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5 Tech Gifts for Visually Impaired People (Xmas Gifts for the Blind)

gifts for visually impaired

Buying gifts for anyone can be a challenge, but what do you buy someone who’s visually impaired, partially sighted or blind? Luckily there’s all sorts of clever gadgets and products that make fantastic gifts for visually impaired people.

Blind people or the partially sighted can sometimes find it more difficult to carry out everyday activities. This could include using smartphones, watching / listening to TV, using a compute and even telling the time. The ideas below span a range of budgets and tastes, so whether you’re looking for gifts for visually impaired people or gifts for blind people, there’s one for you!

Gifts For Visually Impaired 1: Easy to See / Talking Mobile Phone

Many of us are addicted to our mobiles these days, and even for those less tech-savvy, they’re an invaluable way to stay in contact with loved ones. Our range of mobile phones for the visually impaired are much easier to see and packed with useful features for someone with low vision. This means bigger buttons, icons that are easier to see, talking menus and much more!

smartphone for visually impaired

The ultimate smartphone for visually impaired people. All the features you’d expect from a smartphone, expertly designed and adapted for visual impairment.

  • Dictate Speech to Text Instantly ✓
  • Talking Menu for Easy Navigation ✓
  • Make & Receive Calls, Texts & Emails ✓
  • Make Skype Video & Audio Calls ✓
  • Browse The Internet With Ease ✓

From £459.95 (FREE Delivery)

smartphone for elderly

A smartphone that’s designed to be easy to use for the less tech-savvy. With large icons, adjustable text size and speech-to-text, it’s ideal for people with mild visual impairments.

  • Large Icons & Adjustable text Size ✓
  • Simple to use with Walkthrough Guides ✓
  • Dictate Speech to Text ✓
  • Voice Activated Tasks e.g. ‘Set Alarm for 9PM’ ✓
  • SOS Button For Emergencies / Assistance ✓

£279.95 (FREE Delivery)

dementia mobile phone

A really simple mobile phone with an extra long battery life and very large buttons. Call up to 4 contacts with a couple of taps, easy for someone with very low vision.

  • 4 Pre-Defined Contacts w/ Dial Buttons
  • Tactile Braille-Like Navigation Buttons
  • Large Menu Icons
  • Splash-Proof & Rugged Design
  • SOS Button w/ GPS Locator

 £149.95 (FREE Delivery)

Gifts For Visually Impaired 2: Large Print / Big Button Keyboard

Our computers, laptops and tablets are a portal to the outside world. Having access to the internet and all the fantastic information / entertainment on there can be invaluable for someone with a visual impairment, particularly if they struggle with getting out and about.  These large print and big button keyboards help make typing easier for anyone with sight problems.

Bluetooth Wireless Large Print Keyboard

This Bluetooth wireless large print keyboard will seamlessly connect with no fuss, no wires and high contrast.

  • Large Print Capital Letters ✓
  • 6 Month Battery Life ✓
  • Works With iPads, Android, Mac & PC + More ✓
  • Switch Between Keyboard & Your Device ✓
  • Rubber Feet For Stability ✓


big button keyboard

Developed with the RNIB charity, this keyboard has extra large buttons, super-high contrast keys and 2 extra USB ports in the back

  • Large 1 inch (24mm) Square Keys ✓
  • 2 Extra USB Ports In Rear For Additional Devices ✓
  • Developed With RNIB (Blind Charity) ✓
  • USB Connection – Just Plug in and Type ✓
  • Same Outer Size As ‘Normal’ Keyboard ✓


large print keyboard for visually impaired

Making typing easier, this large print keyboard for visually impaired people has bright yellow keys with black letters and a very simple USB setup process. It also works with Mac or PC.

  • Large Print Capital Letters ✓
  • Spill-Resistant Design ✓
  • USB Connection – Simply Plug in to Setup ✓
  • Works With Mac + PC ✓
  • Fold Out Feet For Stability ✓


large print keyboards

Gifts For Visually Impaired 3: Talking Clock

Telling the time is something that many of us take for granted, but reading clocks can be very difficult with a visual impairment. A clock that speaks the time can make a great gift for blind people or the visually impaired, ensuring they’re never late again!

talking alarm clock for blind

This portable illuminated talking clock speaks the time and temperature in 12 or 24hr format simply by placing a hand on top.

  • Speaks Time By Hand on Top, No Need For Button Press ✓
  • Alarm Function with Snooze & 20 Sounds ✓
  • Bright Back-lit Screen ✓
  • Hourly Chime Or Spoken Time (Optional) ✓
  • Portable & Light, Ideal for Travelling ✓


talking alarm clock

This super-simple talking clock speaks the time and/or date loudly and clearly in an English male voice.

  • Speaks the Time & Date at the Press of A Button ✓
  • Rubber Feet for Non-Slip / Sturdy Hold ✓
  • Loud & Clear English Male Voice ✓
  • Large Print Instructions ✓
  • Very Simple to set up & use ✓


Gifts For Visually Impaired 4: Big Button TV remote

The average person watches 3-4 hours of TV every day! Even if a visual impairment means they can’t see the television as well, many people with sight loss still listen to their favourite shows. These big button TV remote controls are easier to see and can be navigated by touch / feel.

TV remote for elderly

This remote control is quick to programme and enables users to easily change the channel and volume on both a TV and set top box (e.g. Sky box). It’s few concave buttons make changing the channel much easier for someone with a visual impairment.

  • Super-Simple To Use – Just 6 Buttons ✓
  • Adjust Volume + Channels With Ease ✓
  • Control Both TV & Set Top Box (e.g. Sky Q Box) ✓
  • Very Quick To Pair & Setup – Pairing Codes Included ✓
  • Compatible With 1000+ TV Brands ✓


Simple Remote Control

This easy-to-use remote has large buttons which are easier to see for someone with a visual impairment. It can learn signals from any existing remote that use IR. The large buttons and simple design make it much easier to use for someone with a visual impairment.

  • Perfectly Simple To Use ✓
  • Easily Adjust Channel & Volume ✓
  • Learns From Existing Remote ✓
  • Works With All Major Brands ✓
  • Ergonomic & Comfortable Design ✓


Gifts For Visually Impaired 5: Help Around The Home

Sometimes simple daily tasks can be more difficult with a visual impairment. A low-cost and helpful gift for for blind people could make the world of difference for them when carrying out tasks around the house.

motion sensor night light illuminating floor under person's foot - fall prevention

This motion sensitive light will brightly light up an area when darkness and movement is detected. It’s battery operates (so no fiddly cables) and can mean someone with a visual impairment finds it much easier to see where they’re going around the home.

  • Ideal For Preventing Falls, Especially Amongst Elderly ✓
  • 9 x Bright LED Lights ✓
  • Wall Mountable (Screw Holes Pre-Drilled) ✓
  • FREE Adhesive Sticky Tabs ✓
  • Adjustable To Any Angle – Swivel 360° ✓

From £9.95

plug puller plug pullers

Ever struggled to pull a plug out of a socket? These 10 x plug pullers make it easy to remove & pull plugs, especially for those with Arthritis or grip problems. Includes sticky labels, coloured dots & a pen to label / identify plugs.

  • Perfectly Simple To Use ✓
  • Remove / Pull Plugs Easily ✓
  • Requires Minimal Effort ✓
  • Ideal for Arthritis, Grip Problems…
    The Elderly, RSI, MS, The Visually Impaired
  • Easy to Fit & Label ✓
  • Includes Sticky Labels & Dots ✓


remote control sockets

This 3 pack of remote control sockets allows you to turn off lights / appliances from anywhere in the room or house. If having a visual impairment means moving around the house or locating power sockets can be a challenge, these can help to make life easier.

  • No More Bending Down ✓
  • Less Risk of Strains / Falls ✓
  • Batteries Included ✓
  • No Setup Required ✓
  • Works Through Walls & Furniture ✓
  • Works Up To 30m (98ft) ✓