Practical Gifts for People With Dementia

4 Practical Gifts for People With Dementia That They’ll Love

Caring for a loved one with dementia is a great way to express your love, but giving them a practical and thoughtful gift they’ll enjoy makes them feel even more special.

In the past, getting the best gift was a challenge, especially as dementia progressed and options dwindled, requiring you to exercise a lot of creativity and selectivity.

But not anymore.

Today, companies like TechSilver focus solely on providing support and comfort to the elderly, ensuring they live as comfortably as possible, even when diagnosed with conditions like dementia.

This has made picking dementia-related gifts fun and rewarding, especially if you know what to look out for. That is:

  • Choosing stage-appropriate gifts. If they’re in the earlier stages of dementia, pick a gift that stimulates the mind and encourages socialisation like the GrandPad Tablet. But for the middle and final stages, get a gift with sensory stimulation like a Motion Sensor Night Light.
  • Pick items that relate to their old interests, hobbies, or career. For instance, if they love singing, a Music Player with their favourite songs will boost their mood.
  • Choose items that still allow them to maintain a sense of independence. A Talking Reminder Clock, for instance, helps them carry out regular activities like drinking water and eating on their own.

Even with dementia, your loved one can still enjoy the activities they did in the past. TechSilver has many fun and engaging gifts, such as devices that soothe agitation and reduce anxiety, activities which give a sense of accomplishment, and so much more.

Below are a few gift ideas your loved one with dementia will enjoy and find useful. But above all, remember that the best gifts you can give them are love, time, and affection.

1 - A Clear, Visible Large Calendar Clock

In the earlier stages of dementia, patients will most likely lose track of times and dates, and as the condition advances, they’ll find it more difficult to differentiate between day and night.

The following table shows different stages of dementia and their common signs.

Dementia StageSigns

Stage 1

(Cognitive Impairment)

  • Person appears normal and can cover up memory lapses

Stage 2

(Early Stages)

  • Complaints of memory deficits, e.g. misplacing items and forgetting names
  • Lose track of time and dates
  • Mood swings or agitations

Stage 3

(Middle Stages)

  • Getting lost when travelling to unfamiliar spaces
  • Decreased productivity at work
  • Person begins forgetting names and some words
  • Person may experience some form of anxiety

Stage 4

(Late Stages)

  • Forgetting personal history
  • Trouble finishing tasks
  • Anxiety
  • Difficulties eating, swallowing, and drinking
  • Wandering
  • No short-term memory
  • Some long-term memory, if any

This memory loss as the stages advance can be extremely frustrating and cause missed appointments, forgotten medications, and skipped meals, all of which compromise your loved one’s health.

TechSilver’s Calendar Clock is an ideal gift for anyone with dementia since it helps them remain organised and keep track of their time. The digital clock displays the day, time, and date on its large 8″ screen, clear enough even for aged seniors and those with visual impairments.

With this large dementia calendar clock, you’ll reduce your loved one’s confusion and anxiety associated with being unable to tell the time and date. The clock also contains medication reminders, helping your loved one keep time, and comes in 8 different languages, making it an ideal gift even for your multilingual friends.

Even better, the calendar clock doubles up as a digital photo frame. It has an SD card slot, so you can load up family photos and display them to bring a sense of comfort and familiarity to the your loved one with dementia.

2 - A Simplified Tablet for Seniors

A recent study reported that tablet devices, just like art, music, and similar therapies, effectively reduce dementia symptoms like agitation without the need for medication.

But a tablet has an added advantage because it’s more flexible and versatile. It allows the switch from app to app, seamlessly modifying the free therapy to suit every dementia patient’s need—sharing photos with friends and family, browsing, listening to the radio, playing games, and reading news.

TechSilver’s GrandPad Tablet is an excellent gift for seniors with dementia. Contrary to normal phones and tablets that are becoming increasingly confusing for those with dementia (causing further isolation), the GrandPad Tablet is simple, easy to use, and created specifically for seniors, with many relevant apps for their age.

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The tablet aims to make the elderly feel more independent and in control of their lives. It boasts a myriad of features:

  • 18+ FREE Games & Puzzles to keep the dementia patients engaged
  • A clear camera to take photos and videos and share with loved ones
  • Access to news and articles to keep up with the trends
  • A simple and easy-to-use interface for any age and ability
  • A global weather that shows weather in different family’s locations

The GrandPad Tablet is also an excellent way for the dementia patient to stay in touch with their loved ones and prevent loneliness and isolation, which can damage their health just like smoking 15 cigarettes per day.

Once integrated with other family members’ smartphones, loved ones can communicate with the dementia patient anytime and anywhere through phone and video calls, zoom meetings, sharing photos and videos, and a family social network app (companion app), all included in the tablet.

“GrandPad is outstanding. It has been a lifeline for my 94 year old mum and us, her family across the UK.”

3 - Dementia Tracker GPS Necklace

Wandering is a serious concern for caregivers of dementia patients who worry that their loved ones may get lost, become frightened, or end up in dangerous situations, like on a busy road.

(Download our free guide on controlling and preventing dementia wandering here)

Luckily, TechSilver provides solutions to address dementia wandering and keep your loved ones safe and secure. One way we achieve this is through GPS tracking, a modern technology that accurately pinpoints an individual’s location in any part of the world.

The Dementia Tracker Necklace lets a dementia patient maintain an independent lifestyle while giving you peace of mind, knowing you can still locate them should they wander or get lost.

Here’s what it does:

  • It alerts you whenever your loved one has left a safe location.
  • The inbuilt map helps you locate them as fast as possible when they wander or get lost.
  • It helps you get the help they need much more rapidly
  • It helps trace their movements in the past (provides up to 3 months of location history).
  • The tracker has a personal SOS button, which, when pressed, will send you a notification and trigger a phone call, alerting you of an emergency.

Most GPS trackers in the market are large and obtrusive, sometimes causing stigma. Our Dementia Tracker Necklace, on the contrary, is small, portable, and discreet. With a compact size and a light weight of 20g, the GPS tracker can be worn to any place with ease, as a necklace, a keyring or with a lanyard attachment.

“Bought the GPS key ring for my mother. So far it’s been very accurate and does everything it says.”
Karen T

If your dementia patient is not a big fan of necklaces or keyrings, we have many other options for you. From Waterproof Extra-Long Lasting Battery Trackers to discreet Dementia Tracker Insoles, you’ll indeed find a tracker that suits your needs.

Read our ultimate guide to GPS tracking to find the best tracker for your loved one.

4 - A Simple and Easy to Use Music Player

Music is one of the greatest assets to dementia patients. Research suggests that singing and listening to music is a powerful therapy with behavioural and emotional benefits to dementia patients.

The musical memories of loved ones with dementia are preserved since the disease hardly damages the key areas in the brain linked to music. This makes music players a special and practical gift because listening to their favourite classics can stir good memories and have powerful effects on the brain and body.

TechSilver’s Simple Music Player deliberately mimics the function associated with record players from the era in which most dementia patients grew up. This makes it easy to use for the elderly, as opposed to modern music players, which they may find difficult to navigate.

To play their music, they’ll only need to lift the gadget’s lid, and close it if they want to stop the music. To change the music or go to the next track, they’ll press the only button on the gadget.

The simple player can play any audio file converted to the MP3 format and added through the USB cable that comes with the device. If you’re having trouble converting any file to this format, our team of experts is here to help.

Expert Tip: The music player will not just benefit seniors diagnosed with dementia. As a caregiver, music helps reduce anxiety and stress, lighten your mood, and connect with dementia patients, especially if they have difficulty communicating.

the musical memories

Surprise Your Loved One Today With a Gift They’ll Love

Getting a practical gift for your loved one may seem challenging, especially as dementia progresses, but these 4 practical gifts will surely tickle their fancy. 

At TechSilver, we believe technology is key to improving the elderly’s lifestyle. Thanks to smart devices like GPS trackers and simple tablets, our seniors can live as independently as possible, regardless of health conditions like dementia. 

So support dementia patients today and improve the quality of their lives with these and other practical gifts that will encourage interactions, prevent isolation, and promote safety. Contact us for further inquiries, and we’ll get back to you in no time at all.

“Couldn’t have asked for a better product or better customer service. Would definitely order from this company again.”
Lin M

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