3 Great Features of Our GPS Keyring for Dementia Care

Dementia causes disorientation, which may lead to confusion even in familiar places. This results in one of the most worrying symptoms of the condition—wandering.

For caregivers of patients living with dementia, getting lost or wandering into a dangerous situation is a common and serious concern.

However, thanks to technology, there are now solutions available to help keep track of your loved ones living with dementia.

One such device is the Waterproof GPS keyring for dementia care from TechSilver.

At TechSilver, we believe in keeping seniors in their familiar and friendly home environment for as long as possible, instead of sending them into a care home.

Through technology, we believe this is possible. We’ve created devices meant to keep the elderly as independent as possible and reduce the burden on the caregiver.

To that end, today we’ll explore the Waterproof GPS keyring tracker and its amazing features, including:

  • Its long battery life of up to 22 days
  • Its waterproof technology
  • Its ability to sync with an Android and iOS app
  • Alerting you before your loved one gets lost

What Is the GPS Keyring for Dementia Care?

The GPS keyring for dementia care is a tracking device that allows caregivers to pinpoint the location of dementia patients.

The device is specifically designed so that seniors can retain their independence while their loved ones enjoy peace of mind.

The GPS keyring for dementia care from TechSilver gives by-the-minute alerts and will also alert you before your loved one gets lost. The geofencing feature allows you to map out safe zones and receive alerts when they’ve been crossed.

Dementia Tracker

Important Features of the TechSilver Waterproof GPS Keyring Tracker

  • Small, discreet and portable: The device does not look like a tracking device and can easily be worn around the neck, as a keyring, or put in a pocket.
  • Long battery life: There is no likelihood of the device shutting down while your loved one is out due to its extra-long battery life of up to 22 days.
  • Location alerts every 1, 10, and 60 minutes: The device gives you the option of getting alerts after 1, 10, or 60 minutes and allows you to change the frequency of updates remotely if you wish.
  • Alerts before they go missing: You can map safe zones and receive alerts when your loved ones enter or leave such areas.

Why Should You Buy the TechSilver GPS Keyring Tracker?

  • It’ll help you keep your loved one at home for as long as possible instead of in a care home.
  • In case they wander off, the tracker will help you find your loved one faster.
  • You’ll have peace of mind just in case you can’t be there with your loved one all the time.
  • The Waterproof GPS keyring for dementia care is stylish—which doesn’t make the wearer feel stigmatised or old.

Advantages and Benefits of the TechSilver GPS Keyring Tracker

1 - Easy Charging Dock

The Waterproof GPS tracker for dementia patients is very easy to charge. It comes with a magnetic charging stand, allowing a person with shaky hands to charge the device with ease.

2 - Free Tracking App for iPhone and Android

Once you buy the GPS tracker from TechSilver, you get a free app that you can sync with the tracker.

The app issues alerts on your phone on the whereabouts of your loved one.

Other family members can also get access to the app at no extra cost, helping you all track your loved ones in real-time.

3 - Mark Safe Zones on Map

With the GPS keyring tracker from TechSilver, you can mark safe zones on a map.

The tracker will send you an alert immediately if your loved one leaves the zone.

This ensures they don’t wander into dangerous areas without your knowledge.


3 Features of the GPS Keyring for Dementia Care

The TechSilver Waterproof GPS keyring for dementia care comes with amazing features that assure the safety of your loved one and your peace of mind.

1 - Average 14-22 Day Battery Life

One of the biggest challenges with GPS trackers is their low battery life. A caregiver’s worst nightmare is the tracker’s battery dying while their loved one is out.

With the GPS keyring tracker from TechSilver, you do not have to worry about that. The battery lasts for over 14 days while updating the whereabouts every single minute at a minimum.

2 - Waterproof Technology

testing techsilver waterproof feature

The GPS keyring tracker for dementia care is waterproof.

What this means for the caregiver is that:

  • It can be worn in the shower
  • In case of bad weather and rain, it’ll still function
  • If the wearer drops the tracker in the water, it doesn’t get damaged

3 - Small and Portable

The GPS keyring tracker for dementia care is small and discreet—it doesn’t even look like a tracking device.

This means that the patient can place it in their pocket or wear it as a necklace since it’s not bulky.

“The device is now in use with my mother so the family can see where she is at all times of the day to ensure her safety if she goes on a walkabout.”
Stephen G

What Others Said About the GPS Keyring Tracker

Buyers of the GPS trackers from TechSilver have expressed their joy over being able to track the movements of their loved ones. They’ve expressed their appreciation for:

  • Being able to keep their loved ones quickly without worrying about them wandering off
  • Finding them in no time when they do wander
  • SOS alerts in case something goes wrong
  • 2-way alarm that allowed their loved ones to know that everything will be fine if they get lost

“The tracker is just what we needed and has given us peace of mind knowing that we can track my partner when he is out on his own.”
Gillian B

“It was the best investment I’ve ever made, I was able to find my brother within 20 minutes after he wandered off!”
Barry Green

“The device ensured my mum retained her independence allowing her to go on the bus safely in the knowledge we know where she is.”
Neil Harvey

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I monitor my senior living alone?

When you notice frequent falls, confusion, and forgetfulness, this is when you know your senior is not safe living alone.

Getting a GPS tracker will help you monitor their movements and even alert you when they’re in trouble.

You can also download our wandering PDF for free, which will equip you with all the information about dementia-related wandering and how you can handle it.

How can technology help dementia patients?

Technology can help people with dementia live happy and more independent lives. It’s not only useful in monitoring their location but can also be used to manage their medication.

For example, this pill dispenser alerts them when it’s time to take their medication and dispenses the needed pills.

What are other examples of assistive technology for dementia?

There are various technological devices that have been specifically designed for seniors living with dementia, such as:

Timely Interception and Reduction of Stress Levels

When it comes to looking after our elderly loved ones, everyone wants the absolute best. We, at TechSilver, understand this and only offer high-quality products to help your loved ones live more independently in their later years.

Our devices for dementia care enable you to monitor your loved ones, which allows you to act before they deviate into dangerous situations.

We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer support to all our clients. Our goal is to ensure your peace of mind when it comes to caring for your senior loved ones.

If you’d like to learn more about our products and subscriptions, check out our website.

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