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About us

We believe that technology holds the key to improving later lifestyle for everyone.


Whilst working with electronics at a major high street retailer we realised that customers would repeatedly return to seek knowledgeable, honest and friendly advice. It became apparent that the guidance we provided to every customer was uniquepersonal and lacking from modern day shopping (especially online). TechSilver since evolved from putting our customers’ needs above everything else, ensuring you get exactly what’s required whilst being completely confident when using any purchase.

During Spring of 2015 we won the coveted ‘Next Generation Business’ award at the inaugural VentureFest, being voted the winners by thousands of delegates from across many commercial sectors. Simon Woodroffe OBE (Founder of YO! Sushi and Dragon’s Den originator) awarded the prize, recommended, and congratulated us.


Globally, the number of people in the later stages of life is growing faster than ever before, here in the UK almost a quarter of the population is predicted to be over the age of 65 by the year 2035.

We understand that for many of us, technology holds the key to endless everyday benefits, the only problem is the world of gadgets can sometimes seem a little daunting. That’s why we offer free support and guidance every step of the way, improving later lifestyle and giving peace of mind for you and your closest.

Our rapidly expanding range of products and services varies from easy-to-use smartphones to health monitoring sensors, and big button landlines to home entertainment products. Essentially if it’s high quality, technology based and can aid, improve or enhance everyday lifestyle then we provide it. In addition to this if there’s something you can’t find on our website but you want to buy with peace of mind, just get in contact and it’s very likely we can source it for you.

Our customers are not only people enjoying later life, but their family and friends, carers, support workers, clinicians and many more. We also work with businesses (like domiciliary care providers and care homes), to help them provide a better service to their stakeholders and customers through technology. The one thing all our customers have in common is acknowledging that we provide a personal, knowledgeable and reliable service.


Unlike many other major retailers, we believe that giving back to the world around us is fundamental to running an ethical business. As great advocators of the benefits digital inclusion and being tech-savvy can offer everyone, (especially those suffering from issues like loneliness, isolation and Dementia), we make a conscious effort to give back to the wider community. As part of the ‘Later life Matters’ group, we host regular free events providing impartial advice, workshops on basic technological skills and demonstrations of our innovative range. Through doing this we believe a difference can be made to those that need it most, whilst spreading a positive word about the possibilities of technology.


TechSilver was started in 2014 due to a culmination of a rapidly expanding market, an increase in technologies aimed at the ‘senior’ market and a gap in the industry for personal and knowledgeable service. Since launching we have secured reseller partnerships with major global leaders including Swedish telecoms giant, Doro. Spanning both the retail and service supply markets we cater for consumer and commercial clients combined.

We are interested in partnering or collaborating with other businesses and investors to create mutually beneficial opportunities, as we strive to become the leading supplier of care technologies

If you are interested in working with us, please send an email to hello@techsilver.co.uk

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