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Dementia Memory Box: Discuss Memories

SKU: 4112
A memory box for Dementia in Beech
A memory box for Dementia in Beech dementia memory box A memory box for Dementia in Beech dementia memory box
SKU: 4112

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Filled with memorable objects, this Dementia Memory Box helps to spark meaningful conversation, retain a sense of identity or when in a corridor, remember which is their room.

Key Features – Dementia Memory Box

  • Fill With Memorable Objects
  • Trigger Brain Activity (Senses)
  • Support Meaningful Conversations
  • Learn New Things About Individual
  • Can Prevent ‘Stranger In The Mirror’
  • Easily Wall Mountable
  • Variety of Sizes & Finishes
  • Perspex Sliding Front (Concealed)
  • Manufactured in the UK

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Rarely we’ll need to build your dementia memory box before sending out, which may cause a slight delay in delivery time. Please contact us if you’re in a hurry!

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“The Perfect Dementia Memory Box, Enjoy Reminiscence Together” 

This Dementia Memory box is easy to fit and comes in a variety of sizes and finishes

They’re ideal for…

  • Starting and continuing meaningful conversations with someone suffering from Dementia.
  • Triggering sights, smells and sounds from their past and sparking brain activity.
  • Making surroundings feel more familiar in care homes or retirement homes.
  • Helping someone remember which room is theirs on a long or confusing corridor, ideal for care homes.

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Dementia Memory Box 

(AKA Reminiscence Box / Rummage Box)

Stimulate Meaningful Conversation

  • Memory boxes for Dementia help spur on meaningful conversations by providing talking points and tactile items to stimulate the senses.
  • Particularly useful for carers in care homes or nursing facilities where they may not know the individual with dementia’s past.

Help Them Remember Their Room

  • Dementia can make surroundings feel unfamiliar and when living in a facility like a care home, residents can find it difficult to remember which is the door to their room.
  • These Dementia memory boxes can help indicate which door is theirs when filled with familiar items from their younger years.
  • Memory boxes for Dementia also help the individual to remember who they were and are, retaining a sense of identity and dignity.

Avoid Falls Caused By Startling – (Replace Bathroom Mirrors)

  • The ‘stranger in the mirror’ can happen when someone with Dementia sees them-self in the mirror and does not recognise that person.
  • Often caused by the individual thinking they’re younger than they actually are, this can cause alarm, startling and even a fall.
  • Why not replace the mirror in the bathroom with a memory box? Avoiding the individual turning the light on and being frightened by who they see in the mirror.

Easily Wall Mounted

  • Pre-cut eyelets in the back hook on to screws in the wall.
  • Simply place screws in the wall, line up and hang.

Perspex Sliding Front

  • The perspex acrylic sliding front offers easy access to the items inside when necessary.
  • Concealed enough for the individual with Dementia to not remove prompted.

What to put in the Memory Box?

Ensure the items in the dementia memory box actually stimulate memories for the individual. Try using / discussing the item with them before putting it in the box.

  • Some items which you’d think will stir memories may not. e.g. the individual may not recognise a person in an old photo but react to a book from their childhood.
  • Souvenirs from special events e.g. someone’s wedding, a football match, a music gig etc.
  • Items with an amusing or memorable story associated with them.
  • An pleasant or memorable smell e.g. their partner’s perfume.
  • An object from a previous job or vocation e.g. a military lapel.
  • Pictures of loved ones (ensure they actually remember who’s in the photo first).

What to NOT put in the Memory Box?

  • Objects that could be dangerous in some way e.g. heavy or sharp
  • If for a bedroom, anything that could be a choking hazard
  • Expensive objects

Important Tips

  • Build the items in the box gradually over time, filling the box in one go may cause confusion or uneasiness
  • Make sure there’s a variety of types of objects from different time periods and aspects of their life
  • Ensure there’s objects that stimulate all the senses e.g. thing to look at, smell, feel etc


  • H300 x W300 x D60mm
  • H400 x W300 x D60mm
  • H400 x W400 x D60mm

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SKU: 4112