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Personal Alarm Setup Guide

Please ignore the instructions in the box, the guide below will walk you through all the information required.

Key Info

Here are some key points to remember whist using your new Personal Alarm.

  • The Personal Alarm has a range of around 50m. Walls and other obstructions may reduce this. Alarms may not be triggered if the pendent is out of range of the Home Base Unit.
  • The alarm triggers phone calls. The answerer MUST dial 4 on their keypad to be put through to the Home Base Unit.
  • The Home Base Unit has a sim card inside, it does not need to be plugged in to any phone sockets
  • The Alarm can be cancelled at any time by pressing the green button on the Home Base Unit.
  • The Battery in the Pendant Alarm should last around 2 years. Please contact us if they require a change of battery.
  • Here’s a link to the Personal Alarm For Elderly product page.

Home Base Unit

Before setting up, find a place in the wearer’s home which is close to a power socket and in an open area. Most people put it on a table or dresser in the living room or hallway.

Step 1)

Remove your Home Base Unit from the brown box and open the rear back panel. You can do this with your fingers, it’s not screwed shut.

Step 2)

Remove the power supply from the box

Plug it in to a power outlet, switch the power outlet on, then plug the other end in to the grey input under the panel you’ve just lifted.

Step 3)

Turn the black power switch from off to on. (O→I)

Put the panel back on the Home Base Unit and leave it on the side in the wearer’s home.

Make sure you explain to them and any visitors that it must never be unplugged or turned off.

How it works

Up to 10 phone numbers can be called automatically as soon as the pendent is triggered, anywhere in their home.

The Personal Alarm can also be manually triggered at any time by pressing it’s front or the red button on the Home Base Unit

  1. The wearer triggers their personal alarm, anywhere in their home or garden (up to 50m from the base unit).
  2. The personal alarm will show a red light to acknowledge the alarm has been pressed, then a green light when the home base unit has received the alarm.
  3. The base unit will automatically call up to 10 emergency numbers, these have already been added by us.
    If you’d like the emergency contact phone numbers updated, added, removed or the order changed, please email us with the changes.

  4. When you answer the call, the device will speak a pre-recorded emergency message, simply press 4 on your keypad to be put through to the base unit in the wearer’s home.

    The Home Base Unit has a very loud speaker and microphone, which should be audible from the next room. You can then speak with the individual, or you if can’t hear them, get someone to check on them or call the emergency services.

Click here to see how the pendent can be worn.

That’s it! If you have any questions or issues, please click here to contact our team

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