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Below, you'll see a range of ideas for products to suit every type of person. At TechSilver we specialise in assistive technology, all hand-picked and designed to make life simpler, easier and happier for those living with a wide range of conditions.

Gifts for Dementia

GrandPad: Tablet for Elderly


The GrandPad is more than just a tablet for elderly users; It’s an easy-to-use device with a range of supporting services, allowing older people to easily keep in contact with loved ones.


By integrating with the rest of the family’s smartphones, keeping in touch with mum or dad can be done anytime, anywhere.

TV Remote for Elderly


This remote control for elderly people is quick to programme and enables users to easily change the channel and volume on both a TV and set top box (e.g. Sky box).


It makes a perfect gift for those with lesser dexterity, with visual impairments, or even those who simply have limited experience with technology!

Simple Music Player


Our Simple Music Player is a perfect gift for those living with dementia / Alzheimer’s. Help them enjoy their favourite songs and encourage cognitive activity through nostalgia. Very easy to operate, cannot be accidentally adjusted by the user.

Extra Simple Dementia Mobile Phone


Help them to stay in contact with loved ones with a splash proof, easy to use mobile phone that boasts a simplified keypad for easier handling, as well as practical features like a safety timer.

Gifts for the Visually Impaired

Smartphone for the Visually Impaired


The ultimate smartphone for visually impaired users. All the features you’d expect from a smartphone, expertly designed and adapted for all visual impairments. Simple to use, ideal for the partially sighted, blind or elderly.

Easy Tablet Computer


Easy to use tablet with a large screen and simple to navigate menus. Thin, light and portable with big, clear icons. It will be set up and customised to your exact needs, with everything from text size to contrast, and icon size to colour scheme, fully customisable to suit you.

Thanks to the pure simplicity of this tablet, no longer will the wide range of fantastic features the internet has to offer be excluded from someone because of their technological confidence or sensory impairment.

Big Button Keyboard


Developed with the RNIB charity, this big button keyboard with large keys is ideal those with visual or hand impairments.


It has super-high contrast keys (Black on Yellow or White) that will not fade in sunlight & 2 extra USB ports in the back.

Large Print Keyboard


Making typing easier, this large print keyboard for visually impaired people has bright yellow keys with black letters and a very simple USB setup process.