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Dementia Tracker GPS Watch w/ SOS Phone Button - Out of Stock

SKU: 6361
dementia tracker watch gps
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SKU: 6361

£399.95 with VAT Relief (£479.94 inc. VAT)
This product qualifies for VAT relief.What is VAT relief ?

This product qualifies for VAT relief.What is VAT relief ?
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Summary: Dementia Tracker GPS Watch

The best Dementia Tracker GPS Watch in the world. Peace of mind for you and independence for the wearer.

Key Features: Dementia Tracker GPS Watch

  • Average 7 Day Battery Life (Long-Lasting)
  • Includes Fall Detector / Alarm
  • Can Be Locked To Their Wrist (Optional)
  • Alerts As Soon As They’ve Left The House (Optional)
  • Looks & Feels Like A Regular Watch
  • Track Their Location in Real Time
  • View Map On Smartphone, Tablet or Computer
  • Mark Safe Zones, Know When They Leave or Enter
  • 2-Way Communication – Call Watch Anytime
  • SOS Button – Launches Call. Alerts If Nobody Answers.
  • Loud Speakerphone With Auto-Answer
  • Time Slot Alerts e.g. ‘Tell Me If They Leave Home 10PM – 6AM’
  • Fast-Charging (Empty to Full > 90 Mins)
  • No Contract, Just A Monthly Fee
  • Water-Resistant & Rugged Build
  • Works Across Europe (No Extra Cost)
  • Low Battery Alerts
  • Comfortable PU Leather Strap
  • Tamper-Proof Charging Dock – No Fiddly Cables
  • Designed Specifically For Dementia
  • Scandinavian Engineering & Design Excellence
  • Made in Finland, Not China
  • Designed by Doro, The World’s Leading Senior Tech Company

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Out of Stock
accepted payments

Outstanding Customer Reviews

Dementia Tracker GPS Watch w/ 2-Way SOS Calls - Full Walkthrough Video

The Best Dementia Tracker GPS Watch In The World

Our Dementia Tracker GPS Watch is much more than just a tracker watch for elderly users. It has a long battery life, 2- way SOS calling and can be locked to the wrist with our specialist locking watch strap.

Designed for ensuring the safety of...


• Dementia patients / Alzheimer's sufferers.


• Users who cannot or will not use a conventional phone.


• Those with medical conditions.


• Vulnerable individuals (e.g. those with learning difficulties).


• Lone workers

Easy & Accurate Tracker for Dementia and the Elderly

If you're looking for a dementia tracker to track your elderly loved ones, our GPS watch is the ideal solution.

  • Accurately track them from anywhere on your smartphone, computer or tablet, no matter where they are.

  • Our GPS Watch also has 'Emergency Tracking Mode', where its location can be updated twice as fast. Perfect for a wandering incident or urgent situation.


  • Customisable Google map where you can zoom in or out, show a satellite view, see nearby recognisable reference points (like businesses) and much more.
Dementia Tracker GPS Watch - Tracking History

Tracking - More Info

Our Dementia Tracker GPS Watch allows you to accurately track your loved ones or people under your care on the tracking map using any device, no matter where they are. The easy-to-use tracking dashboard allows you or loved ones to browse it perfectly across computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets.

When they're outdoors you can track them accurately using GPS, helping to pinpoint their location quickly and easily.

Our GPS Watch's 'Emergency Tracking Mode', will make the watch update its location twice as fast, meaning it's ideal for a missing person or other emergencies, especially when locating someone prone to wandering that has dementia.

The tracking map uses Google's mapping platform to give you the familiarity and features of Google's well-known map, but from within the GPS watch's own system. This means you can easily navigate around the map, zooming in or out, showing satellite image or map views, the hilliness of the terrain (topography), full screen view and even Google street view, so you can see what the area around the wearer's location looks like. 

When searching for a dementia patient that has gone wandering, it can be very frustrating waiting for the next location update before knowing where to look for them. With other GPS trackers you can be left waiting for long periods before being able to adjust how often the location updates. With our dementia tracker GPS watch, you can switch on 'emergency tracking mode' using the easy tracking dashboard to increase how often the location updates and make it much faster and easier to track down your loved one down.

SOS Button & Simple 2-Way Calling

Call the watch any time with auto-answer or let them call out with the SOS button.

Dementia Tracker Watch with SOS Button
  • This tracker watch's 2-way calling and SOS button phone function is perfect for keeping people with dementia and the elderly safe.


  • The watch has its own phone number, meaning it can make and receive high quality calls from up to 8 pre-set contacts, just like a mobile phone.


  • Only your approved contacts can call the watch, meaning no unsolicited or unwanted callers will get through (e.g. scammers).


  • Add or remove contacts at any time via the online tracking dashboard.


  • The watch can optionally automatically answer incoming calls, so the wearer does not have to press anything to answer (ideal for dementia).


  • Other GPS trackers think voicemail is a real human answer, our Dementia Tracker Watch knows it's not and will call the next contact automatically.

SOS Button: How Does it Work?

  1. The wearer simply presses the GPS tracker watch's SOS button for 1.5 seconds and an emergency call is activated. During this time, a loading bar on the tracker watch's face will show when an SOS call has been launched. This can also be easily cancelled if done accidentally.


  1. Our GPS tracker watch instantly goes to a very loud (adjustable) speakerphone and calls up to 8 emergency contacts (set by you) until one of them answers. If the first does not answer, it will call the second and so on. If the call goes to voicemail, the system will recognise this and move on to the next contact (which other devices on the market cannot do).


  1. Once answered, the tracker watch wearer and call receiver can have a high-quality 2-way conversation.


  1. If there is no answer from anyone, an email, phone call or both can be immediately sent to other designated contacts as a fall-back mechanism.

Calling the Dementia Tracker Watch: How does it work?

  1. Our dementia tracker GPS watch has a number like a regular mobile phone. Therefore, you can call the watch at any time as long as you are one of the 'white-listed' numbers which is set by you. We recommend saving the watch as a contact in your phone for easy calling.


  1. If you choose to enable it, the tracker watch will automatically answer and go to a loud speaker-phone when called, therefore making it ideal for dementia patients that may not remember how to answer a call or that their watch has a phone built in.

Alerts When They Enter / Leave an Area or their Home

Other GPS Trackers won't alert you until they've breached their 'safe area' (usually a minimum of a 300m radius), whereas our GPS Watch for dementia will alert you as soon as they've left home.

  • Get alerted when the watch leaves home or a designated area, perfect for fast and effective responses to a wandering incident.


  • Adjustable disconnection timer from the home beacon, therefore meaning the wearer can do things like take the bins out or grab a parcel without triggering a false alarm.



  • GeoFence system also gives alerts when they enter or leave a designated area, set by you.


  • Using a geofence is perfect for when the wearer is safe to leave the house, but not the local area. For example, they might often go to a neighbour's house, out in the garden or pop to the local shops.
dementia tracker watch - home beacon

Alerts When they Leave an Area - More Info

Our Dementia Tracker GPS Watch has a smart Bluetooth charging hub that not only charges the device, but connects to it remotely via Bluetooth when it's in range. This means the watch knows when the wearer is safely at home and stops updating it’s location, greatly increasing the battery life. You'll receive an alert if the wearer leaves home, triggered shortly after the Bluetooth connection between the watch and the charging hub is broken. The Bluetooth range of the charging hub is 5-10m (depending on varying factors), however you can easily extend this range to any room in the house using our plug-in Bluetooth mini beacons.

The tracker watch has a default 5 minute disconnection timer, which begins when the home area is breached. As a result, the wearer can do things like taking the bins out or grab a parcel without triggering a false alarm. However, this setting is fully customisable so our helpful team can adjust this timer at your request.

Other basic GPS trackers will only alert you when the watch wearer leaves their 'safe zone'. Due to the limitations of GPS not working indoors, this usually means ‘safe zone’ geofence area is at least 300m in size, therefore you would be alerted much later after they’ve left home. On the other hand, our Dementia Tracker GPS Watch can alert you as soon as they’ve left the home areas, meaning you’ll be able to take action much quicker than if you just had safe zones (geofences).

Dementia Tracker GPS Watch - GeoFences

Alternative GPS trackers on the market will alert you any time the wearer has left their geofence (safe area), whereas our Dementia Tracker GPS Watch allows you to set days of the week and times of the day that the geofences are active. This means you can be alerted only when they leave them during certain times that are abnormal for them. 

This is also very useful for dementia patients because it may be perfectly normal for them to leave the house during the day. However, if they leave at an irregular time (for example between 10PM and 7AM) then there's likely something wrong.

This customisable feature means you have the option to not be alerted by the tracking watch when they're doing something which isn't out of character, like taking the dog for a walk or nipping to the shops. Independence is a huge part of dementia care, and giving them a degree of freedom whilst also having a safety net to protect them is exactly what this dementia GPS watch is designed for!


Can be Secured to the Wrist, Preventing Removal or Tampering (Optional)

Other GPS trackers are often left behind or lost after being removed by the wearer. You can secure our tracking watch to the wearer's wrist, useful for later-stage dementia. 

Dementia Tracker Watch Locking Strap
  • One of the most common problems with dementia trackers is that the wearer will either forget to take the tracker with them, or will remove the tracker entirely.


  • Our Dementia Tracker GPS Watch has an optional locking strap attachment which will only allow the watch to be removed with a key.


  • Much less likely for the tracker watch to be lost or damaged, allowing for total peace of mind.


  • You can also purchase spare keys for multiple family members, carers or as a spare.


  • Please select the 'Lockable Strap' option when adding to basket if required. If you do this you'll also get a black leather strap as standard.

Extra-Long Battery Life

Other GPS trackers with similar features last around 2 days at the most. Our GPS Watch's battery lasts for an average of 7 days, making it easier to use with less frequent charging.

  • The smart Bluetooth home beacon knows when the wearer is at home (in range) and puts the device to sleep, therefore saving large amounts of battery.


  • The dementia watch has up to 7 days' battery life (based upon the wearer going out of range of the home beacon/s for an average of 2 hours per day).


  • If the wearer goes out less than this, it can last much longer.


  • With rapid charging, the battery takes just 90 mins to go from completely empty to full.


  • Useful for carers of dementia patients, as they can remove the watch and charge it while they're with the wearer.


  • Receive alerts when the battery is getting low or has died, giving you enough warning to charge it.
Dementia Tracker Watch with Charging Cradle

Battery Life - More Info

Our Dementia Tracker GPS Watch is specifically designed to save battery when it isn't needed. The smart home charging beacon knows when the wearer is at home and stops transmitting regular location updates when they are, reducing power consumption. Other trackers on the market continue to update their location at all times, even when the user is safely at home. This not only wastes precious battery, but as GPS only works outdoors, you would see inaccurate location readings.

Our estimate of 7 days' battery life is based upon the wearer going out of range of the Bluetooth charging hub for an average of 2 hours per day. However, if the wearer goes out less than this, it can last much longer.

The battery takes just 90 mins to go from completely empty to full, meaning you won't be left waiting for hours on end before you can get back to keeping your loved one safe.

Our charging dock system is also very useful for dementia patients that have regular family or carer visits. They can remove the watch and put it on charge while they're in the house, then ensure it's been put back on before they leave and it will have charged quickly whilst there were there.

Furthermore, carers can use a key to quickly pop the watch off the wearer's wrist for charging, and then ensure it's locked back on their wrist before leaving. As a result, the home beacon charging system is especially useful when used with the strap locking system in tandem!

Other trackers may die without warning you, meaning you could be left with a wandering incident and no tracking solution in place. Our Dementia Tracker GPS Watch can send alerts when the battery is getting low or has died, giving you enough warning to get it charged and prevent any periods without it being used.

Location History - See Where They've Been

Our tracking watch's map allows you to see exactly where they've been and when they were there.

Location pins show the spots where the wearer has been, and by hovering over them you can see the date and time they were there. The map will show the last 20 locations by default, but you can view more of the watch's previous locations by going further back into its history.

See example below:

tracking history

Easy, Simple & Straightforward Set-up

We'll send you easy to follow tutorial videos after your purchase, which walk you through the simple set-up process step-by-step. 

  • We understand that tracking or caring for an elderly loved one with dementia can be difficult, so we do everything we can to give our customers a stress-free and helpful experience.


  • You'll receive a full tutorial video for your tracking watch before it arrives, which takes you through the entire setup process from start to finish.


  • Our 5* rated expert TechSilver support team is always on hand to offer further guidance.


  • We go above and beyond to fix any issues or answer even the simplest queries.

Setup video and unlimited expert support included!

Water Resistant & Rugged

Our Dementia Tracker GPS Watch is water-resistant, splash-proof and ruggedly built. 

Dementia Tracker GPS Watch
  • Our GPS Dementia tracker watch is water resistant and splash-proof.


  • It can withstand splashes and hand washing, but it is not recommended to be submerged fully.


  • Showering may cause some steam underneath the watch face, so it's best to take it off before having one!


  • The tracker watch is designed to withstand minor bangs and knocks and should be able to withstand most everyday impacts.


  • It's also fine to use on rainy days, so there's no need to worry if your loved one goes wandering out in the rain.

How Much Does it Cost? - Affordable Peace of Mind

The Subscription Includes:

 No Contract, Cancel Anytime!
The service is paid monthly via debit or credit card, which can be cancelled FREE at any time*

✅ Unlimited Tracking in the UK & Europe
No need to worry about them wandering out of range, track them no matter where they go.

✅ Unlimited Access to Tracking Portal/Maps From Anywhere in the World!
Our specialist tracking dashboard is easy to use and lets you track your loved one from anywhere.

✅ Unlimited Priority UK-Based Tech Support
(Phone, live chat and email)

✅ Unlimited Talk Time From the Watch
Let them call you in an emergency, works in the UK  and 31 European countries at no extra cost!

All this for only £4.99 / €5.99 per week (billed monthly) (With VAT relief(Less than 72p per day!)

How are the monthly payments set up?

We understand that sometimes the person buying the GPS device may not be the same person paying the monthly fee. So, to make it easier, we separate the payment methods.

1. After buying your tracker, you’ll get an email with a subscription link and a couple of setup questions to answer.

2. Simply click the link and subscribe using a credit or debit card, then reply to the email with the answers to the setup questions.

3. We’ll then set up, test and send out your GPS tracker.

Why Buy from TechSilver?

 Outstanding Customer Reviews


 No Setup / Registration Fees


✅ No 'Contract' (Cancel Free Any Time)


✅ FREE Next Day Delivery (UK)


✅ Worldwide Shipping Available


✅ Pay No VAT (VAT Relief Available)

We've Also Been Featured In...

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Metro Daily Express The Mirror Evening Standard Daily Star Logos
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FAQ -  Dementia Tracker GPS Watch

Q: Which countries does this dementia tracker watch work?
A: The UK, anywhere in Europe or on the European continent that has mobile signal. Your watch's unlimited outbound calling includes any UK or European number. Ask us if you're not sure if the country you wish to use it in comes under this.


Q: Can multiple people track the wearer?

A: Yes! There's no upper limit to the number of people who can track the wearer. As a result, you can set many people to be called or alerted, for example in a situation where the wearer leaves home or their wider geofence area.


Q: Can I pause the subscription, for example if my loved one has an extended stay in hospital?

Yes you can, we understand that circumstances can easily change.

- We require 30 days notice to pause the subscription.
- As the subscription is billed monthly, the minimum time you can pause the subscription for is 1 month.

- The maximum time you can pause for is 4 months.


Q: Do I need to provide my own sim card?

A: No you don't. Your device has a sim card built in, which cannot be removed. This is a roaming sim which connects to whichever network is strongest, therefore making it safer as it's able to use any network instead of being restricted to one provider. In the UK this is O2, Vodafone and EE.

Specifications -  Dementia Tracker GPS Watch

Dimensions & Ergonomics
Handset weight including batteries (g) 65
Face Diameter: 48mm
Face Thickness: 17mm
Wrist Strap Length: 230mm

Top features
Assistance button
Analog watch
Home zone alarms
Geographical based alarms

Main features
Map view
Contact list
Easy to use profiles
Emergency tracking
Events and alarm log
Over-The-Air management
Periodic status reports
White list phone numbers
Voice and E-mail notifications

Device sim card origin: Finland
Device sim card number prefix: +358

Powering handset unit
AC Adapter spec V/mA 5V/1000mA
Battery included (type) 500mA Li-ion
Stand-by time in home beacon range (up to hours) 1320
Stand-by time 4h/day outside home beacon range (up to hours) 98
Standby time 24h/day outside home beacon range (up to hours) 28
Stand-by time 2h/day outside home beacon range (up to hours) 200

GSM (band) 900/1800
RAM 64kbytes
Processor ARM Cortex-M3
Embedded SIM
Flash memory 8MB
Temperature sensor

*You must provide subscription cancellation notice at least 30 days before the billing date (1st of each month). Your full monthly subscription will still be due and non-refundable if the device is returned, this is because it will have been connected for the time it was owned.

What You Get:

1 x Dementia Tracker Watch (Black)

1 x Charging Cradle [Home Beacon] (Black)

1 x 2m Micro USB Charging Cable (Black)

1 x Black Strap for Dementia Tracker Watch



1 x Locking Strap for Dementia Tracker Watch

1 x White Strap for Dementia Tracker Watch

1 x Tan Strap for Dementia Tracker Watch

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SKU: 6361