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Dementia Trackers

A GPS tracker for dementia patients offers peace of mind for you and safety / independence for them.

Wandering and confusion are common side effects of Alzheimer's disease. Our experience in dementia trackers means we can help you find the right dementia tracking device.

With family often living far away, a GPS tracker for Dementia can help them live independently in their own home for longer. At TechSilver we're experts in dementia trackers, having helped hundreds of families locate elderly loved ones, and care homes locate dementia patients.

Whatever your needs or situation, we've got a dementia tracker for you. From insoles to watches and portable to waterproof, our elderly tracker experts are always happy to offer impartial advice.

GPS trackers are highly specialised devices that are typically used to monitor the location and movements of individuals with dementia. These trackers use GPS technology to help caregivers & family members keep an eye on their loved ones, giving them peace of mind as they go about their daily routines.

GPS tracking devices are especially useful in cases where patients begin to wander away from home or get lost while out in public.

They also allow caregivers & family members to create access alerts, which notify them immediately when a patient leaves a specified boundary or location. Overall, GPS tracking for dementia patients is a valuable tool that can help keep individuals safe and ease the worries of those who care for them.

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