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24/7 Monitoring Service (Coming Soon)

What is 24/7 Monitoring?

Help on hand when you can't be there, 24/7 365.

  • UK-based monitoring centre, reacting to everything from dementia wandering to falls

  • Experts can summon emergency services or local support in seconds

  • Sleep in peace knowing we're helping to look after your loved ones

(If you already own a Doro 480 GPS watch)

Who would benefit from Monitoring?

  • Dementia: Those that go 'wandering' or missing

  • Falls, slips and trips (especially when injury may occur)
  • Returning home after hospital (Reablement)
  • People that are elderly, frail or disabled 

  • Those at risk of burglary and scams
  • People living with a long-term medical condition
  • Those with regular carer visits (who have not turned up when they should) 
  • Anyone looking to feel more confident about help being available should they need it 
  • A victim of domestic violence 

(If you already own a Doro 480 GPS watch)

How does it work?

1) An alarm is triggered from their device

This could be from a number of situations, for example them leaving the house in the early hours of the morning or them pressing the help button.

Alarm Triggers (all optional)

  • Leaving the house
  • Pressing the SOS button
  • Leaving or entering a designated area

2) Our 24/7 Monitoring Centre is contacted

The above triggers a call to our UK call centre. Open 24/7, 365 days a year. 

The response team will know exactly who and where they are, alongside any medical history and contact info of key-holders / relatives.

3) The appropriate action is taken immediately. 

With access to their location as well as the ability to speak with them, our team can ensure the appropriate action is taken swiftly. This includes calling emergency services or contacting family members and carers.

We’ll even set up the responses to your requirements and their needs. e.g. ‘only call me about my dad’s wandering between 8AM and 11PM 

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(If you already own a Doro 480 GPS watch)

Why Choose TechSilver?

✅ Our monitoring service can be used whilst out and about, as well as at home. Thanks to being wearable, portable and using mobile (not landline) signals.

✅ We can react to a wider range of alerts and emergencies (like dementia wandering and falls whilst out and about). Thanks to using mobile tech, we can speak with the individual at any time through the loudspeaker on their device.

✅ We’re the only company in the world you can buy the Doro 480 GPS Tracking Watch from, as well as have it monitored.

✅ No phone line or broadband required

✅ We have outstanding customer service and support, just take a look at our reviews.

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(If you already own a Doro 480 GPS watch)

How Much Does it Cost?

What do you get?

Unlimited location tracking and calls from the watch, anywhere in UK + Europe

✅ Unlimited 24/7 monitoring from our expert response centre

✅ Unlimited access to tracking website for unlimited users, from anywhere in the world

✅ Unlimited UK-Based Tech Support


What are the perks?

No Setup / Registration Fees

✅ No Contract (Cancel Free Any Time)

FREE Next Day Delivery (UK)

✅ Pay No VAT (VAT Relief Available)

Estimated: £7.25 Per Week (Billed Monthly)

(If you already own a Doro 480 GPS watch)

How Can We Respond?

Peace of mind that there's someone else to help, when you can't be there. Below we've outlined some of the areas we can support.

Contact Emergency / Public Services



Our team can be 
alerted as soon as they are wandering or outside a designated ‘safe’ area. They’ll inform the Police (if required), yourself and/or other carers to help find them in the shortest possible time.

Burglary / Scams / Unwanted Visitors:
If someone is trying to scam them at their door or burgle their house, the user can simply press the SOS button on their device and speak with our team, who can contact the police immediately.


Minimising the time between an injury and receiving medical attention is key to preventing serious health problems, especially when a fall has caused a serious hip injury. 

From falls to chest pains and bleeding to loss of speech, our expert team are trained to assess their medical needs and get emergency help as quickly as possible.

Fire Service 

If the user is not able to dial 999, they can press the SOS button on their device and our team will summon the fire service.

If the user is bed-bound or unable to evacuate their property for some reason, our team will stay on the phone with them until the fire service arrive. 

Medical Advisers

Our team can contact the NHS 111 service on their behalf to seek medical advice for non-emergency situations. This is useful if the user isn’t confident enough or able to contact them on their own. 

If urgent medical assistance is required, our team will always call 999 for an ambulance. 

GP Visit

Should the individual request one or our expert call handlers feel necessary, we’re able to contact their local GP and organise a visit. We can liaise with you if a carer or family member should be in attendance.

Contact Family Members / Carers

Ensure they get the best support that fits around your busy lifestyle. 

We’ll build a plan around their needs and your lifestyle. If you’re not available at certain times of the day or week, or you only want to be notified of certain situations, we’ll ensure this happens. 

Whether it’s availability, who to contact or what you’ll be notified about, we can customise your plan to suit everyone’s needs. 

Examples Scenarios

  • Please contact my brother and sister after calling me 
  • Only notify me if my dad goes wandering at night time 
  • I’m going on holiday during these dates, so please call my sister during this time 
  • Please contact their carer first, before contacting me. 

Chasing Missed Carer Visits 

We're on hand when carers don't arrive, 24/7.

The unfortunate reality of carers is that they may be late, or fail to show for a care visit. This can cause distress and confusion for the individual receiving the care. 

Our team can chase the care organisation for them and are available to be contacted should the carer not show. We’ll also log when this has happened should evidence be later required. 

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