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Dementia Tracker GPS Keyring / Necklace for Elderly w/ SOS

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gps necklace
gps necklace Dementia Tracker GPS Keyring/Necklace - Keyring Dementia Tracker GPS Keyring/Necklace - Matching Lanyard dementia tracker Dementia Tracker GPS Keyring/Necklace - SOS Button gps necklace gps jewellery gps jewellery Dementia Tracker GPS Keyring/Necklace - Tracking App Personal Tracking Device gps jewellery gps jewellery gps jewellery USPs Final Design
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£99.95 with VAT Relief (£119.94 inc. VAT)
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Our Dementia Tracker GPS Keyring / Necklace is a versatile personal tracking device that’s less likely to be left behind and comes packed with useful features.

Key Features 

  • Small, Discrete & Portable
    L 38mm (1.5″) x W 38mm (1.5″) x D 16mm (0.6″)
  • Worn Around The Neck, as a Key-Ring or in a Bag/Pocket
  • Accurate Location Tracking On Mobile, Tablet & Computer
  • Real-Time Location Updates (From Every 60 Seconds)
  • FREE Tracking App For iPhones (iOS) & Android Smartphones
  • Mark Areas on Map, Know When They Leave or Enter
  • Works Across Europe at No Extra Cost
  • View Location History, See Where It’s / They’ve Been
  • No Contract / Minimum Term – Just Monthly Fee
  • Up to 5 Day Battery Life
  • Unltd. People Can Track Same Device / App, at no Extra Cost
  • Choose How Often Location Updates (Every 1, 10, or 60 mins)
  • Water-Resistant & Rugged Build

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Outstanding Customer Reviews

Dementia Tracker GPS Keyring / Necklace - Full Walkthrough Video

*Tracking website has been discontinued, but tracking app remains fully operational.

A Versatile GPS Tracker for Dementia, Packed With Great Features & Easy to Wear

Our Dementia Tracker GPS Keyring is versatile, multi-purpose and ideal for…

  • Dementia / Alzheimer’s tracking (for those who wander / the elderly)
  • Tracking people with medical conditions (e.g. at risk of falling / having seizures)
  • Keeping an eye on your kids / young children
  • Monitoring people with mental health problems
  • Helping to track vulnerable individuals (e.g. learning difficulties like Autism or Down Syndrome)
  • Making sure lone workers are safe (track your employees and keep them safe out in the field)

The Best GPS Tracker for Keyrings – Versatile & Discrete:

Most GPS trackers for keyrings are stigmatising or bulky. This lightweight, easy-to-wear dementia tracker can be worn on a keyring, as a jewellery necklace, around the neck on a lanyard or in a bag / pocket.

  • Most GPS trackers are inappropriate for elderly users due to their large size and stigmatising design.


  • This GPS keyring makes a great alternative to a bulky GPS watch or oversized plastic pendant.


  • There’s no point giving someone a dementia tracker if they won’t wear it or will forget to take it with them.
  • Many of our customers buy this as a gift for their loved one, making it more likely they’ll wear it out of choice.


  • Available in different 3 colours with matching accessories, perfect as a keyring tracker or a stylish accessory!

How can our Dementia Tracker GPS Keyring/Necklace be used or worn? Choose your attachment when adding to the basket:

dementia tracker
  • Attach to keys, bags, belt loops or other items


  • Blends in perfectly as a keyring, discreet and subtle


  • Easy to carry, lightweight and simple
dementia tracker
  • Looks like a locket or jewellery pendant, unlike other bulkier dementia trackers


  • Blends in with outfits more easily, discreet and stylish


  • High-quality, real Italian silver chain
dementia tracker
  • Remove quickly, great for carers charging the tracker


  • Colourful, high quality fabric for comfort and style


  • Easy clip-on/clip-off system

Smartphone Tracking App and Web Portal

Our dementia tracker has a FREE smartphone app that allows you to track, see history and more from anywhere

  • Monitor your GPS keyring from the FREE smartphone app on Android smartphones or iPhones (iOS)


  • The app uses Google maps, which is familiar and easy to use.


  • As many people as you wish can track one tracker keyring, at no extra cost.


  • No limit to the number of these dementia trackers that can be tracked by one person / smartphone.
Dementia Tracker GPS Keyring/Necklace - Tracking App

See Location History

Our dementia tracker keyring allows you to see where they've been with location history.

Dementia Tracker GPS Keyring/Necklace - Tracking History
  • See exactly where the user has been with location history, visible from your smartphone tracking app or web portal.


  • See the location, the time and date they were there, the speed they were travelling and in which direction they were heading.


  • Go back in time to select specific dates and times you'd like to see where they where and when it happened.
    ➜ This is useful if you'd like to build up a pattern of behaviour for someone with dementia, to see where they usually go when wandering.


  • Up to 3 months of tracking history is automatically saved and accessible at any time

Change Location Update Frequency on the Fly

Preserve battery when they're safe at home, then be right behind them if they go missing or need help urgently.

  • Most dementia tracking devices cannot have how often their location updates changed remotely (from the app).

  • Those that can, often require you to wait until the end of the update cycle for the change to take place.
    ➜ This means you could be agonisingly waiting for the next location update when your loved one is missing.

  • Our GPS keyring allows you to change how often the location updates remotely, at any time. This means you can save battery with less frequent updates, then change it to 1 min updates if they’re missing.
Dementia Tracker GPS Keyring/Necklace - Intervals

Mark Areas, Know When They Leave / Enter (GeoFences)

Instant alerts when they leave or enter an area set by you, ideal as a dementia tracker for wandering.

Dementia Tracker GPS Keyring/Necklace - GeoFence
  • From your smartphone, you can create circular areas on the map from 100m (328ft) up to 5km (1640ft) in size.


  • You’ll be alerted by an audible app notification on your smartphone when they either enter or leave that area with their GPS keyring, ensuring you're notified if a loved one has gone wandering.


  • No limit to the number of geofences (safe areas) you can have. Add, edit, rename or delete them at any time.


  • Customise geofences with different names to easily distinguish them e.g. home, day care centre, doctors surgery, loved ones' homes etc. Ideal for dementia wandering.

SOS Button & 2-Way Calls w/ Automatic Answering

Our Dementia Tracker GPS Keyring  comes with a built-in SOS button for emergencies, allowing for 2-way calling and calls to the device with automatic answering, perfect for helping someone with dementia or emergencies.

  • Our Dementia Tracker GPS Keyring / Necklace has an inbuilt SOS Button. The wearer simply holds it for 2 seconds to raise the alarm. It can be cancelled at any time.


  • After triggering, it will send a notification via the smartphone app to all paired devices and trigger a call to the contacts set. They can hear you and you can hear them.


  • Only pre-set ‘white-list’ numbers are able to call the device, this avoids any unsolicited or scam callers being able to speak with your loved one.


  • If one SOS is number set, it will call twice if they do not answer the first time. If multiple numbers are set, it will move on to the next contact if the first doesn’t answer after 2 attempts.


  • Unlike other GPS trackers, the wearer does not need to press or do anything to answer a call with our tracking keyring:
    ➜ This makes it an ideal dementia tracker for those who may not remember how to do so.
    ➜ This is useful to contact a loved one when they’ve gone wandering and reassure them you’re on the way, before being able to get there.


  • Do not disturb mode: Sets times of the day when the tracker keyring cannot be called. Ideal for not interrupting things like events, church or the cinema.

A Small Dementia Tracker With a Long-Lasting Smart Battery

Lasting up to 5 days without needing a recharge, our dementia tracker's smart settings are customisable to your needs.

Our Dementia Tracker GPS Keyring / Necklace goes to ‘sleep’ when no movement has been detected in 10 mins. This is a smart battery saving feature that avoids many updates happening in the same place.

You can choose between 3 location update frequencies with our GPS keyring, so you can customise the settings to your needs.

Please note: The estimations below are dependent on how often the wearer moves.

Every 60 Seconds

Ideal to be alerted as soon as someone’s left a certain area. Est. battery life is 1-3 days in this mode.

Every 10 Mins

Still regular location updates but a longer battery, a good middle ground. Est. battery life is 2-4 days in this mode.

Every 60 Mins

Better suited for those who can’t ensure their loved one charges the device regularly. Est. battery life is 3-5 days in this mode.

  • You can change these update frequencies at any time, you won’t have to wait until the end of the update ‘cycle’.
  • You’ll receive alerts on the app when the GPS keyring tracker's battery is getting low, to ensure you’ve got time to get it charged before it runs out.
  • Our keyring tracking device takes 2 hours or less to charge from completely empty to full.
  • It charges using a simple USB charging cable, which comes free in the box.
  • We recommend using a high-quality USB charging plug from a well-known brand. Avoid using unbranded charging plugs, as they may have insufficient voltage protection and cause damage to the battery.

Water & Dust Resistant

Our Dementia Tracker GPS Keyring / Necklace is water and dust resistant, giving you more peace of mind in tracking someone with dementia.

  • Our GPS keyring tracker is water and dust resistant to IP54 standards.


  • Protected against water spray up to 60° from vertical.


  • Protection against solid bodies larger than 1mm wide (e.g. dust particles)


  • This tracker is not suitable to be worn in the bath or shower, as this may damage the charging port.

The Best GPS Tracking Alternative to GPS Watches/Bracelets

Many people are looking for a ‘GPS Bracelet’, but they don’t really exist in traditional bracelet form...

  • The closest thing to a GPS bracelet on the market are GPS watches, which aren’t appropriate for many wearers (particularly women)


  • Our GPS keyring / necklace for dementia is a great alternative to a ‘GPS bracelet’, as it looks like a normal keyring or a piece of jewellery and is much more likely to be worn / remembered.


  • If you’re searching online for a ‘GPS bracelet’, you’ll see that you can’t get them aimed for elderly users or as a dementia tracker specifically.

How Much Does it Cost? – Affordable Peace of Mind

The Subscription Includes:

No Contract, Cancel Anytime!
The service is paid monthly via debit or credit card, which can be cancelled FREE at any time*


✅ Unlimited Tracking in the UK & Europe
No need to worry about them wandering out of range, track them no matter where they go.


✅ Unlimited Priority UK-Based Tech Support
Via Phone, live chat and email from our top-rated customer support team.


✅ 60** Minutes of Talk Time from the Device
Let them call you in an emergency, works in 31 European countries at no extra cost!


All this for only £9.95 / €11.95 per month (With VAT relief(Less than 39p per day!)


How are the monthly payments set up?

We understand that sometimes the person buying the GPS device may not be the same person paying the monthly fee. So, to make it easier, we separate the payment methods.

1. After buying your tracker, you’ll get an email with a subscription link.

2. Simply click the link and subscribe using a credit or debit card.

3. We’ll set up, test and send out your GPS tracker.

Why Buy from TechSilver?

 Outstanding Customer Reviews

 No Setup / Registration Fees

✅ No 'Contract' (Cancel Free Any Time)

✅ FREE Next Day Delivery (UK)

✅ Worldwide Shipping Available

✅ Pay No VAT (VAT Relief Available)

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Specifications – Dementia Tracker GPS Keyring / Necklace

Size: L 38mm (1.5″) x W 38mm (1.5″) x D 16mm (0.6″)

Weight: 20g / 0.7oz

Material: PMMA & Polycarbonate

Battery Capacity: 500mAh

Locating Technology: GPS AGPS, Wi-Fi & LBS

Location Accuracy: GPS up to 5m, Wi-Fi 15-100m, LBS 100-1000+m

Durability: Water-resistant (Splash-proof) IP54, functions -20 °C to +70 °C

Which countries does it work in?: The UK, anywhere in Europe or on the European continent. If you’re not sure if your country is within this, please ask us.

Please note - Alerts on IOS devices will only be sent to the last IOS device to log into the tracking app.

gps jewellery

What You Get:

  • 1 x Dementia Tracker GPS Keyring / Necklace for Elderly (with SOS Alarm)
  • 1 x Jewellery Necklace (24 inch/610mm length) or
  • 1 x Lanyard or
  • 1 x Handbag Clip / Keyring
  • 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable (31.5 inch/800mm length)
  • 1 x Instruction Guide
  • Instructional Videos Sent Via Email
  • This device does not come with a USB charging plug.

*Subscription cancellations must be given at least 30 days before the billing date (1st of each month). The full monthly subscription will still be due and non-refundable if the device is returned, this is because it will have been connected for the time it was owned.

**Exceeding the allowance of mins will incur a charge of £0.20 / €0.25 / /  per minute over the allowance of 60 mins. Extra mins can be added to your plan for £4.95 / €5.95 with VAT Relief for 30 mins.

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