Guide to selling online

The TechSilver Guide to Selling Online

Whether it’s finally time to clean out a cluttered house and get rid of those things the charity shop won’t take or get some extra cash for weekends away. Trading your old things online is not only kinder to the environment than throwing them away, but often enjoyable and addictive! 

Ways to sell 

Which platform you choose to sell your item/s on and how you sell them depends on the answer to a few questions; is the item valuable? Are you bothered about getting the best possible price or do you just want rid? 

As a general rule, higher value items that require more images and a lengthier description (like classic cars or furniture) are better suited to websites like Ebay or Gumtree, whilst lower value items like bric-a-brac and some clothing may be better suited to selling apps like Schpock or Depop. Etsy is also great for selling home-made craft items.  

Tips for selling 

Pictures speak a thousand words, so make sure you take plenty. Ensure they’re light and bright with no clutter and from plenty of different angles, including any blemishes or scuffs so the buyer knows what to expect. Make sure you write an informative description that’s not too long-winded but covers all the key areas. Bullet points are a great way to make your listing easy to digest, make sure you include key info like dimensions to save unnecessary contact from prospective buyers. 

Use creative language without being deceptive, after all one women’s rubbish is another’s treasure. I recently sold a dresser / seat hybrid furniture monstrosity on Gumtree that was worthless, but due to my enthusiastic description, on arrival the prospective purchaser loved it! Use the old sales tactic of ‘features and benefits’. This isn’t an ‘old haggard chest of drawers’, it’s a ‘characterful mahogany storage dream that oozes Victorian charm with plenty of room for all your items’… see what I mean? 


Depending on the platform you use, sales can be a fixed price or via an auction. People will often try to bring fixed prices down when the contact you, so factor that in from the beginning. With an auction, ensure you set a high enough reserve price, as often people wait until the last hour to start bidding which hampers the winning bid. 


Problems are uncommon, however If it’s a large item that can’t be posted then it’s likely the person will be coming to your house. If you’re a bit unsure then speak to them on the phone and gauge how you feel before sending your address. 


Many platforms like Ebay and Depop offer integrated payment systems, so no worries about receiving your money. If the person is paying in cash, be sure to check their notes are genuine. PayPal is a great way to receive money as the buyer has some protection (e.g.  if you didn’t provide the goods) and you only need their email address to send. 

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