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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Apps: Part 1 – What are they and why do they matter?

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This free multi-part guide will walk you through the world of smartphone and tablet apps, explaining how they can help make your lifestyle easier and more enjoyable.

We’ll explore the various categories of ‘apps’ that offer benefits including making each day more fun, making living alone much easier or generally saving time, effort and money!

As we speak and work with many people enjoying later lifestyle, we encounter a huge variety of opinions and attitudes towards apps, smartphones and technology in general.

Some of the common questions we’re asked include…

“What are apps?”, “Why do I need apps?”, “Apps aren’t for my age group, are they?”
“What are apps for Android or Apple?”, “How do I install an app?”, “Are apps safe and secure?”

We’re here to answer some of those unanswered questions and explain what ‘apps’ could do for you, regardless of your technological know-how!

‘APP’ : Our Definition

what is an app apps exaplined


An App or ‘Application’ is a computer program designed to solve a problem, from keeping up with friends and family, to telling you what song you’re hearing and everything in between.

Traditionally downloaded to and installed on a portable device like a tablet (e.g. iPad) or smartphone (e.g. Doro 8040, Apps sometimes cost around the same as a cup of coffee, however the vast majority are completely free to use as many times as you like!


Why do I need ‘apps’ ?

why do i need apps what do apps do what can apps do


“Although having a smartphone or tablet may not be essential, carrying access to endless information, entertainment and useful tools in your pocket can often lead to an easier, more entertaining and more enriched lifestyle!”

Miles Waghorn – TechSilver Founder

How could I benefit from ‘apps’ ?

what can apps do why get apps why get a smartphone what is a smartphone good for?

Explaining the benefits of ‘Apps’ at on of our Free ‘Later Life Matters’ Exhibitions


In the not too distant past, if you wanted to take a picture, you’d need to buy a camera. If you wanted to find out current affairs, you’d need to buy a newspaper. If you wanted to see the faces of your loved ones, you’d need a car (or plane ticket). If you got lost, you’d need a road map and if you wanted to check your balance, you’d need to visit your bank.

You get the picture…


How do apps help?

what can apps do why get apps why get a smartphone what is a smartphone good for?

One of our smartphone customers at another Later Life Matters event in Uppingham, UK

A smartphone with the right combination of apps means that what used to require a large range of purchases, possessions, time, effort and money, can now be achieved with something that weighs less than ¼ a bag of sugar, is smaller than most people’s wallet or purse and costs less than you’d expect.

That’s possible by one device combining a camera, newspaper, satellite navigation system, music player, and many more, whilst allowing you to video call your family anywhere on earth (free), transfer money securely, listen to your favorite music, the list goes on and on…


How do I get apps?

In the next part of our ‘Ultimate Guide’ we will introduce how to safely and securely search for, sort through and get hold of ‘apps’ to use with your smartphone or tablet. Click here to receive the next part FREE: http://bit.ly/FreeGuidance


Which apps should I get?

We’ve sifted through the thousands of apps available, selected our favourites and categorised them, so you can pick and choose the ones that suit your lifestyle.

Throughout the following chapters, we’ll go through our categorised recommendations. To receive the next chapters of this FREE ultimate guide in your email inbox, click this link: http://bit.ly/FreeGuidance


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Why buy a Smartphone? News & Weather Updates



As a race us humans are inquisitive by nature, most of us want to know what’s going on locally, nationally and internationally at any one time. We talk about current affairs throughout our daily lives and quiz panel television shows take a satirical spin on the previous week’s happenings, even the British weather is a staple of our nation’s conversations. It’s safe to say what’s going on in the skies and on the ground are hot topics.

With a completely globalised planet we’re now lucky enough to have access to breaking news as it happens from anywhere in the world, including pictures and video footage giving us updates on anywhere from award ceremonies to war zones. Smartphones’ ability to receive an Internet connection on the move means you can receive up to date information from your pocket or bag almost anywhere you may be.


What is it?

Newspaper on a bench

No fuss, just news and weather wherever you want it.


Free applications or (apps) for your smartphone utilise this and offer the latest news and weather reports from wherever you want. Famous news organisations like the BBC, SKY and many more all have their own free apps to give you news stories as they happen, and you can customize what you see to what you’re most interested in. For example if you lived in London and you enjoy sports and show business news, you could select these categories to be displayed on your smartphone alongside the top stories. This gives you the option to be informed on what you want to, whenever and wherever you wish.

Weather apps put the world’s up to date meteorological data at your fingertips. Free apps from the likes of The MET office and the BBC present the weather conditions and forecasts for anywhere from Tottenham to Tokyo in an easy to read and aesthetically pleasing fashion. Like the news apps, you can select a number of places that you’re interested in seeing the weather for, and make them visible on your screen every time you open the app. It can even learn your location so you don’t have to type in where you are, then simply sit back and enjoy hourly weather predictions for the next 7 days in any location.

Why do I need it?

Foggy Weather

Weather updates when you need them

No longer will your news or weather updates revolve around certain times of day or being close to a radio or television set. You can even pay a fraction of what you’d pay for your favorite daily newspaper and have a fresh copy on your smartphone every morning.

Whether the conditions of interest are where you’re going on your holidays, where your loved ones live or even just finding out if rain’s expected in your area later, having weather information there whenever required means you’re always prepared and informed no matter where you are.


How do I use it?

Just three simple steps

The only things you’ll need to access news and weather updates on the move is an internet enabled mobile phone or smartphone, and your choice of meteorological and current affairs apps.

These apps are nearly always free to download and use, and are readily available offered by everyone from the BBC to CNN, and the Met office to the Guardian. All you need to do is use the search bar at the top of the ‘Play Store’ (A giant online market for apps of all varieties), type in what you’re looking for e.g. ‘ITV news’, select it and then click the green button marked ‘install’.

The app will now be available in your smartphone alongside all your other applications, just tap it to open yourself up to a world of information. You can even use a function called a ‘widget’ to pin the updates to your home screen, this means every time you open your phone you get the latest updates at just a glance. Most news apps will also offer a service of reminders or ‘notifications’ when a breaking story happens, so you’re always the first to know.

At TechSilver, we pride ourselves on the level of guidance provided those we work with. If you buy a device from us, we’re more than happy to get you set up with news & weather apps, (or anything else you want to do with your smartphone for that matter.)

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easy smartphone

The world at your fingertips, in an easy device


Why buy a Smartphone? | How to Video Call

apps for old people


how to what is video call calling family anywhere free

Family fun by the river

We would all love to see our loved ones a little more, days like the one pictured above are special, but often few and far between. With the realities of modern life meaning relatives and friends are often a long way from home, many of us rarely get a chance to catch up with our families, let alone meet up face to face.

It is however not all doom and gloom for those of us feeling a little isolated from the people we cherish most, the modern world may well have created the problem, but it has certainly conjured the solution, welcome to the wonders of free Video Calling.

What is it?

Breakfast Phone

Coffee with anyone, anywhere


Video calling enables you to both see and hear someone regardless of their whereabouts, it doesn’t matter if it’s your granddaughter in Brighton, your son in Brisbane or your old friend in Belfast, video calling lets you enjoy every word, smile and expression from anywhere with an internet connection, at any time of day. Best of all there’s no limits on how long you can chat for, and it’s completely free to use.

You’re quite likely to be thinking ‘What’s the catch?’, well in truth there isn’t one. Nearly all modern homes have a broadband (fast) internet connection with their telephone package so it’s quite likely you do too, and if you don’t then the vast majority of coffee shops, hotels, airports and just about anywhere with other humans has free ‘Wi-Fi’ (wireless internet).

Why do I need it?

Family in a field

Those who matter most at the touch of a button


Many of us are physically separated from our closest friends and relatives, it’s easy to feel lonely and isolated when we can’t pop in for a cup of tea with the people we care about most. Picking up the telephone can be expensive if you’re calling mobile phones or abroad, and according to ‘Bloomberg business’ only 7% of the conversations we have are the actual words we say, the rest is made up of many things including facial expressions and body language.

With video calling you can enjoy all the things that make up a face to face conversation, grandchildren can show you what they drew at school today and you can go on a virtual tour of your relative’s new family home. Better still there’s no fees for calling far away countries or for every minute your talking, in fact there’s no fees at all.

How do I use it?

 Skype for Android


The best way to start with video calling is knowing and getting hold of what you’ll need to get started, luckily the list only comprises of three things.

One – An internet enabled mobile phone, better known as a smartphone, a tablet computer or a desktop computer with a webcam/microphone. But don’t worry, we’re experts on all of the above, and better yet we offer competitive prices and top class customer service to go with it.

Two – A video calling ‘app’ or application which are completely free to download and use on your smartphone; the biggest and best known is Skype. You can find it easily by typing ‘Skype’ in to the search bar on the ‘Play Store’ app, which comes pre-installed on all android phones (including ours).

Three – Finally you’ll need a broadband internet connection, as mentioned earlier it’s pretty likely you already one of these at home, and if you don’t your telephone provider can offer you one for a small monthly fee. Most public places have wireless internet including Pubs, coffee shops, hotels and even some buses. See our guide to connecting your phone to wireless internet here

Here at TechSilver we pride ourselves on the level of guidance we provide to our customers and their loved ones, if you buy a device from us we’re more than happy to get you set up with video calling, or anything else you want to do for that matter.

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(perfect for video calling)

Family Sofa


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