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"The wealth of added features make GrandPad truly stand out as an excellent product for seniors"

- TechRadar

What Do People Think of GrandPad?

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Who Is the Webinar For?


  • Those with elderly loved ones who struggle to keep connected with friends and family


  • People trying to find a simple solution to their loved ones’ struggles with technology


  • Anybody who is curious about what GrandPad can offer!

What is GrandPad?


  • GrandPad is a simple tablet for senior users, combining easy to use features with dedicated service and support to help keep them connected with loved ones. 


  • GrandPad comes with a wide range of easy to use applications, such as simple video and phone calling, 24/7 support, unlimited 4G internet and much more!


  • With all of the above, GrandPad is quite simply the best tablet for seniors on the market.

Upcoming Webinars

Frequently Asked Questions

The UK & Ireland if using mobile data, the rest of the world if using WiFi.

Please note, the wireless internet facility on the GrandPad requires either 4g network reception in the area of use, or Wi-Fi connection to function.

Yes, GrandPad can use WiFi on its own instead of 4G/mobile data, meaning it will work perfectly in homes without good mobile signal.

Yes, this means you can get it delivered straight to the user. The buyer is sent an email with a link to set up and customise the GrandPad before arrival.

The GrandPad uses what’s called a ‘roaming SIM’ card, meaning it will connect to whichever network has the strongest signal in the area. This means that as long as there is some mobile signal, the GrandPad should pick it up. Remember it can use WiFi if no mobile signal is available.

Yes, you have 30 days from the day it’s delivered to let us know you’d like to return it, then a further 14 days to send it back to us.

The GrandPad has it’s own custom-built video calling feature, so there’s no need to use the apps listed above. This means friends and family simply download the FREE GrandPad app (available for Android and iOS) and they can can make or receive calls with the GrandPad user at any time.