clipped to nightwear without impacting the wearer. If they were to wander during the night, your phone will alarm and wake you, allowing you to intercept them. This could be particularly useful if your partner wanders.

Public Places: If your loved one decides to walk off when out and about (e.g. shopping), you’ll be notified much quicker than otherwise and be able to look for them before they venture too far.

In The House: If the Dementia proximity alarm wearer decides to leave the property, whether it be the front or back door, you’ll be alerted. Enabling you to go after them and help prevent encountering danger e.g. busy roads.

Works Perfectly with a GPS Dementia Tracker

As Proximity alarms will only alert you when the wearer has gone a certain distance from you, not show their location, they’re ideal to be used alongside a GPS Dementia Tracker. Dementia tracker’s usually have a minimum safe zone area of 100m, meaning your loved one could have travelled quite far from you before you’re alerted. If a GPS tracker is used with a proximity alarm, you’ll know faster and be able to find their location quickly.

Multiple Sensors, One Carer – Versatile Proximity Alarm

You can link multiple Dementia proximity alarms to one smartphone. This means in scenarios where you may be needing to keep an eye on more than one individual (e.g. Care home or school trip), one person can have more control.

FAQs – Dementia Proximity Alarm

Q: How far does the wearer need to wander before the alarm is triggered?
A: This is dependent on whether they’re indoors or outdoors. When outdoors it will be triggered at an average of 30m, but when indoors this is less due to windows and doors.

Q: Is it possible to adjust the distance at which the alarm is triggered?
A: To keep the device as simple to use as possible, this isn’t currently possible. If you’re looking for this, why not browse our GPS Tracker Buying Guide?

Q: How long does the battery last?
A: The Proximity alarm has a coin cell ‘watch’ battery and very low power usage, meaning it will last up to 6 months before needing to be replaced.

Q: Which devices does the Proximity work with?
A: There’s a free smartphone alerting app for both iOS and Android.

Q: Does the alerting app need to be open for me to be alerted?
A: No, even with the app completely closed you will still get an alert when the wander off.

Q: Does Bluetooth need to be on for the device to work?
A: Yes. The distance at which it will alert you, will vary depending on whether you are indoors our outdoors. If you are outdoors it will on average notify you when they get 30metres away from you. Walls and doors will reduce this so if you are indoors it will go off at a shorter distance. It isn’t currently possible to adjust the distance.

Box Contents

1 x Proximity Care Distance Sensor
1 x Instructions / Quick-Start Guide

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